Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 436

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 1: God
Prayer 5: Please Enable Us to March Forward with New Resolve
Prayer 6: Let Us Become a Group that Offers Utmost Devotion


Prayer 5: Please Enable Us to March Forward with New Resolve

Father, on this earth, there are many people who praise Your holy name and who claim they are Your beloved sons and daughters. But how few of them indeed are Your true sons and daughters in whom You can actually confide Your heart and share Your personal feelings. The more we think about this, the more we come to feel the wretchedness of this reality.

Father! Among the many peoples in various lands, You remembered this pitiful people who were driven out so many times. We would like to first thank You for Your holy Will that led You to select the lonely hills and mountains extending across this peninsula and to raise this nation as the center of Your providence. The more we realize the incredible value of the people who are totally loyal to this Will, the more we feel ashamed. However, when we meditate on Your loving heart that dwells more with a handicapped child than with a healthy one, we hope that You will forgive this people, whose historical background cannot but cause You concern.

Father! Unknown to others, Your children in the Unification Church have been shedding blood and tears until today as they fought for seven years to maintain a line of defense. At times they were driven out. Sometimes they beat their breasts as they wept or held their empty stomachs. At other times they shed endless tears as they contemplated Your situation, Father. All the past experiences began in this manner and with tears. However, instead of concluding with tears, they ended in laughter. We have now ushered in a day when we can thank You for this. Furthermore, we cannot help but be even more grateful when we realize that we owe this conclusion to Your assistance and protection.

It is the united appeal of our hearts that the free heaven and earth where we can welcome You and fully sing Your praises may be realized quickly. Thus we bow and prostrate ourselves before You, with the earnest hope and prayer that You will welcome all our personal stories. Father, today is a sanctified day. Your lonely children scattered in all parts of South Korea are on their knees. They have directed their gaze this way and are making appeals with a sincere heart. Please receive their hearts. Just as You were our friend and just as You protected us whenever we told You of our sorrowful situations, we hope and pray that You will comfort them.

No matter what anyone says, we are lonely people who have nothing. Only You are on our side. You alone are all we have. We realize that the fact that we are living for You is a high and noble thing that money cannot buy, and we hope and pray that You will not let our hearts be disappointed.

The headquarters of the Unification Church connects to the world and is located in Seoul. Please remember Your children who have remained here. We know that this position can be a fearful position if we think it is fearful, a sorrowful position if we think it is sorrowful, and a difficult position if we think it is difficult. However, if we are a group of people who are in You, Father, who are connected to Your heart and who live because of You, then we know You are eternally with us at the place where we stand, and You personally guide and take charge of our lives. Therefore, we offer our deepest gratitude to You, Father, for Your grace in allowing us to stand in this place.

Father! Please grant that we may be sincerely grateful that, even though we are so unworthy, we have been placed in this position today thanks to the merit accumulated by our ancestors throughout their lives as well as the merit of the age. Please allow us to be grateful not from our own personal position but rather from a historical position that extends through the past, present, and future. Although we know You will recognize anyone who manifests such victory as worthier than any great figure in history, we earnestly hope and pray that You will raise us to stand in such a position.

Beloved Father! We are about to usher in a new year, and we hope and pray that You will allow it to be a year of joy, in which we can complete all heavenly programs planned for it and the kingdom of heaven You desire will be built on earth, so we can sing aloud a triumphal song of victory and return esteem, glory, and praise to You. Father, please let all Your children, whose hearts are connected to one another's, become brothers and sisters who can fully manifest Your heart. We hope and pray that You will let us become Your sons and daughters, who can form the tribe of hope through the connection between parents and children of faith.

Please remember all Your children spread out in the world. There are many groups who are fighting even today from a lonely position centered on the connection to Your heart, so we hope and pray that You will remember them all. Please protect us personally until we meet again.

Furthermore, we earnestly hope and pray that You will allow us to become people who resolve and pledge for all of our lives to fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty before Your remaining Will and to leave behind the record of loyalty You desire before Heaven.

