Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 435

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 1: God
Prayer 3: Please Teach Us to Take Responsibility For the Heart of Heaven
Prayer 4: Please Grant Us Victory on Our Final, Destined Path


Prayer 3: Please Teach Us to Take Responsibility For the Heart of Heaven

Father, on this day that You have granted us, we are gathered before You on our knees, concerned that we are unworthy. Please allow us to fathom where our hearts are right now. We know that the life course You have pioneered has been so very solemn and sanctified.

Father, please look with compassion upon Your sons and daughters gathered here. We earnestly hope and pray that You will show Your awesome face among us. Grant us the standard of victory You have set up, by which You can seek and recognize us as Your sanctified people. We know that if the remaining providential course is one of sorrow, it is our responsibility to resolve this sorrow. We also know that one who cannot feel Heaven's infinite sorrow cannot take responsibility to alleviate that sorrow.

Please let us become people who can take responsibility for the sorrowful heart of Heaven and the battles that remain. We are aware that unless we profoundly experience sorrow to a greater extent than anyone else, and unless we become people who do not give up even when faced with great injustice on the battlefield, we will be incapable of handling this responsibility. Father, it is our earnest hope and prayer that You allow us to stand before You as people whose hearts are concerned over whether our bodies can be victorious sacrifices worthy of being offered to Heaven.

Two thousand years of history have passed since Jesus came to the earth and left. Still, the altar of true victory that Jesus established on Mount Calvary, over which Heaven wept together with him, has not yet appeared on earth. We know that the time has come when Heaven and all human beings cannot help but move when heaven and earth connect and when the summit of Gethsemane and of the world-level Golgotha appear.

There should be many believers who are equal to this responsibility. But the more we realize that there are no groups that Heaven can happily seek out, the more we cannot help but weep as we look at this earth as sons and daughters who are concerned about Your heart. Father, please let us understand that the more eagerly You anticipate the day You have long hoped for, the more eagerly You anticipate the appearance on earth of those who will be loyal to You, Father.

Please allow us to become people who can take on all the historical sorrows, sons and daughters who can find our place in Your innermost heart and hold Your hand, offering You our entire mind and body today. At this time, please resurrect our mind and body through Your personal touch. Please pardon us for not fulfilling completely the responsibilities given to us during the past week and for not offering You our complete devotion. Please forgive us that we did not live each day overflowing with tears as we clung to Your heart and that we have forgotten how hard You willingly toiled to find each one of us.

Father, it is our earnest hope and prayer that on this day, at this time, we may make a new determination and resolution, realizing how lacking we were in the past. Please grant that, controlling our mind and centering on Your heart, we may step forth as Your sons and daughters. Father, this is a sanctified day. Please look with compassion upon the 30 million people who are in a pitiful state. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that You will be their friend, that You will be their leader and that You will be the Owner who resurrects their lives.

We pray that You will become the center of their hope. We hope and pray that You will let them become a group, let them become a people, and let them become a faith body that cannot move apart from You.

We sincerely hope and pray that You may bestow the blessing You have prepared for this people at this time. Please grant Your sons and daughters, who are responsible for the day of victory, the ability to handle their responsibility and mission. We know it is this people's responsibility to fulfill Your Will and reveal Your glory. We know that the course to the fulfillment of this responsibility entails countless trials. Hence we sincerely hope and pray, Father, that You will allow us to become sons and daughters who can go forth on Your behalf, taking responsibility even for this course of trials.

Please also bless the many people who are ignorant of Your Will. At this time, as people are being swept along by the tides of life and death, please allow many groups to appear in the midst of humanity that can catch hold of You and become Your sons and daughters. We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that from among the people on earth, many sons and daughters may rise and stand before You, capable of taking full responsibility and thereby allowing humanity to avoid the rod of judgment.

If there are people who are unaware of this mission, this age, and this responsibility, please warn them through us.

Furthermore, Father, we earnestly hope that You will allow them to become sons and daughters who can handle the responsibility and mission of the Last Days. Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will extend Your grace without restraint to those groups that are scattered throughout the countryside, appealing to You with lonely hearts. Please hold on to them so they will not fall behind in the course of battle to attain and claim the one day of victory You have permitted us.

We sincerely hope and pray that You will lead us personally from the first moment of this gathering to the Last, Father, and that during this hour, the powers of darkness may not be active. We surrender everything unto You. Please receive and take charge of our offering.

