Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 441

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 2: True Parents
Prayer 6: Please Watch Over Us Until We Become Your Beloved Sons and Daughters
Prayer 7: Please Permit True Parents' Love to Be Present in Great Abundance


Prayer 6: Please Watch Over Us Until We Become Your Beloved Sons and Daughters

Beloved Father! Up to now, we did not know that if there is a traveler headed toward a faraway country, that wayfarer is You, our original Heavenly Father, the eternal subject being of the cosmos and the original substance of the ideal of love. Father, You have cherished the relational bond toward the earth in Your heart without forgetting this for even a single day. No one could know of Your loneliness, not having anyone to share the stories of millions of people that were tangled and snarled within Your heart.

I, myself, who have the name of True Parents, am really ashamed to stand before You, Father. In spite of the fact that there have been billions of times in the deep night when I could have comforted You, whose heart was being pierced with such stories, I instead passed or lost those times because I was overcome by my own tiredness, seized by sleep. When I think of the many times that happened, I cannot but think once again how extremely unfilial I have been.

We are so extremely unfilial. The more we come to know, the more we cannot hold up our faces, and the more time passes, the more we cannot but feel ashamed of ourselves. We are so extremely unfilial that we cannot escape from having the name of the successor burdened with the sins of our ancestors. We know only too well how accursed and scorned we are by the grievous fact that we cannot escape from the position of the successor burdened with the sins of our ancestors. If we are in such a situation and still are often called close to the position of our Father's heart, how can the suffering people who are living in this world as wanderers who do not know anything possibly understand Your heart?

I had intended not to speak seriously to the Unification Church members gathered here, but I did in the end. Please let them engrave those words in their heart, and do not let them forget those words. Today is the first Sunday after the cosmic event. For this son of Yours, October 14, 1982, is the day on which I met liberation and cast off the day of sadness thirty-two years ago. We know that, on that day, the one moment was found in which heaven and earth could offer praises in joy.

We knew that there needs to be the day of heaven that You, our Father, have desired to see on the earth, and we know the wish of all people who pool their hearts together as they wait for the hopeful, explosive opening. If there is one place where the mind of Heaven, the minds of the good ancestors in the spirit world, and the minds of those who follow the way of righteousness and heavenly law while living on earth, can be brought together in one focal point and be celebrated and praised for the first time in history, we know that that place is where the historical foundation of victory has been prepared by bringing together the youths of some eighty nations at this time, through which the sorrow of Christ and the sorrow of Adam can be appeased before Your prominent Will.

Breaking away from the deplorable environment of the spirit world, where You could not communicate freely with human beings in Your incorporeal form, we have prepared an environment on the horizontal plane of earth on which we can have the name of True Parents in Your stead, our Heavenly Father. In such an environment, where they can eat the same food and live in the same situation on the horizontal plane, the world humanity, that is, the many peoples divided as Cain and Abel, can come together through this period on the standard of the heart of the sons and daughters and stand in the position wherein they can inherit the foundation of resurrection. Thus, they can form a relationship of the heart with Heaven, and with a value greater than that of the environment of the marriage of the Lamb centered on the bridegroom and bride anticipated for six thousand years, they can form a connection of heart in the land of Korea and go out into the world. It is truly amazing that this historical beginning has been brought about.

Father, please forget the grief of the Old Testament Age. Please forget the tragic cross of Jesus of the New Testament Age, and please forget all atrocious scenes from the history of Christianity, when believers were killed, vomiting blood, boiled in oil, or torn to pieces.

At this time in which we were born, after all such background circumstances had been put behind us, do not let us have anything to be ashamed of in the path of pilgrimage we are destined to follow before the heavenly law. I am in a position where I need to give out the command of full mobilization so that we can fulfill the responsibilities of individuals, the responsibilities of families, the responsibilities of the church, and the responsibilities of this nation, in order to set right and fix the connection of tradition that could not be established, and then link it to a new tradition before all people in the world. Therefore, please look upon us with joy, and since we have pledged to become the members of the Unification Church who have resolved to march forward without resting and with cherished hope, we earnestly hope and pray that You will receive us with a joyful heart.

Please let the grace of all generations be with us, and allow us to keep true to what we have pledged and resolved of our own accord. Please watch over us until we become not only Your sons and daughters who felt Your heart, but also Your sons and daughters whom You can raise, be proud of, and love. Father, we request again and again that You will spur us on and guide us to walk that path. We offer all these words in the name of True Parents. Aju! (October 17, 1982)


Prayer 7: Please Permit True Parents' Love to Be Present in Great Abundance

In the world until now, there could not be found a true religion, and because there were no true husband nor true wife, no true parents, no true people, no true nation, and no true world, there could be no true kingdom of heaven in heaven. To restore through indemnity the responsibilities that all children on this earth failed to fulfill, True Parents came to earth and fulfilled all those responsibilities by themselves, and thus the victorious royal authority was instituted, and at the same time, the realm of liberation was established on this earth.

Until now, because of the defensive works of the devil, the good ancestors in the spirit world were unable to return to earth. Through the declaration of the name of True Parents, however, through the foundation of the mainstream religions, every person can inherit the privilege of becoming true children on a level plane. By so doing, the domain of victory could be established on the level plane through which the ancestors of our clans can be connected to the realm of mainstream religions, and inherit the basis of the meritorious deeds performed by all good people, thus becoming able to return to any place and cooperate.

Now that this time has come, True Parents made a declaration that only I could make on this earth. This was not done only to find and restore my own country; it is based on the sacrifices made by Heaven until now to find my world and connect it not only to the kingdom of heaven on earth but also to the eternal world. Therefore, we should know that it is the wish of the people who have sacrificed themselves in the course of the hardships of millions of generations and that we have now ushered in the moment of the fulfillment of the wish that good people have cherished before Heaven as they followed the path of the cross.

Beloved Father, now, centering on the motto of this year, "The Unification of My Country, " we should stand at the forefront in unifying my country with a sense of awareness that we are the leaders in unifying not only my country but also my world, and this hour should be one in which we can make this declaration before heaven and earth and go forth. To this end, I have spoken today on the theme, unification of my country and world peace.

Since we have clearly learned that it is only when the world is connected to this place that the liberation of the unified homeland can be carried out, please receive all of our resolve. We also earnestly request that You will accept these words spoken today, the words that mark this declaration made in heaven and on earth, as the condition for victory that can pass through the spirit world and the physical world and mobilize the people on earth and those in the spirit world, so that they can fulfill the standard of the perfection of the unified parents, resolve all that was caused by the invasion of the angelic realm, and accomplish the liberation of the universe. Please let the righteousness of True Parents and the realm of love of True Parents, which mark the victory of all eternity, be abundant in the entire cosmos. We offer this prayer and this declaration in the name of True Parents. Aju! (July 8, 1990)


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