Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 440

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 2: True Parents
Prayer 5: Please Allow Us to Establish the Tradition of the Parents


Prayer 5: Please Allow Us to Establish the Tradition of the Parents

Beloved Father, in the face of Your sacred Will to block the flow of history and raise the shield of victory, we once again go down on our knees and beg You to forgive the shame of our ancestors. The history of sin stemmed from Adam and Eve and has extended down to the innumerable human beings of the present, and when we think about the fact that You have continued a history of struggles in the total darkness amid vicissitudes unknown to anyone, harboring the sorrow of billions of generations, to save this situation, Father, we truly feel ashamed of ourselves before Your toils.

We come to think about the fact that, though You are more than justified in repeatedly abandoning such offspring of the Fall, You have continued to grope Your way through the course of restoration based on the Principle because You are the creative subject being who cannot abandon them. We have also come to realize that, though many people have come and gone in that process and many people have passed through this earth in the midst of the vicissitudes of grief and struggles when they go to the spirit world, they continue to stay in sadness where they cannot hide their shame before You.

There was no one who could comfort Your heart, which could not find joy on earth or in heaven, and there wasn't the one son or daughter who could become the companion of Your heart and hold on to You and share their stories with You. Moreover, there was no bridegroom or bride who could build a nest in the site of Your love. Moreover, beloved Father, there weren't the parents who could boast of knowing what Your love is like, and there weren't beloved children before those parents. In short, there was not one person on earth who could relieve the afflictions in Your heart, caused by the fact that the history of sadness coming from the failure to complete the four-position foundation could not be resolved.

No one knew the fact that the human beings living on this earth are the descendants of the Fall, who need to make their way back through all these atrocious environments and bring this matter under control. Beloved Father, we have come to know that, right before Your eyes, many people have died, and many, who tried to inherit the blood that flowed from the martyrs of old and block the path of historical crises and resentments, made everything worse.

Your sacred Will in establishing Judaism was the grounds of hope through which You desired to see the beginning of the end of this sorrowful history at the time when Jacob wrestled with an angel at the ford of the Jabbok and built the victorious base. However, when we trace back the ups and downs of the history of two thousand years, we can see that our ancestors failed to fulfill their responsibility. Thus, through the process of two thousand years after Jacob, and at the center of Your Will, centering on the standard of the individual, family, tribe, people, and nation, You sent the Messiah on the external standard of the nation. Nonetheless, You had no choice but to watch the misfortune suffered by Jesus Christ.

Not one person knew the fact that Your Will to bring the brightly shining victorious realm of Rome under Your sovereignty and make a unified world for thousands of generations to come was left only as wretched history due to the one day of Jesus' misfortune. Many Christians today praise his death on the cross as the basis of glory, that through it he paved the way for his resurrection, and that it is the banner of liberation. No one knew how great Your sorrow was as You tried to enlighten us about the sorrowful truth and how deep were the vicissitudes of the bitterly regretful heart of Jesus Christ.

You have personally witnessed the sadness of history, in which Christianity was considered to be the enemy and driven into a corner by the Roman Empire and the chosen people of Israel, and the fact that they were unjustly brought down by the swords and guns of innumerable mounted soldiers; these and other sad events have left behind many twists and turns of grief. And even as You watched such scenes, You still had to lead them, so You retreated with an anguished heart and fell into despair thousands of times. Yet, each time, You had to stand up again in pursuit of that one day of the ideal, biting Your tongue and suppressing the pain in Your heart that choked You with tears, to find that position once again, with no one knowing Your circumstances.

Father, even though the historical eras flowing by have split up in the form of sovereign nations and many of the sovereigns of those nations have been replaced, the center of Your heart of love could not change, and the Principle of Creation You established could not change. We come to realize that the more the changeable environment expanded out in all directions, the greater was Your loneliness as You stood in Your unchangeable position. At this hour of this day, if it is Your wish to forget the woeful history and the many hardships that still remain before You, please look down upon us at this time, when this unworthy son is declaring the victory of the conclusion of the third seven-year course before You, our Father, on this morning of this day at the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Parents' Day, and if You can be comforted by us, we hope and pray that You will be comforted.

