Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 43

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth
Section 1: The Path of Rebirth and Restoration, 17-21
Section 2: Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage, 1-8

We have to enter the world that is based on True Parents' heart

(17) Even though you have received the Blessing, you should delay cultivating your relationship with your spouse. First you must yearn for True Parents. You should feel that without them there is neither day nor night, that your existence is worthless. Your heart of love and adoration for True Parents should consume every part of your life. Only then can you be called the sons and daughters of Heaven. Only after you have led this type of life should you finally receive your husband or wife. Otherwise, how can you possibly receive him or her? Before anything else, you should yearn for True Parents with all your heart. You will not receive salvation unless you attend True Parents with the attitude that they are the source of your life, the entirety of your hope, and the beginning point of all your ideals and happiness. You must have conviction enough to say, "I am a son (or daughter) of True Parents, and I will unite with them for eternity." This kind of devotion must transcend even the awareness of your own existence. This is the kind of firm conviction you must have.

(18) You cannot fully attend True Parents if you are by yourself. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need your partner. If you are single, you should get energy from the one who comes in the position of Adam in that state, you first must offer something to Adam, the Parent; then you can receive and inherit True Parents' love and connect it to your descendants through your lineage. You can pass on the valuable content of this love through your lineage. Hence you can serve God and the Parents through such a foundation of love. It is on the standard of the value of this relationship based on your lineage that you can attend True Parents. Otherwise, you cannot attend them.

(19) What was the beginning point of your life of faith when you joined the Unification Church? It started with a vivid realization about yourself, that you are God's child and that you must make effort to restore yourself to the position of a child who is centered on God's love. If you receive God's love but are not proud of God's Word and do not have the conviction to proclaim it to the whole universe, you cannot stand as a son or daughter of God. You gain the authority of a son or daughter of God by standing on the foundation of God's authority. With the authority of God's sons and daughters, you must be able to walk boldly through Satan's strongholds, no matter what happens. You must go the course of subjugating Satan, who violated Adam and Eve. Unless you bring Satan to surrender, you cannot reach the standard for receiving God's Blessing.

(20) To become a filial child, you must know your parents' heart. After joining the Unification Church, if you truly want to know me, you must enter the world of my heart. There is no great secret for this. If you leaders and members have such a connection of heart with me that when you are walking the streets witnessing you break down in tears several times a day, your churches will blossom abundantly.

(21) Have you blessed families of the Unification Church fulfilled your duties? Since you failed to establish a victorious foundation, if I were to leave you alone, your families would all go in separate directions. However, as your representative I have paved your way, so now you need to live with the sincerest heart, offering all your devotion. This means you need to become one with me in heart. To attain such oneness, you must transcend distance, your environment, even history. You should have the same heart as mine, a heart that strives to shorten all the ages and eras of restoration. You should be sad when I am sad. You should breathe with me as one; when I exhale you should inhale, keeping to my tempo. If you lead your life in this way, you can build a victorious foundation. Therefore, consider your family as a special altar and pray without ceasing as you move forward.

Section 2: Our Rebirth and Change of Lineage

(1) In Adam's family there were brothers, Cain and Abel. Cain was the first son. Love has one principle, not two. Are there two principles of love? In the Divine Principle, we talk about unprincipled love. The Fall means that Adam and Eve engaged in unprincipled love. Based on love people should unite as one, not divide as two. Suppose someone has one hundred sons; all those sons should form one brotherhood, not two. However, if some of them practice unprincipled love, then to whom do those brothers belong? They belong to Satan. That is how it is.

The change of lineage through Cain and Abel

(2) In Adam's family, Cain represented Satan's side and Abel God's side.  Adam should have been in God's position, but was he? He was not. The order of love was reversed. Originally God should have been the one to possess the fruits of love, but the archangel snatched them away. Therefore, a course was required to restore someone to the position to receive God's love, and it was Abel who was placed in that position. In the course of the history of restoration, those whom God called and loved were not first sons but second sons. Thus we read in the Bible that at the time of the Exodus, even in Egypt the firstborn sons were killed. In other words, the second son is providentially on Heaven's side while the first son is on Satan's side.  We have to get rid of the blood of Satan, meaning we need to cut off from the bloodline of Satan. However, should God just kill Cain? He should not. Therefore He pursues the work of engrafting. That is, in order that all people might come to have God's viewpoint and practice His philosophy of life, God sends one person with that philosophy, who provides engrafting. This is the concept of the Messiah.

