Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 419

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 2: True Owners of the Founding of Cheon II Guk
Section 3: The Three Great Subject Partners Principle from the Providential Viewpoint, 07-16

The organic interrelationship within the three great subject partners principle

(7) The three great subject partners principle expresses an organic interrelationship that is mutual, absolute, and indivisible. This is because a true parent, true teacher, and true owner can stand in the position of either a subject partner or an object partner in relation to the other two. In other words, once you attain the position of a true parent, the qualities of a true teacher and true owner emerge. Once you reach the position of a true teacher, the qualities of true parent and true owner naturally develop. Similarly, when you attain the position of a true owner, you will immediately become a true parent and true teacher as well. From the outset, human beings were born to inherit and embody God's complete three great subject partners principle. Therefore, as we become people of character, perfecting this principle, we become like God Himself. We need a heart that is like God's to love other people and all creation just as He does, on the basis of His absolute standard. In other words, we are to attain a state of loving oneness with God, wherein we can love the creation. At that point, the true parent, true teacher, and true owner converge. 

(8) The world operates through the harmony of various systems and relationships. In this complex and diverse world, the principle of becoming a true owner naturally applies to the relationships between people, but it also applies to the relationship between human beings and the creation. The question is, upon what basis can one be called a true owner? Someone who lives for others, caring for and sacrificing to serve others—in other words, a person who practices true love in daily life—can be called a true owner. Only someone who cares for the creation with true love, protecting and nurturing it, can become a true owner of all creation. In light of this, it is not your position or worldly status that makes you a true owner. It is determined by your character and capacity to love. The president of a company who loves and cares for all his employees with a parental heart is the true owner of that company. A nation's president can be the true owner of that nation only if he or she loves its citizens as a parent and shares the sorrows and joys of life with them.

Our conscience is our true parent, true teacher, and true owner

(9) Ladies and gentlemen, God's creation is truly mysterious and profound. God created us as His children to be the lords of creation. To this end, He gave each of us the highest and greatest gift: a conscience. We receive this special gift of a conscience as a compass to guide us through life in this earthly world. We can say that our lifespan may be one hundred years. Regardless of who we are, from the moment of our birth to the moment we die, we cannot escape the influence of our conscience. The most elevated function of the conscience is its role as our true parent, true teacher, and true owner. Our conscience acts as a true parent, true teacher, and true owner on behalf of God, guiding our life and educating us from the moment of birth. Our conscience functions as a guide, keeping watch over our every action at every moment. Its awareness of our every word, thought, and deed precedes that of our parents, our teachers, and even God. God infused into the conscience the function of guiding and supervising life.

(10) Before our parents or teachers know, and even before God knows, the conscience knows everything that we do, say, and think. It is because God bequeathed to us the conscience with the original function to guide and watch over our lives. However, the conscience, which should be clear as crystal, has been clouded due to the Fall. Amid all manner of sin and spiritual sickness, it now is unable to fulfill its original function fully. Knowing this, please become people who can listen to the voice of your conscience. You should cry out for liberation, for freedom from this evil world that is under Satan's dominion.

(11) There is no way for fallen people to restore the original function of the conscience by their own power. This is because they have not established a direct vertical relationship with God. The 6.5 billion people in the world today are all off-center, many living with the illusion that their own way of life is the best. However, until someone achieves a direct relationship with God in accordance with the absolute standard of a ninety-degree-angle, no one will be able to find the path to salvation.

(12) Beloved leaders from around the world, there is but one person who holds the keys to free humanity from Satan's bondage and lead them to heaven. He is the first and probably the Last in history to hold such a position. That person is the one standing before you today. I never wished for or sought this position, but God anointed me and placed me in the position of the Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord, and True Parents of humankind. It is a position that is absolutely free of the influence of Satan's realm. It is indeed I, Rev. Moon, whom God has charged to practice and demonstrate personally a life based on the truth and submission to the conscience. The path of a True Parent, True Teacher, and True Owner I am walking will allow the people of the world, who are going 6.5 billion separate ways, to reconnect to God at a ninety-degree angle.

(13) Billions of absolute good spirits in the spirit world are testifying in unison to this fact. The founders of the great religions, principally Jesus, as well as great philosophers and thinkers, and even some communist leaders, are shedding tears of gratitude for this amazing truth. The grace of the Blessing from the True Parents can even save the people in the spirit world, and in fact, there is no other way.

(14) Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for humanity to fulfill the heavenly decree of creating one family under God through the international and cross-cultural Blessing. My teachings as the True Parents are here for you to receive now. How can the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven be created other than by becoming one family under God? What other way is there to create the ideal world that God envisioned at the time of the creation, the world in which all people are united beyond the barriers of race, culture, religion, and nationality, and where war and conflict are no more? Without your being aware of it, the True Parents have proclaimed the opening of the Era after the Coming of Heaven, which will allow all humanity to be liberated. Even God will be liberated, and His heart set completely free. The True Parents now are taking this revolutionary truth that we all have to become true parents, true teachers, and true owners to the ends of the earth.

(15) Ladies and gentlemen, the fundamental spirit of the 2007 World Culture and Sports Festival is that of fulfilling the sacred task of bringing all people together as one family. Please remember that our mission, as people of religious, cultural, and athletic prowess, is to come together as one and bring the era beginning a new universal civilization of peace into fruition. Religious people, in particular, have to become the leaders of this sacred revolution of true love. Rev. Moon has completed in advance all the preparations necessary for this.

(16) All you have to do now is trust in and follow the True Parents. With your conscience as your compass, attain the status of a true parent, true teacher, and true owner. Manifest true love in your daily life, thus shaping your eternal life in heaven. Heavenly fortune will speed you on your path, and your good ancestors who have received the marriage Blessing will actively assist you in your activities. Have courage, and strive to go forward! I pray that you may attain the true family ideal, based on the three great subject partners principle so that you can shout three cheers for the advent of the era of the kingdom of peace under the sacred reign of peace.


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