Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 418

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 2: True Owners of the Founding of Cheon II Guk
Section 2: The Life of the Citizens of Cheon II Guk, 30
Section 3: The Three Great Subject Partners Principle from the Providential Viewpoint, 06

(30)  Fifth, God created us as His counterparts in love, and He prepared the natural world as a gift for us, His children. God would not leave His children in a barren desert devoid of any relief. That is why people have the duty to preserve and love the natural world as God does. I am saying that you should develop your human nature to the point that you experience resonance even with a cluster of wildflowers as if you were sharing a heartfelt conversation with them. This is as it was originally meant to be. That is a shortcut to restoring humanity to God.

(31)  Ladies and gentlemen chosen by Heaven! You have truly received a heavenly blessing. You are participating in the ceremony to launch the providential undertakings governed by the King of kings. You are witnessing with your own eyes the whirlwind of this historic transition point. You received an invitation to attend the coronation, golden anniversary, and celebration of the autobiography of the True Parent, the King of kings on the horizontal level, who will govern all of creation as the physical representative of God, the King of kings on the vertical axis. Will you ever again in your lifetime have the chance to attend such a historic and significant occasion? Your ancestors and your descendants, numbering in the billions throughout the cosmos, will dance, cheer, and live in joy and delight over this time, shaking the very axis of the earth. I pray that you will open your mind and engrave this extraordinary and historical moment on your soul. When else during your life will you be able to witness a day of blessing and glory such as today? I hope you can heed the words of Heaven that I have shared with you today and let them be a guide for your life as you advance.

(32)  Humankind is now entering a new providential era wherein a new heavenly way and new heavenly law will govern the earth directly. It is the new providential era of the realm of the fourth original Adam, where one can enter the newly established kingdom of heaven by inheriting God’s new standard of heart based on His original nature. Through True Parents’ providential coronation, golden wedding anniversary, publication celebration, and the commemoration of the fifty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association in this new era, I pray that you may form new and wise families as citizens in God’s kingdom, Cheon II Guk. I pray that you will distinguish clearly between Cain and Abel and integrate them into a new Abel realm of goodness to restore the realm of the Old, New, and Completed Testament ages and the three generations of my family. I am asking you to form and live as new true families based on original human nature. Then the new true grandparents, true parents, and true grandchildren can enter, hand in hand, into the new kingdom of heaven. Please engrave in your hearts this gathering’s meaning, the establishment of the truly peaceful world of the True Parent UN. This we celebrate today.

Section 3. The Three Great Subject Partners Principle from the Providential Viewpoint

(1)  Ladies and gentlemen, please look at the world today. Among the current leaders of the world, can we find anyone who is genuinely concerned with the future of humankind and who is making the sacrifices, beyond religion and nationality, necessary to bring harmony and peace to humanity? Human beings have become like children who have lost their parents, misdirected youths who do not recognize their teacher and sheep who have lost their shepherd. Human beings are spiritually blind, unable to see what lies even one inch ahead.

(2)  There are now some two hundred nations in the world, and aren’t many of these nations engaged in fierce conflict, directly or indirectly? Aren’t they all intent on promoting their own interests? Even the United Nations, founded with the noble ideal of protecting the welfare and peace of humankind, has met its limitations. Watching helplessly without a solution to the global crises of war, starvation, and disease, isn’t the United Nations an organization that exists more in name than in substance? Thinking of ourselves as lords of creation, we human beings have forged our own history. Although humanity has endured terrible massacres and suffered natural disasters, the human race has survived and continues to multiply to this day. We continue to seek a bright and happy world, albeit with only a vague concept of what that might be. Why is it that the human race is unable still to escape from the mire of sin and disease?

The three great subject partners principle

(3)  On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Peace Palace and coronation of the King and Queen of Peace on June 13, 2006, I proclaimed the basic duties and mission, based on the heavenly way, that all citizens of the kingdom of God, Cheon II Guk, should understand and fulfill. I did so in order to fulfill God’s calling, to bring humankind to live as one global family in a sacred reign of peace under God, by overcoming the tragic reality human beings are facing. Today I would like to address you on the theme, “The Three Great Subject Partners Principle from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence.” This message is Heaven’s blessing. It will serve as an important teaching to guide humanity’s future. Please open your heart and listen to these words so that you may be secure in your eternal life.

(4)  God endowed human beings with the three great subject partners principle at the time of creation. The first great subject partner is a true parent, and you are to become one. God created us as His children. We were to become true children by perfecting our individual character after going through a period of spiritual growth, autonomously, based on the Principle God established. We were then to become a true couple, have our own children, and attain the position of true parents. In this way, we were to perfect ourselves by practicing and embodying the true love that God bestowed upon us when He created us. In reality, however, moral values in our world today are deteriorating rapidly. Society has rejected the moral laws governing the relationship between parents and children. We are discarding marital fidelity as an old-fashioned idea of previous generations. Familial love among siblings has become rare, buried in a swamp of selfish individualism. For these reasons, our most important task is to establish true families based on true love. This means we need to build families in which three generations live together in true love, with true parents at the center.

(5)  The second great subject partner is a true teacher, and you are to become one. Although the world is full of evil influences, one way or another, a person enters relationships in life where he or she is in a position either to teach or to learn. Our parents are our first teachers. They should be our first and greatest teachers. As true teachers, the parents’ primary responsibility is to raise true children. Children who are brought up by true parents through a true and good family education progress easily through their school education, which is the next stage. School provides an institutionalized education, but even within that framework, teachers have the responsibility to guide and educate their students with the heart of true parents to become true children. By this, I mean that they need to conduct horizontal academic education on the foundation of vertical character education. A teacher’s first qualification is thus to possess the heart of a true parent.

(6)  The third great subject partner is a true owner, and you are to become one. God, the Creator of the universe, is the True Owner and Lord of all creation. God’s creation is the fruit of His complete investment, carried out based on absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. From His example, we can gain the wisdom that enables us to become true owners and lords. The secret is to invest true love on the basis of that absolute standard. The prerequisite for this is to possess the heart of a true parent.

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