Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 442

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 3: True Love
Prayer 1: Please Grant that We May Proclaim Your Heart


CHAPTER 3 True Love

Prayer 1: Please Grant that We May Proclaim Your Heart

Father, many groups desire to know what Your Will is. Many people wish to know what Your holy work is. And many people are waiting impatiently to receive the one person You will send them.

Please bless this hour of this day. We know that the person who can inherit all of the unfinished work of Heaven is not necessarily one who has practiced his faith for a long time, nor the one who attained great results serving others. We have come to know that when we believe, we need to anchor our faith in a true heart and that when we live for others, it will not be adequate unless we share our heart with them and, by so doing, bring great results. We also understand that You are looking for a true person from among the myriads of people and that it is Your Will to establish one true person in the midst of the multitude and bequeath Your unfinished work to that person.

Today, as we unworthy people come before Your amazing Will, Father, we should first realize how clearly undeserving we are. We should feel deep in our flesh and bones that we are descendants of the Fall who dare not stand before Heaven. We have come to understand that, no matter how much we search within, we have nothing we can present with pride before Heaven. The blood lineage from our ancestors is the lineage that betrayed You.

You even could not embrace all of the prophets in Your heart of eternal and joyful love because they inherited the flesh and blood of our ancestors and had within them the bitter root of sin. Likewise, today, we too are aware that we are people unworthy of Heaven's approval. When we come to understand the injustice of the situation that, although You created us with exceptional goodness, we are living on earth with aspects and elements that You cannot help but dislike, we cannot but lament bitterly.

Now we pledge to push aside, trample underfoot, and mercilessly cut off our horrible evil nature and the elements of evil that lie latent in our flesh and blood and in each one of our cells. We cannot help but confess that we are grief-filled descendants who have been unable to form our destined relationship with Your holy original nature and inherit original heart, original lineage, and original flesh and bones.

Among people such as us, where can You find sons and daughters whom You can raise and bless in the midst of the garden that You will leave as an eternal handiwork? Nevertheless, please allow us to become sons and daughters who know how to bow down, lower our heads, and shed tears in the presence of Your mighty grace. Allow us to raise our inadequate selves to a position without sin by reducing it here and there through conditions of forgiveness and tolerance.

The more we come to know Heaven, the more we realize that we are shameful beings before You, and the further we go, the more we feel afraid of bowing our heads and revealing ourselves before You. However, we know that this is the path of following Heaven. We know that Your sons and daughters who have gathered here today are not worthy of being called Your sons and daughters. Nevertheless, since we know it is Your Will not to cast us away, please watch over us.

Father, please cover all the flaws of these people who have lived in perilous places and have been wounded. Even though Your destined relationship of flesh and blood with these children was cut, we know that through their original hearts, they are in a position where You cannot deny knowing them and that You seek to remember them as Your true children. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You will bless this day and remember it.

We are establishing this day as a new historical day. Thus we earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to offer our hearts, minds, and bodies to You so that we may approach the justification and glory of being Your children.

Father, we have nothing we can dedicate to You. Of all the physical things that belong to us as insufficient people, what could be glorious before our Father? However, while recognizing our insufficiency, we cherish the concern for Heaven we harbor in our unworthy hearts. We are trying to form a connection with You, our Father, and to establish a condition together with You. Therefore, please look upon us with compassion.

We are aware that You always have known only too well that this foundation of mind and heart cannot be exchanged for mountains of gold. For this reason, out of a vast populace, You chose and raised a group of people who harbor their bleeding hearts in their bosom and persevere and shed tears for the Will and glory of the one day. We know that the people You choose are the Israelites and that this path is the one trod by the historical chosen people. These people are the traces of the chosen people, established through the lineage of blood during the two thousand years after Jesus came to earth and departed from it.

Father, please be with us at this hour. Though we have nothing to give You, please let us realize once again at this time that we need to become a people who can offer You our sorrowful tears first. We then need to go out into the remaining battlefield with a new resolve and offer our flesh and blood ungrudgingly before our Father.

Father, on this holy day, please bless all humanity. At this moment, countless human beings are roaming about, not knowing where to go. Even though the wave of death is approaching right before their eyes, they do not realize it and do not know that You, who have dominion and sovereignty over life and death, exist. We have the mission to enlighten these people and bring them into Your bosom and Your embrace. We sincerely hope that You will let us be sons and daughters who can proclaim Your heart in all directions with our hearts high, vast, broad, and deep.

Although we have this responsibility, we have failed to fulfill it. Hence, at this time, we bow down before You with hearts afire with shame. Father, we earnestly and sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to shed tears before Your sorrowful heart and sing songs praising our relationship with You while shedding tears and involving ourselves in Your circumstances. Then we can call You "Father," and we, the sons and daughters, can be called Your sons and daughters.

Father, please share more and more with Your new sons and daughters scattered in all corners of South Korea. We know that those who follow in the footsteps of the people who walk the path of persecution are also liable to be targets of the arrows of persecution, and those who follow in the footsteps of the people who shed lonely tears in places where they are trapped are also placed in the same position.

Father, until now, every time we were in such a position, You comforted us, every time we fell down, You looked after us, and every time we felt lonely, You held on to us. As You did this, You showed us the garden of hope. Since we know that You are our living Father, we earnestly hope and pray that, if any of Your sons and daughters are facing persecution at this hour, please touch them with the same grace and embrace them.

Please personally receive the devotions they offer You, Father, as they remember this hour and this day, and please hold on to them and establish a living relationship with them. We sincerely hope and pray that You may do so.

Since we know that these circumstances and this situation are not in accord with Your desired Will, we cannot even begin to fathom Your sorrowful heart. Please forgive us for being unable to fulfill our assigned responsibility, and, as You take into account our hearts filled with concern, we earnestly hope and pray that You will cover everything.

Father! Please bless these pitiful people, the millions of believers in the spirit world, the millions of believers spread out on earth, and other innumerable people as well. We know that the one day of joy is coming when the authority of life will shine like the bright rays of the sun, and heaven and earth will harmonize and sing. We are waiting eagerly for that day with joy and anticipation. Therefore, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your sons and daughters who can endure and struggle until that day comes and remain until the end.

Our loving Father, we stand at the altar at this permitted hour, so please be with us. Though I do not wish to say any words, I stand here because of Your Will, so please be with us. Please eliminate all human words and everything else from us. Please manifest Yourself before us and allow us to feel You in our hearts and resonate with You. We earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to bow down and repent of our past while shedding tears before Heaven. Please allow us also to find new impetus in life and establish a relationship with the work of resurrection.

Eternal Father, please let the hearts of those who convey Your Word unite with the heart of Heaven that urges them to do so, so that they can understand the Will of Heaven and the Will to disseminate Your Word. Thus they can become Your sons and daughters, worthy of raising high the banner of victory and singing of Your glory in Your blessed garden.

Beloved Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will bless us so that we may be worthy of being Your sons and daughters who uphold the teachings of the chosen people of Heaven and who can live forevermore while attending You on the foundation of Your blessed grace. Hoping that You will be with us in everything and that You will allow this hour to be one in which Satan cannot take advantage of us, we offer these words in the name of the Lord. Aju! (November 27, 1960)


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