Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 424

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 3: True Parents and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Section 2: God’s Providential View of History, 04-15


(4) For the following three years, we, the True Parents, held firmly to the helm while the winds of heavenly fortune swirled around us like a typhoon. We dashed forward as though each day were a thousand years. Then on the foundation of True Parents' victory, we declared May 5, 2004, the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves. On that day, the True Parents brought to a close the Era before the Coming of Heaven, with its long years of grief, and opened the Era after the Coming of Heaven, the new age when we can build a new heaven and a new earth. This marked the beginning of a great, history-shaping revolution that will return the earth to God in substantial reality.

(5)  These victories that I attained through blood, sweat, and tears, and the unity of the True Parents with all humanity, laid the foundation for a series of historic proclamations. The first took place in Jerusalem in 2003. With the affirmation of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clergy, I had Jesus proclaimed the King of kings before heaven and earth. Following this, in 2004, my wife and I were installed as the King and Queen of Peace in a United States Senate building and at the Korean National Assembly. Finally, on this foundation, in June 2006, we conducted the coronation ceremony of the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace.

(6) Today, you are receiving amazing grace. You are participating in the coronation ceremony of the substantial King and Queen of Peace in heaven and on earth, and you are registering as citizens of Cheon II Guk. Not only you but also your ancestors by the tens of thousands are receiving grace along with you. They will thank you for eternity.

(7) The Bible says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness." (Matt. 6:33) Today you are witnessing the miracle of miracles: the establishment of Cheon II Guk, the substantial sovereignty in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. God truly works in mysterious ways. By the first day of the new millennium, God already had surveyed the land for Cheon II Guk. Who could have imagined, though, that they would see the day when the King of Peace in heaven and earth would ascend to his throne? You thought it was just a dream, but you are witnessing it in your lifetime.

The providential era and the anointed representatives (boonbongwang)

(8) Humanity now is entering a new era, the era of heaven that turns the world upside down. It is a time God will work through the anointed representatives (boonbongwang) that, in my capacity as King of Peace, I am sending to every part of the world. In other words, this is the time we will complete God's kingdom of Cheon II Guk.

(9) If John the Baptist had fulfilled his responsibility in relation to Jesus, Judaism and Israel would not have opposed Jesus, and Jesus would not have gone the way of the cross. With John the Baptist at his side, Jesus would have led the people of Israel to inherit the authority and power of Rome, which God had prepared over thousands of years. With this foundation secured, Jesus would have sent his anointed representatives on the roads leading from Rome to all corners of the earth. They would have been the representatives and ambassadors of Jesus, the King of Peace, and would have fulfilled their mission as his anointed representatives inheriting Heaven's Will. They would have created Cheon II Guk, reigning over the earth free from walls and barriers, the kingdom of peace, liberated and completely without evil.

(10) We know well that for the past two thousand years, humanity was unable to free itself from Satan's deception and had to walk a path of restoration through indemnity. The mistake of one person, John the Baptist, who failed to unite with Jesus and then died a miserable death, was behind this. Nonetheless, by heavenly law, God's providence is neither permanently impeded nor abandoned due to human error. Today, God has chosen this land of Korea to become the homeland in which His providence comes to fruition. It is because this is True Parents' homeland. They were born here and received the spirit of this land at their birth.

(11) I am working hard to send my anointed representatives to all nations. The era in which they live is one in which mistakes such as that of John the Baptist will never be repeated. Unlike Jesus, whose time ended abruptly through his going the way of the cross, I surely will complete the restoration of God's homeland on this earth, as I have received Heaven's seal as the King of Peace. With God and the King of Peace as the central axis, I shall lead the anointed representatives sent throughout the world and so create the original ideal kingdom of everlasting peace.

The course of the development of history

(12) God desires to save humankind from evil and sin and to actualize the ideal He envisioned for All his creation. In the context of God's providential plan, the Korean War was not a simple war merely involving this country and that country. It was a just war that shaped history by bringing God's providence to fruition. This understanding is an important principle and tradition for the Abel UN. Due to constraints of time, I cannot explain in detail today the profound providential plan God has had for my life's work and for the Korean peninsula. I will therefore speak about some aspects of God's providence that I have recently announced, related to the Pacific Rim.

(13) If you carefully examine the progress of history, you undoubtedly can discover God’s plan and sense His presence as He tirelessly worked behind the scenes. Consider the history of civilization, which began centering on four of the world's great rivers. We are familiar with the Egyptian civilization that flourished along the Nile River, the Mesopotamian civilization between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, the Harappan civilization on the Indus River, and early Chinese civilization on the Yellow River.

(14) The center of civilization shifted over time to the shores of the Mediterranean, where the Mediterranean peninsular civilizations flourished in Greece and Rome. History continued to progress, and the European continental civilization emerged. This continental civilization, in turn, gave birth to an island civilization, Great Britain, which flourished in the Atlantic sphere. The British Empire, which dominated the seven seas and wielded its might as "the empire on which the sun never sets," passed its splendid culture on to North America. We know these facts from history. Civilization on the North American continent raised the banner of democracy, which was rooted in Christianity. It bequeathed to the world the principles of freedom of religion and respect for equal human rights as it led the struggle against fascism and communism, which had established atheistic, evil sovereignties. Through the victories of the First and Second World Wars and the third, the Cold War, it triumphed over totalitarianism and communism. However, that victory does not simply mean that America is great. The development of human civilization does not stop here. Victory came because God chose the United States of America as the Second Israel, in accordance with His providential plan, and raised and trained the American people through Christianity. God worked through America to bring His providence to its present stage of fruition.

(15) Ladies and gentlemen, the present time marks an important milestone in the development of civilization. Civilization has completed a circuit of the entire globe and has now arrived on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Its course has come to the point in God's providence where it will conclude in the Pacific Rim region. No force can stop God's providence now. Though there were both victories and defeats during the course of indemnity under the evil sovereignty in the Era before the Coming of Heaven, nothing now can prevent the rise of the Pacific Rim era. Herein lies the special reason that Heaven declared this a jubilee year.


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