Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 443

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 3: True Love
Prayer 2: Please Urge Us on this Path to Achieve a World of Unity


Prayer 2: Please Urge Us on this Path to Achieve a World of Unity

Father! Each time we bow down and pray before Your sacred majesty, we consider even more the fact that You are not joyful, and we feel more ashamed and remorseful. Father, in the vastness of heaven and earth, there is no group of people more unworthy than the Korean people. Nevertheless, You have chosen us. Among the many peoples of the earth, there is no group less worthy, yet You have come to us.

When we consider that You have protected and kept us from harm hundreds and thousands of times, even though we were behaving so foolishly, we feel once again that You love this group of people, that You love us unconditionally. You have come to this immature and ignorant people and granted us the concept of the blessings of heaven and earth, which are so hard to fathom. We are grateful that You have allowed us to have this day when we can call You "Father," with hearts that overflow like never-ending springs on a foundation of holy grace that others cannot even imagine. We feel all this as the caress of Your love.

When we consider how You have raised us up until now and what You have done to have us become standard-bearers who can carry out Your commands, and when we consider what Your path must have been like as You went forth to prepare the way of restoration, never complaining but enduring the sorrows of the past, we cannot help but repent once again for the past when we were unworthy children millions and millions of times.

Please establish in front of this nation and people a movement that, even as it is driven out, is able to go forward and overcome the obstacles that You have overcome to this day and reach the standard of final victory that You have reached. Please let us become people who are able to feel ashamed before You and urge ourselves on. When we realize again that You have come bearing Your mighty Will, we earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to feel on our own that there is no way for us other than to offer gratitude and more gratitude, along with hymns and more hymns thousands of times before You, our glorious Father.

We should henceforth march forward, ready to risk our lives for You, Father. We should know that this moment in time is precious. We should feel once again that our bodies are covered with all the filthy, ragged clothes of history and that our minds are enslaved by crudity that prohibits You from dwelling in us. In accordance with the teaching that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless we are like children, we need to become children once again. We should find the position of the original children, the position from which we can yearn for You, our Father, yearn for Your embrace, and yearn for Your water of life, just as a child yearns for its mother's embrace and yearns for its mother's milk.

Father! We were a people without a country. We were refugees who lost their nation. We were beggars who were starving, trying to find the nation we lost. Since we have come to understand the truth, Your Will to find and establish a new hometown, the land of the original homeland, we have to find that lost original homeland and the original family, and redress accounts with Satan.

We will not stop there; we have realized that we need to reverse and indemnify everything, no matter what kinds of difficulties or suffering there may be. We have to combine every authority we have inherited to facilitate heavenly blessings of which Satan cannot take advantage. We will face Satan, who is our historical enemy, our enemy in the present age, and our enemy of the future. Therefore, Father, please give us strength. We earnestly hope and pray that You will give us the ability to offer all of our loyalty and filial piety to You.

As You gaze with lamentation at Your children born in the midst of death, since we are Your children who are struggling to find the connection of life, we earnestly hope and pray that you will not allow us to be scattered. We pray that You will not let the work we are trying to do be in vain, and that You will allow all our accomplishments to be brought together before You as worthwhile results.

Father, we know that You are calling us thousands of times, and we know that even at this hour, You are urging us along the path we should walk. The direction we need to follow will lead us to all kinds of places. We will have to walk the path of cold frost, the rough path along the shore, and the path of hardships where our enemies will obstruct us. Please allow us to become people who can experience Your heart, even when You are forced to command us to follow a path of crises with vicissitudes we have never experienced in our lives.

Even if we have to bear the cross thousands of times, please grant that we may become those who struggle along that path gladly and with gratitude. We sincerely hope that You will allow us to become the representatives of Jesus, who called for his Father from the top of the hill of Golgotha, and be Your sons and daughters who can stand in Jesus' position as he staked his life in the garden at Gethsemane and offered his final prayer.

In so doing, beloved Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your true children who will plant the flag of victory at the summit of the hill of Golgotha and who will affirm that we will shoulder the responsibility to turn the world around and launch it toward the new world You desire. As today is a sanctified day, please bestow blessings on this people, and please bless the numerous religious denominations and religious believers. Please take special care to protect Your true children, who are working hard without others being aware of it, to prepare a foundation on which You can dwell.

We earnestly hope and pray that, in the Last Days, You will call them all to gather at one place for a common purpose and urge them on the path toward achieving the unified nation and unified world You are hoping for. Please let Your children gathered here today brace themselves once again before they usher in the new year, and let them become a ray of light in the new year and throughout the seven-year course. Father, we earnestly hope that You will allow us to become Your sons and daughters who can strive of our own accord. Let us make energetic effort to own the world of the Sabbath, to be children who know how to race toward Your presence, Father.

Father! Please remember the many brothers and sisters of the Unification Church who are praying for this place from all corners of the earth. Please allow them to establish the nation of hope they desire to build as quickly as possible and allow them to restore the world for which they are longing. Please allow us to punish Your historical enemy, Father, to punish the enemy of this age, to punish the enemy of the future, and to punish the enemy of all humanity, so that we can sing aloud a triumphal song before You and live in peace attending You.

Father, if the people who are trying to build this world are too weak, please add Your strength to them. If they are fatigued, please give them strong legs and knees energized by hearts that overflow with the desire to run toward the enemy camp in Your stead. Please allow us to become such children.

The remaining days are observing us and calling us. Therefore, however difficult the path we are traveling may be, please work through us so that we may endure and move forward, and please do not let us tire of fighting this battle. We earnestly pray that You will let us become Your sons and daughters who can march straight toward our goal.

At this point in time, when the seven-year course is about to end, we are truly grateful that You have called us to participate in Your work of establishing a new history for this people and the world. We earnestly hope that You will receive all that You have granted us with joy and that You will bless us so that we can build a new, proper foundation for this people.

Beloved Father, please grant that each of us may make a new resolution in our heart through the words we heard during this hour. Father, we earnestly hope that You will let us be Your children who can newly resolve and pledge in our hearts to conclude all that we should conclude in our lives and know how to pioneer our lives of our own accord. Father, please take charge of and have dominion over all that comes after this hour. We humbly pray in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (December 18, 1966)


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