With the coming of the new year, we will set out on the second seven-year course. Please grant that through the words we have heard at this moment, we may make a new resolution and swiftly march forward. Since Heaven prevails even where cruel and violent winds rage, we know that if we set out with a firm resolution to follow in Your footsteps, our path will be shortened and leveled. We hope and pray that You will allow us to become Your children, who can set out on our second seven-year course, stepping strongly with a new resolution for the new year. We sincerely ask You to extend the glory of Your victory and grace to all things, and we humbly pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents. Aju! (December 24, 1967)

Prayer 6: Let Us Become a Group that Offers Utmost Devotion

Beloved Father, even though the path ahead may be rough, when my heart of love and loyalty toward You urges me forward, even though my legs drip with blood, I shall be grateful for and value, even in my exhaustion, this path upon which I can be filled with reverence and enter the presence of Heaven, knowing this is all because of Your amazing love.

When I hear someone comment that I am over sixty years old now and talk about my having a successor, I feel sorry because I have not completed the course I have to go or completely fulfilled the way of loyalty to You. Thinking of this, I pray that I may go to the very end of the course that remains, with all my strength and energy. Beloved Father, please guide me so that I may conclude everything beautifully, even if it means ending my life on the path of suffering where I began.

I have no need for authority, money, or knowledge. I need only the path through which this people, centered on Your love, may seek You in tears. I am only in need of that path, Your path of love, that all the people of the world may follow, forgetting everything and shedding tears. Regarding this tradition, while I am alive, in the short course of my life, I must bequeath the components of this tradition and prepare a point of origin so the water of life may gush forth from the hearts of the young people of the Unification family, not only in this age but also in future generations. Our Father, who knows very well the path we need to follow as we go out to fulfill our duty at this time, please remember the Unification group that is scattered across the world today.

There are people praying in tears and wishing me a long life as they think about how I am, here in this lonely land of Korea. The faint sound of their appeal for great fortune to cover the path of their Teacher does not arise from their wish to be saved by me. It is only to obtain Your cooperation for the sake of the victory of Your Will. I am a pitiable person, and they, too, are pitiable people. Please remember them and extend Your blessings so that instead of tasting the bitter cup of defeat in a cornered position and becoming a group that betrays Heaven with lamentation, they may drink the cup of victory while glorious songs of welcome and praise for You are heard.

Father, I ask that You render Your assistance so this may come to pass.

Father, please be with us on the battlefield now unfolding in the United States. This battle shall be one that can manifest Your glory and love, one that can display the dignified presence of the Unification Church, and one that can reveal the true image of the sons and daughters of Heaven as they go forth on their path. Because I know this, I am taking the lead without concerning myself with anything else. I do not wish to hear or see the prayers and tears of the pitiful, nor the sound of their prayers pleading in bitterness. I know You, too, do not wish for this. Please have pity on them and forgive the people of America so their hopes can be fulfilled. I once again request that You bless the federal court and guide it so that it can distinguish that path of goodness.

Beloved Father, this time I stayed in Korea for twenty days. Many changes occurred, and many circumstances arose during this time. But please ensure that this course does not end in a failure to bequeath Heaven's love or a failure to leave behind a victorious foundation upon which the people can stand. Even if people curse me and look at me with disdain, I shall go forward on this path if it is the one to which Heaven will come and bless the future of the people of this nation.

In so doing, I know that this will block the path leading the people of the world to misery. That is why I seek Your understanding of the circumstances that compel me to grasp and pray about this matter. If the people are at fault, please forgive them. If the politicians are at fault, please forgive them. I know they are taking that path due to ignorance. I pray that Heaven instructs them and enables them to take action. If they do not take action even then, the laws of Heaven will reproach them. If they do not listen even after knowing that what they have heard is true and knowing what they should do, they will be rebuked. Such is Your Will. Yet I fervently, fervently wish and pray, Father, that You see and understand my heart, which longs for Your Will to be applied to this people and this nation.

I earnestly wish and pray that tens of thousands of blessings will be upon those who hear the news about me, look forward to the day of victory, and pray with their hands pressed together. Father, may You know and protect this altar. The people whom I leave behind have pledged to engage in a fight that will be remembered in history as having been a fierce battle. Father, I sincerely wish and pray that You allow this group of people to become individuals who hold on to a single person and struggle, shed tears, and lament for that person. Let them invest their complete devotion to pioneer a trail over the peak of resentment on their own and move beyond it with tears. I pray that You protect them until I meet them again. Please remember all the Unificationists in Korea and around the world. Please keep the future of this nation and its people in Your heart.

I pray that You protect the democratic world and blaze a trail of victory into the communist world. Thus I pray that Heaven’s glorious day, a foundation pulsating with Your ideal of love, can be manifested on this planet Earth. I thank You for this time You have permitted. All this I pray in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (November 22, 1981)


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