Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 439

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 2: True Parents
Prayer 3: Please Enable Us to Restore Our Subject Nature
Prayer 4: Help Us to Put Our Resolve into Practice

Prayer 3: Please Enable Us to Restore Our Subject Nature

Father! Since spring indeed symbolizes liberation, we have to once again long for the joy of being held in the embrace of Your love. Since spring promises a new beginning, we need to make a new beginning while held in the embrace of Your love. Just as all things in nature are in harmony in spring, please allow us to be able to restore the nature of a subject partner that can harmonize with the entire universe while being held in the embrace of Your love, Father.

Spring evokes relationships of song and dance, and we yearn for the time when we can do that centered on Your love and in the bosom of Your love. As though this spring were a foundation for Sabbath, centered on Your Will, please allow us at this time to become people who can rest after being nestled in Your loving embrace, Father.

Father! By inheriting all Your internal circumstances in this way, please let us long for the original human beings who could have made a new beginning with hope in the garden of Eden and who could have been immersed in Your love, bursting with hope. We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to feel that land of connection as we welcome this spring, and let us offer eternal thanks to You. Let the gardens of our minds be like that.

At this time, we are here to offer bows before You, Father, so please personally come to wherever Your name is praised and be with us. Please cause all the essential conditions of spring to appear once again in the gardens of our minds, and please allow our minds to be places where You personally dwell. It is not the liberation of humankind alone, it is not the beginning of humankind alone, and it is not the harmony of humankind alone. Rather, it is Your liberation, Father; it is Your beginning, and it is You who must become the central being of harmony. 

Indeed, we must uphold You as our Father who can put aside His lofty prestige, extend His arms, and dance and sing. Since we must become people who can prepare an eternal foundation for You where You can rest, please allow this to be a time when we can gain this wisdom through this spring. Though the time is short, let every moment of this meeting in which we offer bows before You be a time that can arouse the connections of the heart that we can never forget, and please establish the one condition by which we can be deeply embraced in Your bosom of love. Aju! (April 21, 1968)

Prayer 4: Help Us to Put Our Resolve into Practice

Our loving Father, You created Eden with the ideal You cherished from before the creation of the world, but the original ancestors, who were meant to become Your original object partner, fell instead, and thus all beings on this earth could not live there, and we have come to realize that this became a sorrowful world that cannot form a connection to that place. This is truly sad, not only for You, our Father but also for all created things. And we have come to know that the ringleaders who brought about this sad consequence were none other than the human beings You created, that is, the ancestors of humanity, Adam and Eve.

Though the sons and daughters born in Your direct line, Father, should have been good, they failed to fulfill their given responsibility and left nothing but bitter grief in human history. The more we contemplate this, the more we come to realize that, though great may have been the worries of human beings until now, they could in no way compare with the greatness of Your labors to save humanity. We earnestly hope and pray while we trace and measure those labors in our hearts; we will feel acutely once again what pitiful people we are before our Father.

Since the day that You lost Adam, how great have Your efforts been to find the one person in whom You could believe? And how much have You sought a person who would take responsibility and fight for You? How much have You longed for and sought one person who could inherit Your full authority? We cannot help but feel again, painfully, that it was Your anguish, Father, and the grief of human history, that there was no such person on the earth. Father, You have walked a path of constant tension and anxiety through a long six thousand years of history.

In sorrow, You endured from the position of taking responsibility for everything. You have continued doing so to this day without a moment of rest. Human beings have been struggling along a dark night path, but please let us bring to mind that You have been in anguish over the providence of human history in a darkness much deeper than that. And we are earnestly hoping and desiring that You will awaken us to the reality of our dishonorable and miserable selves. And please let us realize how full of grief Your way has been as You wandered and searched along the back alleys of history for six thousand years.

When we come to understand the fact that Your toiling footsteps trace a path of Your being driven out by so many nations and peoples, and Your wandering and searching in this country and that, in this city and that, and that You have arrived today here in the mountains and rivers of Korea, we feel once again that we are truly ashamed of ourselves in front of You. This people did not know the fact that centered on the Korean Peninsula and its 30 million people; You were reaching out through Your providence. Even our good ancestors who lived in this land and passed on did not know.

But now we have reached the time when we can understand the fact that You have reached out through Your providence centering on this people. When we think about this, we cannot help but confess that from the past until today, this people stand in shame before You, Father. Even though we are unworthy to even dare to relate to You, You reached out to us in compassion and love, and You established us in the realm of the grace of Your love. Therefore, we sincerely request that You will let us become Your children who humbly bow to You, representing this people, these mountains and rivers, and all human beings. In the course of history, the era You hoped for has passed, and now we are standing at a parting of the ways where we can usher in a new day of history, so please remember Your sons and daughters who are taking part in today’s gathering.

Please have dominion over the minds of each and every one of us, and if You find any shortcomings there, please let us put an end to them here and now. Please allow us to examine our past, in which we failed to make efforts to bring about a substantial victory before the new Will, as we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your sons and daughters who can usher in a new year when we can make a fresh beginning toward the promised world.

We know that those who are unworthy cannot stand before You, Father, but we have prostrated ourselves before Your knees through the grace of Your love, so please accept us at this time. We earnestly hope and pray that You will do so. If You don't acknowledge us, Father, who on earth would be more pitiful than we are? We endured even when we were cornered and chased around in this world. Even when we were persecuted, we revered You, Father, and appealed to You, so please look upon us with compassion once again at this time. We set the seven-year course, unknown to anyone else, and have undergone fierce struggles on this path. Father, there may even be some people who, during that period, could not endure the severe persecution and avoided this path, weeping tears. Such people could not but feel ashamed before You, Father, so please look upon them with compassion when they blame themselves in their heart. Even if they cannot hold up their heads high before You because they do not have a clear conscience, we sincerely hope and pray that You will remember them as they call out for You, Father, with nothing but faith harbored deep in their hearts.

Though we are so unworthy and foolish, thanks to Your protection, we have been able to come this far today. Therefore, Father, guide us to persevere and go forward until we reach the day You have promised us. We earnestly hope and pray that You will allow this hour to be one in which Your children, who have worked hard until now for this Will, can pool their hearts together and offer You their gratitude. Please supervise everything we have to do on this day, and we sincerely hope and pray that You will let this hour be one in which we can resolve and pledge to begin anew on our way toward the new promised world in this coming year.

Father! In that the twenty-one-year course we passed through was a very long time, when we think about Your long, sad historical course of six thousand years, we come to realize once again that there is no one who is more pitiful than You or who is lonelier than You, Father. We regret our past, in which we promised loyalty to You but failed to fulfill it, and we promised filial piety to You but failed to fulfill that either, and we beg for Your forgiveness. We sincerely hope and pray that, from now on, You will allow us to become Your sons and daughters who can practice our resolution to be loyal and filial to You.

Father, Your sons and daughters, who remember and celebrate this day and who pray before You with all their hearts and will, are spread out across this nation, so please embrace them deep in Your heart. We hope and pray that You will embrace them with Your heart of love. Your sons and daughters are gathered here at this time, so please look after them. We also hope with all our hearts that You will, through Your words, personally look after those of Your sons and daughters who could not come today. Please let everything become one with Your Will so that there will not be even the smallest little thing that is not suitable to Your Will, and please let us begin only from the Will and achieve results only through the Will so that we can reveal only the glory of our Father.

Thus, we sincerely ask that You will let the glory of Your Will be revealed on this earth and be with us forevermore. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (December 31, 1967)


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