However, we also know all the stories and the many complications that compose the sad historical eras in the face of Your Will and the tragedy of how You had no choice but to lay down the foundation for victory while in the background, defending this son of Yours. The sad truths that Christianity was made an enemy, that the free world was made an enemy, and the communist world was made an enemy, and that they were all driven into positions from which they pointed their guns and knives at us all emerged because the Korean people failed to fulfill the responsibility of this age, and because of the ignorance of human beings, who do not know the course of indemnity according to the Will established by Heaven. We know that this was why we had to go through such twists and turns in history.

Father! Now is not the time to blame anyone. Instead, we think about the reality that, along this path of suffering, the world, which should have been newly established after making up for the sad reality in Adam's family, the sad reality in Jesus' family, the sad reality in our family, the sad facts about the people of Israel, the sad facts about America centered on Christianity, the sad facts about Korea, and the sad history that has emerged all over this world, became the base of sadness rather than the base of blessings before Your heart and Will, Father. We, the children who know Your Will, must become the Unification Church and become the members of the Unification Church who can pledge repeatedly and make effort to do whatever it takes to wash away the ignominy of history and bear this even if all of us need to be sacrificed. We sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to realize this truth today.

Father, please bless this hour of this day. Now we have declared that the first three seven-year courses have ended. The second three seven-year courses have now been begun in heaven and on earth, so please let us establish the new tradition of son and daughter, the new tradition of husband and wife, and the new tradition of parents. By so doing, let us remember the fact that the historical tradition, the new tradition of grandfather and grandmother centered on the new tradition of parents, still remains for us to establish.

We have fought our way here until now in our yearning for that day, so the Unification Church should inherit all the traditional facts that others do not possess or even know about, and on this day and at this place, centering on Home Church, we should pray with joined hands and embark on the world historical course of indemnity and lay down the foundation on which we can assume the new form of son and daughter and, starting from there, complete the form of bridegroom and bride and of parents, and then perfect the four-position foundation through the form of grandfather and grandmother. This is the one central altar on the world historical and cosmic level rather than the level of the people, and we are truly grateful for Your grace in allowing the Unification Church to have this external foundation on earth today.

Through it, all spirits in the spirit world will undergo returning resurrection, and the liberation of the sorrows of Jesus will be achieved through that family, and Your Will will be fulfilled as You desire through this base of the kingdom of heaven on earth. This fact is encompassed in the motto, "Home Church Is My Kingdom of Heaven," centered on which we began the 1980s. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that centering on this foundation, You will resolve all the thousands of difficult circumstances in Your heart, that You will raise the heart to take an aggressive stance, through which all the sorrows and mortifications in Your heart can be restored through indemnity, and expand Your basis of victory; moreover that You will work through us so that the realm of liberation can be established from New York to all parts of America and the world, and furthermore, to the spirit world.

Including all those who are praying for this day, all the members of the Unification Church who are praying with clasped hands for this place, and all those who are praising the victory of this day before You, our Father, remembering the name of True Parents in their hearts, all the spirits who passed away as believers of the Unification Church, all the spirits who passed away as believers of Christianity, and all the spirits who passed away as believers of Judaism, should be brought together as one under a single system and, centering on their portion of responsibility henceforth, in the second set of three seven-year courses, should stand at the forefront and move and lead the blessed families of the Unification Church and Christianity on earth. Father, we are sincerely offering You these words today so that we can make this historical beginning at this hour, so please allow us to do so. Hoping that the love and grace of thousands of generations will be with You for all eternity, we have humbly prayed all this in the name of True Parents. Aju! (April 15, 1980)

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