Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 422

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 3: True Parents and the Era of Cheon Il Guk
Section 1: True Parents’ Life and Accomplishments, 21-31

(21) The sixth area is the knowledge of the core contents of the Bible and other scriptures. These are revelations that enable human beings, trapped in ignorance by the Fall of the first human ancestors, to return to God. Scriptures express important teachings in metaphor and symbol. Only the Messiah, sent by Heaven, can reveal the full meaning of these metaphors and symbols. Hence, Jesus was able to disclose the core content and deep meaning of the Hebrew Scriptures. In the same way, my teachings shed light upon God's message, His providence of salvation revealed everywhere in the Bible. The Bible is a book of revelation that teaches us God's ideal for the creation, of the Fall, and of the path of restoration. The Divine Principle that I discovered provides clear explanations for what the world’s scriptures expressed in metaphor and symbol.

(22) The seventh area is in the knowledge and understanding of the ultimate purpose of human history. History is not merely a record of coincidental events. Human events have been flowing in a clear direction and with a clear purpose. They comprise the history of the providence for the re-creation of human beings to their original state through indemnity, a history of restoration for their salvation. Because of this insight into the origin and direction of history, I was able to predict accurately the sudden end of communism and dialectical materialism, which I proclaimed at the 1985 Professors World Peace Academy conference in Geneva, Switzerland when the Soviet Union was at its peak. Today, I am declaring that it is time for all nations and religions to break down their barriers. Through this, the era of one family under God will arrive and last forever. God is leading history. With the help of heavenly fortune, under the auspices of the Abel UN, we will now make rapid progress toward a world that transcends religion and nationality. It will be God's kingdom on earth, which we call Cheon II Guk.

(23) The eighth area concerns true family values. God's ideal of creation is to build God-centered true families. The goal of His salvation providence is to restore the ideal of the true family, the ideal that Adam could not fulfill in his own family. This is the way to establish the foundation for the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. The marriage Blessing, which is the core of a movement that I have been leading, is not an ordinary wedding ceremony. It is a sacred ritual through which to eradicate the original sin and engraft human beings with the true lineage of God. True families are the wellspring and foundation of true love, true life, and true lineage. The true nation, true world, and true kingdom can be built through true ideal families. Families centered on the True Parents can be the base for the perfection of relationships within the four realms of heart and three kingships, thereby becoming the foundation for the kingdom of heaven.

(24) As I have mentioned, I have become well known throughout the world as a champion in each of these eight areas. Yet, for the victory to be won, all humankind must work together with the help of God.

The tradition of our True Parents is for the sake of humanity

(25) Ladies and gentlemen, as we begin the twenty-first century, we find ourselves at a truly historic turning point. It is a point of decision between settling everlasting world peace or repeating the twentieth century's bleak and oppressive history of war and conflict. The twentieth century was a period of ceaseless struggle, including nations scrambling for colonies, the First and Second World Wars, the Cold War between East and West, and the Korean War, a providential battle to recover God's homeland for which the United Nations Security Council mobilized the forces of sixteen countries.

(26) I dedicated my life entirely to bringing about the kingdom of God, the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. I have always prayed sincerely that the United Nations, founded in 1945 after the Second World War, would be an institution for peace and that it would uphold God's will for the realization of eternal world peace. The United Nations has indeed made important contributions to peace. Nevertheless, at its sixtieth anniversary, there was a broad consensus, both inside and outside the organization, that the UN had yet to discover the way to fulfill its founding purposes. The number of member states approaches two hundred, but the offices of these states do little more than represent and even insist on their own interests. They seem inherently unable to resolve conflicts and achieve peace.

(27) On September 12, 2005, I proclaimed throughout heaven and earth the establishment of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), which will enable God's providence to flourish. It is now possible for the UPF to serve as an Abel-type counterpart to the UN in the Era after the Coming of Heaven. It will renew the Cain-type UN and open the way for millions of ambassadors for peace throughout the world. These individuals have taken up my teachings, the way of the Heavenly Parent, which consist of the principles of true love and the ideal of the true family. Assuredly they will fulfill the heavenly call to create one family under God.

The central person of the restoration of the homeland

(28) On this meaningful occasion, please engrave this message in your hearts. Your family's good ancestors in heaven are already blessed. Numbering in the billions, they have come to the earth today, and they are listening to this message with you. This is because they can perfect themselves and advance to the position of true parents, true teachers, and true lords and owners only through you, their descendants. Beyond that, they need to restore their original selves by uniting in mind and body with True Parents, the King of all kings. Living the life of absolute obedience to True Parents, they have to mobilize completely for the establishment of heaven on earth and heaven in heaven. Please remember that the physical and spirit worlds are alive and are with you every moment.

(29) There is one more request I have for you today. Please immerse yourselves in the content of my peace messages. Reach the point where you know them virtually by heart. Make them the guidelines for your life. These messages of peace summarize my teachings, which can be found in the six hundred volumes of True Parents' speeches. If you manage to do this, heaven and earth, with God in the forefront, will unite and protect you. You then will establish the peaceful, ideal world envisioned by God and live in the joy of eternal liberation and complete freedom.

(30) Your families now should fix their place in history by fulfilling the mission of the Abel UN's peace kingdom corps and peace kingdom police force to advance God's providence in the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. History will remember you forever for leading a noble life devoted to the well-being of humanity and world peace. I am now developing globally the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police force, which I founded. Who, if not leaders such as you and your families, can stand in the forefront of these two organizations under the banner of UPF, the Abel UN?

(31) What will you do in this desperate providential time of harvest, when we have to complete and perfect the liberation of God's homeland in Korea? Will you be among the foolish who are trapped in the walls of selfish individualism and elitism? In the Era after the Coming of Heaven, will you remain in the Era before the Coming of Heaven and only live for your own sake? Whether you like it or not, Heaven has called you. It will guide you under the shining banner of the Abel UN, an organization proclaimed before heaven and earth and launched on September 23, 2007. Quickly work both to complete the reformation of the existing UN and to fulfill the mission of the Abel UN. Please thereby apply God's ideal of creation to politics, economy, culture, and education based on the realms of God's heart.

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