Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 417

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 2: True Owners of the Founding of Cheon II Guk
Section 2: The Life of the Citizens of Cheon II Guk, 18-29


(18)  Fifth, your talents and abilities are required for the management and governance of Cheon II Guk. Therefore, you must cut away and cast off your mask of selfish individualism. It is but a remnant of the Era before the Coming of Heaven. In order to belong to Heaven, you must participate in the Ceremony of Returning Ownership, offering God everything you own and then receiving it back from Him. In addition, all citizens of Cheon II Guk will provide funds for the well-being and peace of humanity, not by taxation but by voluntary contributions. They will practice the model of offering the first three-tenths of their income for public purposes. This cannot be an imposed tax; it has to be a gift that citizens offer willingly to Heaven with joyful hearts.

(19)  Sixth, beloved citizens of Cheon II Guk, in the Era after the Coming of Heaven, it is possible to recover the ideal world of creation that was lost as a result of the Fall. God created all things in the universe, our natural environment, which are absolutely necessary for human prosperity. People are meant to harmonize with nature; we, as the subject partners of love and nature as the object partner, thriving under our management and perfected in beauty by our creativity. Let us not destroy nature and pollute the environment. As citizens of Cheon II Guk, please have the wisdom to protect and love nature. Return to nature and enjoy a life of liberation and complete inner freedom. To love nature is to love God and humanity. When human life resonates with nature, human character can blossom in perfection. The flowers of a true culture of heart, a true artistic world, will bloom. It will be the garden of Eden, the original ideal where God, people, and all creation live in complete harmony and express their original nature. If you practice such true love in your daily life, how can God do anything but bestow great blessings upon you? You will live for all eternity in blessing and happiness.

(20)  Seventh, God, and True Parents have opened the Era after the Coming of Heaven, a time of dramatic change. As registered citizens of Cheon II Guk, you have the mission to make this era blossom and bear fruit in blessing and glory. Therefore, please become Heaven’s emissaries, fulfilling dual missions as the peace kingdom police force and peace kingdom corps. Serve humanity under the banner of the Universal Peace Federation, which is working to establish the Abel-type United Nations. Worthy compatriots, if not you, then who will nurture and protect the blessed families and this blessed planet Earth that God has given us? Please become true princes and princesses who live in attendance to God as your vertical True Parent, the Peace King of the multitudes. Let us build the everlasting peace kingdom by attending the King of Peace in heaven and on earth and fulfill the way of a true filial child, a patriot, a saint, and a member of the family of God’s sons and daughters.

God has been searching for the True Parents

(21)  Citizens of God’s kingdom of Cheon II Guk who love peace as True Parents do! This is truly a precious and joyful day. Let us celebrate without reserve this historic and providential day and sing praises to God, our eternal True Parent, for His glory and nobility. On this solemn occasion, hundreds of billions of those living in the spirit world have descended and are here with us to congratulate and celebrate this blessed day.

(22)  This is the day for which God has yearned ever since He created the universe. For the tens of thousands of years, since the day Adam and Eve, whom He created as His children, stained the heavenly lineage and concealed themselves in the dark, God has waited while enduring inexpressible pain and sorrow. He has waited eagerly for the day He could ascend the throne as the King of kings, embrace His lost children and the creation, and live in joy for all eternity in the sacred reign of peace in the peace kingdom.

(23)  God is and has always been the King of kings, even before He initiated the creation. The heavenly way, however, dictates that after completing all aspects of the creation, God has to manifest substantially as the King of kings who reigns over the world of physical phenomena, the sphere of the object partners of God’s love. That is why, motivated by true love, God sought and found the True Parents of the substantial, physical world, who were to become His representatives and heirs.

(24)  Although we are overwhelmed by the grace of having received Heaven’s seal, my wife and I truly feel joy at being able to stand here today as God’s direct representatives and hold this coronation of the King of kings and our golden wedding anniversary. At the same time, I am deeply sorry before Heaven. I have reached my ninetieth year of life, yet I have been unable to fully restore to God the 6. 5 billion people of the world.

The new era of heavenly law

(25)  Citizens of Cheon II Guk who truly love God! Time is running out. Heaven will no longer wait for us. God is working with His authority as the King of kings through His representatives, the earthly True Parents, to establish a new heavenly law and restore the world. It is time to accelerate this true love revolution. Therefore, on this solemn occasion, I will proclaim to all of heaven and earth an outline of the new heavenly law by which humankind and all the creation will regain their rightful position to govern.

(26)  First, this era, which is taking us gradually toward the year 3000, will be the era of revolutionary change after the coming of heaven. In this new era, God will no longer be captive to the principles of restoration through indemnity. The King of kings will rule the spiritual and physical worlds with His rightful authority. It will be the era of providential protection, during which the earth will return to its original state, with the realm of the Pacific Rim serving as a central axis. People will no longer evade the influence of the era of the new way of Heaven and of the new heavenly law. Therefore, you need to lead a transparent life, with every action as clear as crystal.

(27)  Second, we have to accomplish a revolution in education, for all people to value absolute sex, that is, the constitution of Heaven, with God as their vertical, absolute axis. This is the only way to pass on the true, good lineage to all humankind. That is the path to achieving God’s ideal of true families. From now on, sexual purity, purity of lineage, and purity of love will be the essence of the philosophy of education for the true human race.

(28)  Third, we will place the Peace King’s anointed representatives (boonbong-wang), ambassadors for peace, and the Parent UN at the forefront of the efforts to eliminate Satan’s barriers and fortresses. Multiple layers of these barricades bind the earth, and their elimination will reinstate harmony and peace among political parties, religions, races, cultures and nations. The existing United Nations, in the position of the Cain-type UN, and the Abel-type UN should become one and ascend to a higher dimension, becoming the True Parent UN. This will be a True Peace World UN. This central union will resolve evils confronting Satan’s world, including war, disease and hunger. This is surely the direction all people must go. They will have no doubts because God in heaven and True Parents will be with them. We will end individualistic, and collective self-centeredness. Conscience and natural reason will govern the world, and satanic power will no longer influence elections.

(29)  Fourth, the cross-cultural, international marriage Blessing is the optimal method of establishing the peace kingdom by building true families that will give rebirth to the lineage of the fallen human race. In the end, reconciliation and peace all come about through lineage. When blacks and whites, Eastern peoples and Western peoples, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims intermarry and carry on the blessed marriage tradition that True Parents have established, this naturally will form the realm of one family that establishes God’s homeland and hometown. An ideal heavenly kingdom based on the ideal of one family under God will appear. As we beat our swords into plowshares, a new world of peace will open up before us.

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