Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 437

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 1: God
Prayer 7: Let This Be a Victorious Year and Turning Point
Chapter 2: True Parents
Prayer 1: Please Awaken Humanity From Its Slumber


Prayer 7: Let This Be a Victorious Year and Turning Point

Beloved Father, a new year has dawned. May Heaven’s blessings be upon the earth on the morning of this New Years Day. At this hour, as we receive the new year, let the historical and heavenly ties connect heaven to the earth. Please allow Heaven's blessings to be connected with all religions and all humanity centering on the Unification Church group. And may these blessings be expanded to one family, one tribe, one people, one nation, and one world revolving around the single heart that serves as Your center.

Father, at this hour, the democratic and communist worlds have climbed to their final summits but, unable to occupy those positions, are in a state of confusion. This is the case with both the United States, representing the democratic world and the Soviet Union, representing the communist world. As for the Adam, Eve, Abel, and Cain nations that You intended to establish within the democratic world, they also are placed at their summit points, just like the democratic United States and the communist Soviet Union, both of which are at the top of the world today.

I thank Heaven’s grace for connecting the goals of the United States, Japan, and Korea, centering on all the erudite scholars of the world in this age. You have thereby reinforced the new organization for victory over communism and thus enabled Korea to become a new global point of origin, empowering it to prepare a foundation from which it can leap toward a new world. Now that I know that the fate of the world is swayed by the activities of the Unification Church, I ask that You please bless it on its path. I sincerely pray that You permit us to reverse history and establish conditions so we can praise today's victory, obtained through the infusion of all manner of blessings, and enable us to dissolve the bitter sorrow You held for six thousand years.

How much suffering have You endured since the time of the Fall, through Judaism and Christianity, until the advent of the Unification Church, offering Your helping hand for the sake of providential history? You paid so much indemnity. Such a bloody history remains, in which so many people who followed Heaven's Will without fully understanding it offered their lives. All these achievements made in blood have come to fruition today, ushering in the year 1984 as a turning point when we are able to bring about a global and historic liberation of bitter sorrow centering on the Unification Church.

Father, please let Your unique and full authority be manifested.

I know that the day approaches when those who have been trampled upon will stand up, and when those who revere Heaven but have been driven out will become exemplary and glorify Heaven. Continually until this day, Unificationists have been driven away. Numerous nations, peoples, families, and individuals have chased them away. Now the path of the setting sun has come to an end, and the shining morning sun has risen, focused on the Unification Church. I sincerely pray that You permit this to be the year in which the world gazes upon the light of the Unification Church and welcomes a new world amid the bright sunlight.

I sincerely pray that You allow us to welcome the age when those who have been pursued may come back, lick their wounds and offer You their thanks. At this point in time, there is a son who stands in the position of a sacrificial offering. I sincerely pray and hope that an opportunity may come about through this son, as a living offering, to create the victorious kingdom of heaven.

I sincerely pray and request, Father, that Your power descend from heaven to the earth with Your omnipotent and full authority, allowing all religions to become one and all nations to unite as one, in the realm of heart that revolves around You, the one and only God. Now, centered on the Unification Church and representing the nation, the time has come to be strong and to take courage. The final time has come to resolve to draw the line of justice and righteousness with blood. I sincerely pray and request Your permission for the Unificationists to take a strong stance toward these issues and be able to advance on a straight path toward Heaven and toward the blessed land of Canaan.

Father, may You bless anew this entire year and allow it to be a year of victory. Please allow us to make 1984 a year in which we establish a new starting point in the battle against Satan, based on the legal sphere, and have a celebration with the Father. This year is also the thirtieth year since the founding of the Association. Therefore, Father, I sincerely pray and hope that You will grant Your blessing so that, based on the number thirty, the victorious nations may make a new beginning and that a period corresponding to Jesus' three-year public course may come about.

Please grant that all the children gathered here with their heads bowed may greet the new year and be able to make this resolution of heart all in the same way. I sincerely pray and hope that You allow this to be the time when all here may strengthen their internal and external resolve to embark upon this expedition as the elite force of the heavenly nation for the creation of a new world. Please allow this to be a year in which all the sorrowful incidents and inadequacies of the past year may be harvested before You, Heavenly Father, as the fruits of victory.

I sincerely pray and hope that You guide this year to victory, so a decisive and epoch-making line may be drawn to mark a turning point for heaven and a turning point for the world and the universe.

All this I pray in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (January 1, 1984)


CHAPTER 2 True Parents

Prayer 1: Please Awaken Humanity From Its Slumber

Father! We know that the only thing that remains for us to accomplish is to fulfill the Will of heavenly principles. And we know that the center of that Will is You, Father, and the True Parents. Furthermore, we know that the people living on the earth must become the true sons and daughters of the True Parents. And not only that; we also know that what You want of us is that we become one as brothers and sisters and to have all people become Your true sons and daughters.

Father! We also know that the sin of blocking the way of and violating the people who want to stand in the position of the sons and daughters You are hoping for is a greater sin than any on this earth. Violating the true sincerity of another person is also a sin we cannot accept, but since we know that causing true sibling love to be lost is an even greater sin before heavenly law, we earnestly hope and desire that You will guide us and not let us forget this.

Father! We sons and daughters who are gathered here have been in a deep sleep, and the heavenly law is trying to wake us up. If someone says he is not able to get up because of another brother, how can he say that the Shepherd is leading him? Please do not let us remain in such a position. Let us take responsibility for our brothers as well, and please allow us to become sons and daughters who are able to prepare hidden altars as representatives of the heavenly principles.

Please establish the ideal of the eternal son and daughter that You desire, and please let us realize that Your gaze is always upon us. Please allow us to feel the touch of Your love, and please allow us to hear Your voice appealing to us. We also earnestly hope and desire, Father, that You will allow us to experience Your heart that is admonishing us even as it aches for us to resemble Your feelings, and to follow the example of Your inner nature, and to become the head disciples of Jesus Christ, who can be grateful, bowing down to You even if we die countless times for the Will.

At this time, we have heard words that made us feel in a new way about the many enemies that block our way to relieving the bitterness of heavenly ethics and to address Your Will anew. Please let us engrave these new facts we have learned in our hearts, and know that today's words must not stop at changing our feelings on the individual level but have to go on to connect everything to the Will of heavenly law representing the nature of history and the nature of the universe and that we have the mission to bring this about.

Beloved Father! Please let us light with hearts of righteous indignation and hearts for the common good representing heavenly law, facing the many enemies who are blocking the way. Please let us go forward enduring again and again in order to offer You the day of victory. On greeting the day of victory, please allow us to be able to report to You the sorrows that we endured during that time, and please lead us so that we can go to the place where we can cling to Your precious hand and receive comfort.

Please allow us to awaken all people upon the earth, for they are sleeping. Since the entire world that You created is in the realm of lamentation, please mobilize us and let us restore this, and please grant all people the wisdom of heaven so that we may become citizens of the kingdom of heaven by each one fulfilling their responsibility. Please let us become sons and daughters who are able to go forward without hesitation no matter what course of struggle lies ahead. We earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to become heaven’s elite troops who are able to go forth for the Will alone even if we have to give up everything we have. We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (May 19, 1957)

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