We pray in the name of the Lord. Aju! (March 15, 1959)

Prayer 4: Please Grant Us Victory on Our Final, Destined Path

Father, Your children who have been fighting in the countryside, have now gathered here in Seoul, the heart of the Republic of Korea. Father, please help them understand the nature of the heroic resolve they need to embody.

For whom have we gathered here today? Each one of us was victorious in battle and, based on this foundation, was able to stand erect as a living being. Nonetheless, we have selected first and foremost the solemn task of building the kingdom of heaven, and so we ought to examine ourselves objectively and assess our ability to fulfill this responsibility.

Father, we know that the issue lies not with our environment but with our attitude—whether we have the attitude of a person ready to take responsibility. This is why, after completing his three-year course, Jesus prayed three times in the garden of Gethsemane and met his final destiny, having become one with You.

Father, we now have the responsibility of restoring the city of Seoul back to You. At this serious time, Father, please grant that we may feel Your sadness and wretchedness when, leading us, You see that we are unable to grasp even one ten-millionth of Your heart. As such, we each ought to criticize ourselves mercilessly, analyze our own thoughts and reflect on how our position relates to the whole.

By doing this, we must realize how lacking we each are. We must also hope that our brothers and sisters of faith around us are better than we are. We sincerely hope and pray that You can help us feel again that we need to have a hopeful heart that desires to accumulate hidden achievements, find the connecting point through which we can serve Your Will, and take action.

Father, now the time has come for us to restore Seoul. For some time now, we have had this objective. However, due to the people’s lack of understanding, they erected a wall we could not overcome, and for some time, we could not act freely. Therefore, our position was wretched: as we suffered storms of hardships, we were intent only on overcoming exhaustion and living hand-to-mouth. However, the time has come to launch an offensive that we couldn't have conceived of.

By virtue of the toilsome trail You have blazed, the time has come to go on the offensive. Accordingly, we have to be victorious in the final battle and attain the position to sing Your praises and pledge to bring You victorious results. We must not be people who have nothing to report to You. That is how it should be on the battleground. Furthermore, after being victorious, we must invest ourselves with a hundred times more youthful vigor so that when You look at us, Father, no matter what You ask us to do, You will be proud that we are people who do not fall short in any way. We must become such people.

Father, please protect Your children, who are spread all over South Korea. Father, I sincerely pray that the activities and organizations centering on us and focused on the final victory can be one with Your heart and the path You are walking and that they thereby will help us become those who will gain victory in the final battleground.

Father, at this time, focusing on Seoul, please remember Your children all over South Korea as well as Your children all over the world. Father, please let us realize that You ceaselessly look down on our wretched selves with a heart of compassion and pity as we urge ourselves to go along this necessary final path of destiny.

Father, please grant that we may realize that when we are lonely, You share in our loneliness and that when we face difficulties, You share in our difficulties and worry about us. Father, allow us to become people who keenly feel that our wretchedness does not end with us but also becomes Your wretchedness.

Father, these days we often forget we are responsible for the solemn duty of achieving the liberation of three generations. Nevertheless, please grant that we, as those entrusted with the solemn responsibility of finding the path leading to the destiny of three generations, may feel like marathon runners in a stadium where all the saints and martyrs of history in the spirit world are watching us, where the people of this age are watching us and where even our future descendants will long for us to gain victory.

In this race, we have to overcome all obstacles, trials, and suffering. Please help us realize that even though we may be sleepless, there is a final peak we need to overcome and go over. Father, we earnestly hope and pray that as we race toward the finish line beyond that peak, we may understand that, even if the adversity and difficulties on the track worsen, we must overcome and surmount all these aggravated difficulties, since that is the only way we can capture a victory whose brilliance will extend all over the world.

Father, please help us realize once again that when we go over the peak, the outcome will depend on the unity of the people responsible for this victory. Therefore, Father, I sincerely hope and pray that we may become those You can command without reserve and lead without worrying that they will fail to follow through. Please grant that we may become the people of unification who can go over the highest peak with no hesitation, bring down the final cross that Satan erects, and surmount the final mountain.

Loving Father, it is our sincere hope and prayer that You allow us to become sons and daughters whose concern is the final day. We will equip ourselves on our own with the things we need, invest ourselves with all our might for the day we will meet only once, and prepare ourselves to fight even one thousand times for Your Will.

I beseech You to be with us on this day, and I offer all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju! (July 27, 1969)


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