Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 434

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 1: God
Prayer 1: Let Us Live in Service to You, Our Father, Carrying the Banner of Victory
Prayer 2: Please Allow Us to Achieve Your Will

Chapter 1: God

Prayer 1: Let Us Live in Service to You, Our Father, Carrying the Banner of Victory

My Father! We know that in the beginning, You created all things of creation with a Will of goodness, according to the standard of Your original nature and as an unchanging being. But because humankind could not become the object of goodness to such a Father, we could not realize Your ideal. As a result, we know that the place where we stand is far from the standard of goodness that accords with our conscience. Furthermore, we know that this has caused Heaven and all things of creation to lament.

O, Father! For us, there still remains the path of providential destiny, through which we need to reach Your standard of goodness, even if we have to give our lives. Since it is our mission to walk that path to the very end, please, with Your mighty omnipotence, nudge us and hasten us along this path.

Elements of evil invade us through our body and block our mind, even as it tends towards goodness. Father, please guide us so that in this battle, our mind, which seeks the good, will not be restrained and defeated by our body.

We earnestly hope and pray, Father, that You will allow our mind to be led only by the power of goodness and the power of love. Please let us, as unchanging beings, find You and harmonize with You. Please let us resemble Your external form, as eternal embodiments who cannot be separated from You, and please hold onto us so we may attend You eternally, Father.

We are covered with scars from a long historical process of battling with sin, and yet the root of sin remains, deeply embedded in our bones and flesh. Though we have the responsibility to remove it from ourselves, we are inadequate to do so. Therefore, we implore You, our Father who has the authority of life, the authority of power, and the authority of creation, to please extend Your almighty touch over our body and mind once again and eliminate from us all elements of evil that entrap us in the shadow of death. Please allow Your touch to stimulate the heart of victory within us, and let this moment serve as an opportunity for Heaven to directly fill us with life. Please raise the power of resurrection within us. We earnestly hope and desire, our loving Father, that You will allow us to become Your sons and daughters who are able to bring about the work of resurrection as Your representatives in these present circumstances.

Please lead us so that we will not be among those who lament that their position is unsatisfactory. Please acknowledge our qualification as Your true children through our victory in the battle against the evil spirits who are our enemies and who block our way as we make haste on the course toward perfection. Furthermore, please guide us that we may become sons and daughters You can be proud of in front of countless evil spirits. 

Beloved Father, we sincerely hope and pray that You will allow us to carry the weapons that Your heavenly forces have always carried so that we may fight on their behalf and be victorious over the myriads of evil spirits.

Father, this small group of people has gathered here at this time to kneel down, prostrate before You and tell You truthfully how unworthy we are. Therefore, if we have any insufficiencies, please grant us penitent hearts so that we may repent of our own accord. Please give us minds of wisdom and understanding, and please allow us the eyes and hearts through which we can distinguish goodness from evil. We earnestly and sincerely hope and pray that at this time, You will be with us and work directly through us so we may see and understand correctly.

Father, this is the time for us to present You with true gifts, but even if we have nothing to present, please allow us to offer You our original hearts in their entirety. We truly hope and pray, beloved Father, that You will remove all elements of evil from our bodies, stained with sin, and allow us to show ourselves candidly before You, our Father, with a body and mind that move according to Your command and befit Your desire and Will.

Please bestow Your promised grace equally upon Your many sons and daughters, scattered in all directions, who have set up their lonely altars this evening. Now that the Last Days are here, please allow Your works of inspiration, Your works of influence, and Your works of power to be manifested wherever Your children reside, so the Will You have foretold can be accomplished. We know that many sons and daughters are setting up altars of prayer on their lonely journey to find the true altar. Please command that they may swiftly gather in one place and grant that they may receive the Will You have approved. Our beloved Father, we also hope and pray with all our heart that You will guide them to be children who are worthy to go forth carrying aloft Your banner of victory for eternity.

