Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 444

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 3: True Love

Prayer 3: Please Enable Us to Express Our Resolve with a New Mind and Body
Prayer 4: Please Grant that We May Enter the World of Love


Prayer 3: Please Enable Us to Express Our Resolve with a New Mind and Body 

Father! During this time, please allow our minds and bodies to be permeated by Your heart. Please allow us to feel that we are being pulled into Your heart that is permeating our original minds. As we face Your joyful self, please grant that the heart that yearns to run toward You and embrace You may blossom within our minds and bodies.

We have come to realize that You are a Father who appears faintly in a dim setting and that You do not move until we fully expose our hearts. Although our minds may have been denied, our true hearts head faithfully toward You. Therefore, Father, please come to us and command us through our hearts. Please allow earnest hearts to well up, hearts that can call You "my Father" while shedding uncontrollable tears, based on the realization that our past lives were disloyal.

We have come to know that Heaven does not hesitate to protect and befriend those who seek Heaven. Moreover, we have come to know that Heaven enjoys appearing as the friend of those who shed tears, wailing to Heaven. And as the Father who will live with us eternally, You take delight in appearing before us. 

Father! We long for Your voice that counsels us quietly, and we long to feel the gentle embrace of Your amazing love. By virtue of this heart, we long for a moment when we can call You "Father.” Moreover, we want to raise our hands and proudly proclaim that You are our Father.

We thought You were a Father who was far, far away, but it was a joyful moment when we discovered that You are in our hearts. When we said You were far away, You were in our hearts, and when we were confident that You were in our hearts, You were the Father who had called to us from afar. However, humanity today does not know how to keep in rhythm with this. Please grant that we may repent at this time for not knowing in the past that the place where we thought You had abandoned us was the place where You were close to us, and the place where we thought You were not with us was the place where You were together with us.

We did not know Your mind, which does not want to leave Your sons and daughters, whom You want to call "my beloved son" and "my beloved daughter," in places of suffering. As people who have not known the complexities of Your heart, we thought You were a hardhearted and cruel Father for sending us on the path of trials. During those times, we often complained before You and felt bitter. Since we did not know about the complications that block the way between You and us, Father, please bear with the fact that we have felt bitter toward You, have rejected You, have been cold-hearted toward You, and have not had faith in You. We have come to know that it was because of the sin that our ancestors committed during the Fall, as well as the bloodstains of passed-away saints and sages, wrought by enmity. Today, are our minds at a higher level? Please purify those minds with fire. Are we waiting impatiently to parade our bodies, boast of our prestige and take Your place? We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to become sons and daughters who, realizing that You are in a miserable position, are able to call You "Father" and are able to strike our humiliated bodies in front of Your majesty.

Father, we have realized that many words are not necessary. We have seen that when those who heard Your Word did not practice it, it caused Heaven to look at them with sorrow. It made the one who conveyed the Word appear to be a liar, and Your sadness increased by the day. Heaven knows this sad situation that the Word needs to be spoken again, but the people on earth are not aware of it. Father, we should understand once again that, although You know this truth, You couldn't leave humankind in such a state. So You are in a position where You need to worry about us and look after us yet again. We earnestly hope and pray that You will bear with us.

We have gathered here on this holy day. Have we gathered here expecting to receive Your words, or have we gathered here anticipating the grace of Heaven? Since we know that we have all come here yearning for something, please allow us to become people who can yearn to find our true selves. Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will guide us to become people who can obey the words and commands coming from our true selves.

Father, You know that, as I followed Your Will over the course of the forty years of my life, never have I plunged into despair when I came across sad situations, and never have I been defeated and forced to retreat when facing hardships. Father! When I realize that times of suffering will occur repeatedly along the remaining path, I cannot help but report my disloyalty of today to You with my head bowed. I pray that You will allow this one being to bear the sorrow of history. Furthermore, please allow Heaven to tread upon and go over all the suffering that remains, having taken this being as a sacrifice.

I long for the moment when You can rest and cast aside all lamentations, Father, and we can have a moment of joy embracing each other when I can call You my Father, and You can call me Your son. As long as we are living on this earth, no matter how miserable we are, no matter how resolute we are or how much we sacrifice, please allow us to become Your sons and daughters who can at least establish sincere hearts of unbending loyalty on earth before we ascend. Since we have resolved to follow that path, Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You will drive us out and lead us until we have mastered that way. We earnestly request, Father, that this will be a time when we are able to pledge and determine ourselves with new minds and bodies.

Beloved Father, what should I say at this hour You have granted us? It is my intention to convey to others all that You are trying to manifest. Therefore, Father, please allow me to convey Your entire heart to others. Furthermore, we earnestly and sincerely ask that You allow this hour to be one in which I can harmonize with the hearts of those who receive my words so that we can become one in heart, be embraced in Your great bosom, and sing of Your glory. We humbly pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (March 29, 1959)

Prayer 4: Please Grant that We May Enter the World of Love

Beloved Father! Countless events occur in the flow of history, none of them without a relationship to Your providence. We did not know that in the course to overcome what was aligned with Satan within the history of sorrow, there was a destined path of restoration through which the walls of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos had to be torn down. Our Unification Church members have come to know that for restoration to come about and tear down these walls, we should develop a realm of heart such that ideal love can begin to flow through this world—a world in which the seeds of fallen love were sown and have taken root. 

Jesus, who came with this heart, taught us that members of our own household would be our enemies. He also proclaimed that we are not his disciples unless we love him more than anyone else and that anyone who does not deny himself, carry his cross, and follow Jesus is not one with him. He also said that if we do not love our neighbors as ourselves, we cannot be saved. If we are in a position to attend the true Heaven, we know that it is the hope of Heaven and of the Parents that we love the world even more than we love the Parents because the world is our neighbor.

We know that Heaven loves and desires to establish, as the representative of all the heirs, the filial child who, while attending his or her parents, loves All his or her siblings with a heart of even more love than their filial piety toward their parents. Therefore, with the foundation on which they can sever the root of Satan and put down new roots by loving the True Parents absolutely, all the children of the Unification Church who are here now need to take the position of filial sons and daughters who love humankind more than they love True Parents.

In that way, we will swiftly tear down all the walls that guard Satan's realm of heart in the spirit world and the earthly world. Furthermore, we now proclaim that we will become sons and daughters who are not ashamed to inherit the kingdom of heaven victoriously. Therefore, we earnestly request and desire that You assist us not to be lazy in training ourselves so that we can deserve to receive Your blessing. 

We have clearly understood that a person who does not love True Parents and the world cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, for this endeavor, we need to take a position from which we can love and absorb everything, even if Satan's world opposes us. We know that our efforts will not be sufficient unless we accomplish that. Therefore, we earnestly request that, as You test and assess whether or not we have become such people, You enable us to fulfill, with an unchanging heart, the duties of heart, loyalty, and filial piety through Home Church.

We clearly know that only the person who has accomplished this is the final victor who can participate in the final glory with the right of inheritance based on complete love. Such a person stands in a position to be blessed. Please bless us to be able to sacrifice everything and dash forward along that path.

Thank You for instituting this day. We earnestly hope and pray that our ancestors in the spirit world and people on earth may climb over the wall dividing them. We also pray that all spirits in the spirit world may receive the benefit of returning resurrection and thus be liberated from all their sorrows. In this manner, according to their spiritual status, may they directly descend to earth on the religious foundation of their descendants and fulfill their promises. To enable them to do so, Father, please enforce the merit of the age. Command them to act on their promises, and bless them that they may follow the one way that leads to the world of love.

We thank You for this hour of grace You have granted us, and we humbly pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (February 1, 1986)


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