(3) The history of the providence of restoration is that of bringing the first son to surrender to the second son. This was the goal in the instances of Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Perez and Zerah, and Joseph and his eleven brothers. It was also the case for the Israelites in relation to the nations of the world, and for Jesus the Son of God in relation to the people of the world. God does not want to destroy the first son by striking him. He wants to make him surrender, by judging the first son after he has first struck the second son. The original, heavenly way was turned upside down, and it needs to be set aright. Hence, even though the older brother should be born first, God worked in such a way that the younger brother was born first, supplanting his older brother. This is also why when Jacob blessed Joseph's sons Ephraim and Manasseh, he crossed his arms and placed his left hand on the older son's head and his right hand on the younger son's head. No one in heaven and earth has known why Jacob did this, until now.

(4) For what purpose do we need the Messiah? It is for the purpose of salvation. Salvation begins at the point where we come in contact with God's love. Yet even though we need to return there, we keep on propagating the lineage of Satan. The whole of humanity is disconnected from God's lineage. This is the exact opposite of God's love. This position must be restored through indemnity. To make this indemnity requires the removal of original sin, but removing the original sin involves the fundamental issue of lineage. This is something fallen human beings can never resolve on their own. That is why we need the Messiah.

(5) Why is Jesus the Messiah? It is because he was born as the historic first fruit of the change of lineage, as was never before seen in history. He is the Son who inherited God's life and lineage, based on His love. He represents the new seed of life. That is who Jesus is. That is why we call him God's only begotten Son. He was the begotten Son because he was born as the representative son who inherited God's love and life, from a lineage that had been purified over the course of human history. This makes Jesus different from all the other religious founders in the course of history. Jesus was born as the fruit of the course of changing the lineage, the first person to be born completely centered on the living God. That is why he is the Messiah. He was born in that position; that makes him the representative of the changed lineage. That is why the Messiah is the central person for giving new life to humankind. It took a period of four thousand years according to biblical reckoning, from the time of the Fall until the appearance of Jesus two thousand years ago, to make it possible for a representative of the changed lineage to come for the first time. This was the Messiah.

(6) Who is the coming Messiah? Since fallen parents appeared, there must arise parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. In order to become such parents, they must set the condition of loving even the devil Satan from the same position as God. Otherwise, there is no way to enter the kingdom of heaven. This has been a secret of the spirit world to this day, and a trap of sorrow placed between the human world and the heavenly world. No one has understood this. But now that I have revealed this, Satan's world will face its time of great misfortune.

(7) Jesus came as the Messiah in the position of a parent, but first he had to fight with the archangel. He fought, saying, "I am the one and only Son of God." The only Son of God means that he was the first man to receive God's love as a son. As God's one and only Son, he was to find God's one and only Daughter, and together they were to attain the perfection that the first Adam and Eve should have attained had there been no Fall. Jesus was the only Son of God. He came as the Messiah. The Messiah is the one who recovers the lost parents by attaining the qualification of True Parents, and who revives people by engrafting the lineage of the Parents. This is why Christians say that no one can go to the kingdom of heaven without being born again.

(8) What kind of person was Jesus? God created heaven and earth over a period of six days. In five days He created all things, and on the sixth day He created Adam. Jesus is like Adam. He is the second Adam, the Adam who came subsequently. This means that he is the original Adam who has nothing to do with the Fall. In the beginning, God first created Adam, and then, centered on Adam, He created Eve. Therefore the second Adam was to establish the next Eve. But he could not do so. Again, who was responsible to find and raise up the original Eve? It was the first Adam. However, because Adam could not fulfill this responsibility when Eve fell, the second Adam had to find and establish such an Eve whom the first Adam had lost. There is no exception to the principle of indemnity.



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