Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 423

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 3: True Parents and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Section 1: True Parents’ Life and Accomplishments, 32
Section 2: God’s Providential View of History, 03


(32) Agreement has to be unanimous among all nations. The heavenly fortune of the conjoined jubilee years of 2007 and 2008, the seventh and eighth years of Cheon II Guk of the Universal Peace Federation, will break down the walls and barriers. Please become the owners of the new era of the realms of God's heart by inheriting the foundation of victory brought by the True Parents of heaven and earth. We surely will build God's fatherland with our own hands. Keep in mind that democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. It is part of the transition to the age of true parents and true families, the era of the civilization of God's heart. So, make a revolutionary leap over the summit of democracy without hesitation.

(33) For the Republic of Korea to fulfill its role as the homeland, on the stage that the Abel UN erected with participants from 194 nations, I want you to be active in the forthcoming elections. Participate in the elections of the president, representatives, county heads, mayors, and the like, and in the appointment of Administrative secretaries. I want you to succeed at the task of bringing the political parties into oneness. Restore your homeland on earth, centering on leaders representing God. Before Heaven, I have proclaimed and launched the Korea-Japan undersea tunnel and Bering Strait tunnel project. You, as owners who have accomplished True Parents' will and who support the goal of restoring your homeland, have to see these through to completion.

(34) Cheon II Guk and the Abel UN stand as Abel. The United States and the existing UN stand as Cain. These two sides should bind together as one to create equilibrium in heaven and earth. You should become one in heart and body with God, the great King of kings, who is the axis, with the True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace, and with their anointed representatives. Perfect the creation of the original garden of Eden that knows nothing of the Fall. That will complete the building of our homeland.

The fulfillment of rebirth, resurrection, and eternal life

(35) Ladies and gentlemen! In truth, God carries out His providence in mysterious ways. During the helicopter incident, which no one could have foreseen, Heaven mobilized the spirit world and made sure Satan would not dare harm my wife and me, the True Parents. Even in the eyes of ordinary people, this incident was extraordinary, a miracle of miracles. It is being recorded as an amazing wonder, incomparable in history. I publicly declared January 13, 2013, to be the day to fulfill the glorious restoration of the homeland. I am devoting my entire being, day and night, for that purpose. Can Heaven possibly abandon me? As God’s representative in the flesh, I have accomplished His will on this earth. With whom can God work to perfect His providence and return humanity to His bosom, if not Rev. Moon? As my wife and I today are able to stand again here before you, thanks to God’s tremendous grace, our hearts are bursting with emotion.

(36) God called us and anointed us as the True Parents of humanity. Human beings are orphans, born into the fallen lineage without true parents. They have wandered aimlessly for thousands of years. We have received Heaven’s great mandate to save all people and bring them back to God. With four years to go in this final leg of our drive toward the year 2013, I proclaimed the combined jubilee years, the seventh and eighth years of God’s kingdom of Cheon II Guk, and issued the order to both the spiritual and physical worlds to advance in all directions. The helicopter incident happening during such a significant time period showed us again, clearly, that Heaven is alive and working for the sake of humanity. Now you must not forget, even for one second, the desperation attached to the time frame in which you are standing. You have to work with me hand in hand to carry on the explosive revolution of true love and true families, through which you will transform humanity into blessed families.

(37) Ladies and gentlemen, through the Fall, Adam and Eve yielded their spiritual and physical bodies to Satan. Jesus lost his physical body through the tribulation of the cross, but he blazed the path of spiritual salvation for all humanity by achieving spiritual resurrection through the victory of the forty-day period after the cross. In this context, this helicopter accident has tremendous providential significance. Amid an all-out attack from Satan, True Parents obtained the complete, substantial victory, both spiritually and physically. This restored and safely settled the realm of a three-generation true family, which had been lost in the history of the providence, without shedding a drop of blood.

(38) On that unforgettable day, July 19, the day of the helicopter accident, rebirth was completed. On the twentieth day after the accident, August 7 (Chil Pal Jeol, 7.8 Day), resurrection was completed. Now it is the fortieth day since the accident, and we consolidate this victory by proclaiming the Day of the Perfection of Eternal Life. I proclaim the new day of eternal life. On this day, we sing praise to eternal liberation and complete freedom, to a new heaven and earth, the final and ideal realm of the providence centering on God.

(39) January 13, 2013, is coming with the promise of a new era and a new nation. True Parents' true love will realize Cheon II Guk through the Parent UN, which will recover the homeland of peace and unity. Let us march on toward the day of the nation of Cheon II Guk, the substantial kingdom of peace, in which we enjoy the eternal jubilee year, preserving God's lineage and perfect Blessing, and attending the original God as the Father of all!

Section 2. God's Providential View of History

(1) Everything that exists, regardless of its size, originated from a single root. This is not easy to perceive because the Fall severed all relationships and plunged humanity into ignorance. Nonetheless, all things of creation, including the sun, desire to live in the realm of true love within the realm of the true lineage. They desire a world in which each entity creates a realm of resonance and in which each lives for the sake of the other while attending the True Parents and True Family according to its own standard and form. This is a world of natural order where all things, throughout the universe, live with humanity centered on God in equilibrium, where there is no circuit overload, as they say in electrical engineering. This is a world where everyone in the universe wants to establish the kingdom of goodness and live in it peacefully for eternity.

The Coronation of the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace

(2) This is the venue of a tremendous event in the history of God's providence, an event unprecedented and never to be repeated. It is the day the King of Peace finally ascends in glory. Please recognize that, although they may not be visible to you, thousands and tens of thousands of good ancestors of blessed families are here. They are above your head now, joining with you in celebration of this awesome moment. All nature is rejoicing, and heaven and earth resound with choruses of hallelujah! If you truly understood the infinite value of this day, you would not be able to sit still. You would go throughout the world singing hymns of joy and dancing in ecstasy.

(3) Do you know the significance of January 13, 2001? It was the day of the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. For countless years Heaven had been waiting with eager anticipation for that event, the greatest, most exalted celebration ever witnessed. On that day, Rev. Moon, who had received the anointing as the True Parent of all humankind, who traveled a path of indescribable suffering and pain until he gained the final victory, offered his entire foundation to Heaven. For tens of thousands of years, God endured an existence filled with lamentation and grief, even as He conducted His providence with a parental heart. When that presentation was offered to God, it marked His long-awaited moment of liberation and inner freedom. On that providential day, we declared to all heaven and earth that we would attend God as the vertical True Parent and great King of Heaven and Earth, that we would unfurl and raise high the banner of Cheon II Guk, and that the new sovereignty of Heaven had begun.

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