Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 433

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 4: The Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind
Section 3. Proclamation of the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, 01-09


Section 3. Proclamation of the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind

(1) Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind made a special proclamation centered on God on two separate days. One part was given in the year 2010 at 2:20 a.m. on the eighth day of the fifth month of the heavenly calendar (June 19 solar), and the other at 3:25 a.m., on the fifteenth day of the fifth month of the heavenly calendar (June 26 solar). The number three from 3:25 a.m. represents the saying, "third times the charm," applied to three eras. It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, the number twenty-five, is a fourth of one hundred. The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God’s full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.

(2) Furthermore, with the Seonghwa Ceremony for General Alexander Haig, former United States Secretary of State, the ceremony for the victory of the First, Second, and Third Israels, which completed the ceremonies for rebirth, resurrection and Seonghwa during my lifetime, was transferred to Korea. This I proclaimed. Korea will now become God’s homeland and hometown. Declaring that Korea is God’s homeland, I completed the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who, as God’s Embodiment, Proclaim the Word, in Korea on July 8. Through these proclamation ceremonies, I have abolished all the barriers in the entire cosmos. Consequently, centering on God, heaven and earth shall exist forever, night and day, under God’s reign, with the support of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Heaven's message

(3) Distinguished guests, at this serious and important time, you need to make a revolutionary and cosmic change in your life. In light of this, let us summarize the message Heaven has given to us today. First, all blessed families should attend God at the center of their family, and every day carry out hoondok education, which can completely unite parents and children. In other words, you should thoroughly teach the Divine Principle, the textbooks and teaching materials that True Parents bequeathed, True Fathers autobiography, and the Original Divine Principle content regarding absolute sex.

(4) Second, Heaven has permitted me to bestow the grace of the authority of Seonghwa for rebirth and resurrection on the family unit. The complete unity between parents and children is the requisite condition. In other words, you have to establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children, and establish an absolute family as your normal course of events. Third, humanity has moved out of the authority of the era of restoration through indemnity, thanks to the grace of True Parents, who have suffered hardship through which they have had to sweat blood. Therefore, do not forget the fact that during True Parents' lifetime we are responsible to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world, from hell's authority to God's dwelling place. Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what era is dawning? It is the reign of peace in the victorious authority centered on God and True Parents. It will last for eternity.

(5) Fourth, we are now entering the era of the authority of God's direct dominion. Ladies and gentlemen, I have said that less than two years remain until the Heaven-proclaimed D-Day. I beg you to inscribe in your heart the fact that we have entered the era of the cosmic Sabbath's authority, where your direct family members in the spirit world will return to the earth to receive the Original Divine Principle education, and eight generations will live together as a single family. Aju!

(6) Ladies and gentlemen, these concluding remarks explain the broad outline of all my endeavors. They bring to a close this rally that is being held for the religious circles, the earth, the spirit world, physical world, and Cain- and Abel-type worlds, in order to finalize what I, the Rev. Moon, have achieved through the course of my entire life with God, the Lord of the spirit world and physical world. This could not have appeared in history before now. We have come to today's assembly following the starting point of the Seoul Assembly and the Washington D.C.-New York Assembly. The first represented Korea, which will be God's homeland, and the second represented America, the central nation. We held these assemblies in order to establish the realm of victory and make headlines that convey my life course. This is a course that brings to a decisive conclusion the realm of victory, creating a world in which God, who is completely victorious in the providence, is liberated and completely freed through the life course of the True Parents. In addition, we have held these assemblies in order to bring perfection, completion and conclusion to the Era after the Coming of Heaven. True Parents' proclamation at the "Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Who, as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word," including the Washington D.C.-New York Assembly, the Hoover Dam Assembly in Las Vegas, and the Seoul Assembly in Korea, which is becoming God's homeland and hometown, signifies the ultimate perfection, completion and finalization of the providence. We have to complete this mission in one year and eight months, by the D-Day designated by True Parents. In this way, Korea, which gave birth to the True Parents, will be perfected, completed and finalized as God's homeland and hometown.

Let us become victors bearing the fruit of the providence

(7) Activities centered on the United Nations are on track and accelerating. In addition, the Women's Federation for World Peace, which my wife and I founded, has been recognized for initiating activities that are in line with the UN's founding purpose and goals. Thus, it is becoming one of the top tier organizations among the 3,400 plus NGOs registered with the UN. Furthermore, WFWP has achieved outstanding results in promoting women's rights and solving problems of poverty and education for children. As a result, WFWP has already been awarded for its work on a number of occasions. Recently, The Washington Times, which had left my hands through the trickery of communists, was restored to us again. If this isn't a miracle, I don't know what is. Top representatives of the Cain realm, both black and white, will cooperate centering on The Washington Times board of directors to create a federation that promotes the truth of God's Will for God's homeland and hometown and protects the nation of God's sovereignty.

(8) Ladies and gentlemen, the world is now revolving around the True Parents. Historically, Korea and Japan, Japan and the United States, the United States and Russia and other such pairs have been enemy nations. People from these nations will also take part in the cross-cultural marriage Blessing on a nationwide scale in order to discard the fallen lineage, received from Lucifer, and inherit the new heavenly lineage. Religious leaders on a worldwide scale will spearhead the ongoing project to build undersea tunnels between Korea and Japan and across the Bering Strait, which I have proclaimed to the world, and complete it in attendance of our liberated God.

(9) We will discard atheism and communism, which deny God's existence, and pave the way to the world that God originally envisioned, where all people can communicate freely in harmony. We are creating, right before your eyes, a world where all people are equal and all nations are as siblings in one family under God. I pray that you will participate as victors in this history-shaping, providential revolution. May the heavenly fortune that flows through the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with each of you. I pray in the name of True Parents that God's blessings will be with you, your family and your nation.


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