We pray that, wherever people are gathered at this hour to worship before the altar of Heaven, the sacred work of the Holy Spirit may come upon them, that they may be filled with inspiration and moved to repentance, so this people may fulfill the mission You have given them in these Last Days. Please guide them. With the hope that You will continue to lead us according to Your Will during the remaining time, we pray in the name of the Lord. Aju. (March 6, 1957)

Prayer 2: Please Allow Us to Achieve Your Will

Father of love! We have come to understand Your lament that there has been no one who could end the history of struggle, the sorrow of Heaven. Human beings have to pull out the original root of the Fall that our ancestors planted. Despite the long passage of history, we have been unable to pull out that original root of sin. We ask that You please allow us to uproot it.

All of us gathered here today earnestly hope and desire that You will allow us to share Your bitter sorrow and make it our own. Please allow us to share the sadness in Your heart and to feel once again the hope You have long harbored. Please allow us to become brave people who can take responsibility for the history of sorrow, combat the countless enemy evil spirits, and emerge going forth as representatives of heaven and earth.

On the field of battle that remains, please grant each of us the power to take responsibility and go forth to accomplish Your Will until we attain the garden of joy where we can share with one another the heart of love of our eternal Father. We earnestly hope and desire, beloved Father, that You will allow us to become Your dauntless sons and daughters who fight Satan, each one of us representing Your Will in its entirety.

At this time, allow us to comprehend the goal in heaven our heart is headed toward and the goal in the universe our body is headed toward. We hope and pray that You, our Father, will permit us to become children who can resolve Your sorrow and thereby bring You joy. As yet, our body and mind are not embraced in Your bosom, so please look after us, work Your power through us and set our heart in the right direction. Please set straight the natural direction of our heart, and permit us to walk the path of hope You desire.

Please grant that we may profoundly experience the grace of Your joy within our mind and body, and please carry out Your work of re-creation through us. We earnestly hope and pray, beloved Father, that we may become children who, having taken hold of the root of sin and fought and won over it, can deeply experience Your love and return glory to You. Beloved Father, we sincerely hope You will not allow the countless evil spirits to accuse Your children gathered here at this hour; instead, allow us to be offered on Your altar as a sacrifice of glory.

Now, as we prostrate in front of You, Father, please grant that we may be aware of our shortcomings and able to confess them to You, truthfully and of our own accord. We earnestly hope and pray that You permit us to become children who submit as obedient and humble offerings before Your grace of atonement. Let us appear before You like the prodigal son who came back to his father. Please do not let this group shed tears of lamentation or take steps that will give Satan cause to ridicule us. Please be with us at least for this one hour. Let our mind and body be held captive before You, Father. We sincerely hope and pray that in this hour, we may become an ideal offering in front of You, that we may joyfully receive Your grace of eternal life, grace of resurrection, and grace of love.

Father, today is a sacred day. You have appointed it as a day to give blessings to all people. Therefore, please bestow the grace of joy upon every church where people are gathered as representatives of humanity. Now that the Last Days are here, please drench us with the fire of the Holy Spirit, unite us as Your chosen children, and enable us to victoriously combat the dark forces in this world. Father, we earnestly hope and desire that You allow us to go forth and conquer all evil, representing six thousand years of sorrow, and emerge as Your sons and daughters.

Father, we pray that You will first bless the altar that represents this people, then grant that Your sons and daughters, who strive to offer all their devotion, their heart, and their loyalty to You as representatives of that altar, may become eternal offerings before You. Now, on the remaining field of battle, please grant that we do not incur indebtedness to You but rather that we care for the grace of eternal victory. Moreover, Father, we earnestly ask and pray that You grant us the ability to go forth and accomplish Your Will with an invincible warrior’s heart, until the ideal garden, in which You can pour out all the blessings You hold in Your heart, is built on the earth.

Our loving Father! Many of Your children were unable to come and take part in this evening’s gathering. Please work through them in the same way. Wherever they may be, allow them to proclaim in all directions the Will You desire to fulfill in the Last Days, and let them set up the altar of joy through which heaven and earth can come together in harmony. We earnestly hope and pray that You allow us to be Your children who will dedicate all our power, heart, and energy solely to achieving Your Will.

I pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Aju! (October 7, 1956)

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