Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 425

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 3: True Parents and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Section 2: God’s Providential View of History, 16-25


Building a new civilization

(16) Ladies and gentlemen! The arrival of the Pacific Rim era signifies many things. What do you think the world would have been like if Jesus had fulfilled the complete messianic mission during his lifetime on earth? Jesus came as the Savior and Messiah to save all humankind. He did not come just to save the people of Israel, a small nation located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. At that time, Rome, based at the center of the Mediterranean, was the center of human civilization. Rome was ready to rule the seas. Heaven earnestly wished for Jesus to first teach and transform Rome and then rule over her empire. Heaven was eager for a civilization that could bring salvation to all humanity by employing Rome's strength. Yet Jesus was cruelly put to death on the cross, as we know all too well through the biblical record.

(17) After thousands of years of preparation, God finally had been able to send Jesus to the earth as His only Son. There is no way to fathom God's heart as He anxiously watched Jesus' each and every action. Jesus' death was a tragedy that broke God's heart. It brought Him anguish even more extreme than the time when Adam and Eve, whom He created as our first ancestors, were lost from the garden of Eden due to the Fall. During the two thousand years since the cross, God, in the background of history, has walked a path of suffering beyond human imagination. Through this course, He prepared the United States of America to serve as the nation of the Second Israel. As a Christian nation that includes Catholicism and Protestantism as well as the Orthodox world, the United States' mission is to bring harmony and unity among all Christians as soon as possible and, in the twenty-first century, fulfill the responsibility that belonged to the Roman Empire, but which was not realized in Jesus' time.

(18) On America's shoulders rests the responsibility, within God's providence, to bring harmony and oneness among the world's 6.5 billion people and to expedite the creation of a peaceful, ideal world. These are not simply the words of Rev. Moon. This is Heaven's decree. Then how can we unify Christianity? God has already revealed the solution through me, Rev. Moon, the True Parents of humankind. God gave me the supreme commandment to practice a life of true love, to understand completely the reality of the spirit world to which we go after we die, and to establish a model, ideal family, a true family.

The future of humanity in the Pacific Rim era

(19) Peace-loving leaders! Among the 6.5 billion people on the earth today, almost five billion are our neighbors, relatives, and brothers and sisters belonging to the Pacific Rim region. In other words, many of our fellow human beings share the same root as the sphere of the Mongolian peoples. After we receive the marriage Blessing and pull together centering on God’s ideal for peace, there is nothing we cannot do. The future of humanity is in our hands.

(20) God's providence has now spread from the North American continent and blossomed in the island civilization of Japan, which is in a position similar to that which Great Britain once held, but on the other side of the world. It is now about to fulfill its destiny as it reaches fruition on the Korean peninsula, the homeland of the True Parents who have emerged on the earth as the Savior of humanity and the returning Messiah. The Korean peninsula stands in a position like Rome in Jesus' time. Although it is a place of religious and political conflict, it is here that the problems of the entire world can be solved. From the geopolitical point of view, at this time when world peace is to be settled, the Korean peninsula is prominent as the point of most radical confrontation.

(21) The principles of restoration through indemnity make it inevitable that civilization will bear fruit in the Pacific Rim region, centered on the Korean peninsula. Fortunately, during the Korean War, UN forces, led by the United States, mobilized to the peninsula. Yet, they did not fulfill God's will and recover the homeland and hometown of God's desire. They left the job half done. As a result, global conflict and strife emerged, thereafter called the Cold War. During this period, the Korean people were deprived of their possessions and displaced, and this led them to search for God. In order to restore this through indemnity, I established the Universal Peace Federation. I then reorganized the peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police force, comprised of the heavenly women who have received the marriage Blessing, who love peace, and who are willing to serve and sacrifice for the work of the Universal Peace Federation. I have taken the lead in educating these organizations. These peace organizations stand in the forefront for actualizing a God-centered world of peace. They will create the peaceful, ideal world that God desires.

(22) You may not be aware of this, but I have been assisting behind the scenes of the Six Party Talks currently being held for the sake of resolving the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, reconciling democratic nations with communist nations. I am presenting a new solution and plan based on the principles of peace and harmony rooted in Heavenly Parentism. At such intense times, what exactly should be the role of America and the United Nations? Hawaii, in the Pacific, and Norfolk, Virginia, on the Atlantic, bridge East and West, link North and South and represent the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and all the great oceans of the world. With the support and protection of the American continent, the Korean peninsula should become the homeland that protects and defends the Pacific Rim region by bringing together all the island nations of the Pacific. I say this because the future of humankind lies in the preservation of the Pacific Rim region centering on Korea, Japan, and the United States.

(23) As I was well aware of Heaven's plans for this region, I invested thirty-three of the prime years of my life in the United States beginning in the early 1970s for the sake of world peace. While on my way to meet Kim II Sung of North Korea in 1991, I first visited Hawaii and prayed there, at that critical moment, with the purpose of bringing the Cold War era to an end. On that victorious foundation, I returned to Korea, where I am working to complete the providence of establishing God’s homeland and hometown. This year, in particular, a jubilee year in the providence, I again prayed in Hawaii as the first stop on a visit to America.

(24) Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you carefully analyze the current state of affairs in the world. Although the days of communism are gone, powerful nations such as China and Russia even now are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to pursue their own interests aggressively at the expense of small and powerless island nations. No small island nation by itself can deal with these powerful nations and their ambitions, which are economic, political, and even military. They are so powerful that, if they wanted to, they could dominate a small nation in a single day without shedding blood.

(25) Only when we settle peace and security in the Pacific Rim can we guarantee peace for all humanity. As I have mentioned, the small island nations by themselves cannot contend with the great tsunami of powerful nations moving into the region. The time has come, therefore, for these small island nations in the Pacific Rim sphere to unite as one and build the homeland of the new civilization. The small island nations dispersed in the northern and southern regions of the Pacific, on either side of the equator, as well as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries, should become as one country, forming a union to sustain peace throughout the Pacific Rim civilization. This will secure peace and stability for all people. What I am saying to you is that you have the responsibility to protect and save the oceanic realm, a lifeline upon which humanity's future depends, from environmental destruction and conflicts that are worsening by the day, and to shield its natural resources for the sake of peace in the future.


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