Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 416


Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 2: True Owners of the Founding of Cheon II Guk
Section 2: The Life of the Citizens of Cheon II Guk, 05-17


(5)  The miracle of God’s creation is infinite, transcending and defying any human description. Even a picture drawn by the greatest artist in the world cannot compare to a cluster of living wildflowers. Even in making a single insignificant flower, God created it to harmonize with and contribute to the prosperity of the whole of creation. Given that this is so, how great is the stature of human beings, whom God created as His children, His eternal partners of love and His heirs?

(6)  Each and every one of the millions of different kinds of flowers in full bloom stands in dignity as an individual embodiment of truth, according to the Principle of Creation. Each brings harmony to Mother Nature and abides by the laws of interdependence and mutual prosperity. Likewise, each and every human being has Heaven’s blessing and grace to seek harmony, peace, freedom, and happiness and to pursue eternal life. Heaven has bestowed on each person a unique life and characteristics. That is to say, every human being is born with rights and privileges as an individual embodiment of truth. Every person, regardless of age, sex, rank, or status, has the right and privilege to follow a destined course of life that is uniquely his or her own and that reflects his or her individual nature.

The value of human beings as individual embodiments of truth

(7)  Ladies and gentlemen, can you find anyone who resembles you one hundred percent? Think about it. Is there anyone else with the same individual qualities as you? Would the lives of identical twins be the same, Though they were born on the same day, even if they died at the same time? No person can take another’s individuality. One man being the world’s most handsome man does not at all diminish the unique embodiment of truth within the world’s least handsome man. As the king of wisdom, God continually creates eternal, individual embodiments of truth through the process of origin-division-union action, in accordance with the Principle of Creation.

(8)  In this, we discover the standard of absolute value that makes a human being human. As with the interdependent and harmonious relationship between flowers and butterflies, people are created to live for one another and share true love. This means that we establish our standard of absolute value only within a life of true love, through which the relationship between subject and object partners blossoms in harmony.

(9)  Flowers and butterflies relate to each other as subject and object partners. They depend on one another and prosper through their give-and-receive action. In the same way, the Principle of Creation defines and predicts the course of relationships between humanity and nature, between people, and between God and people. Mother Nature is the combined body of all the individual embodiments of truth in creation, harmoniously bound together. Mother Nature stands as an absolute object partner to us, her subject partners. Her ordained role is to enable us to realize our absolute value.

(10)  People establish families of three generations and live within that basic framework. That is where they learn and familiarize themselves with the vertical and horizontal relationships of above and below, left and right, and front and back. This means that each individual seeks a life of harmony and love through give-and-receive action within subject and object partner relationships. These relationships enable each family member to attain his or her absolute value as an individual embodiment of truth.

(11)  What about the relationship between God and human beings? As the Creator, God’s nature is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. However, according to the Principle of Creation, God stands in the subject position when He engages in reciprocal relationships with His creation. That is because, although we think of God as the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy outside of give-and-receive relationships with His object partners.

(12)  Had the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, not fallen but instead had perfected themselves as individual embodiments of truth according to the Principle of Creation, people today would manifest absolute value. We would serve God above as our Lord with absolute obedience, and we would relate with the creation, the natural world, as our object partner, rejoicing in God’s eternal kingdom of peace. We would live as the citizens of the eternal kingdom of heaven, not only on earth but also in the spirit world.

The path of the people of Cheon II Guk

(13)  Citizens of the kingdom of heaven, this is a precious and blessed day of victory and glory. Now, as the King of Peace in Heaven and Earth, I shall declare, on this thirteenth day of June in the sixth year of Cheon II Guk, the fundamental duties and mission that every Cheon II Guk citizen should understand and practice as they walk the way of Heaven.

(14)  First, as God is the vertical True Parent and you are true children of God, you will establish the realm of three generations in your family, perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart, and attend God on the vertical axis for eternity. Further, you will inscribe in your heart the responsibility to attend the King of Peace in Heaven and Earth, who is the horizontal True Parent, and to live with absolute obedience on the horizontal axis for eternity as a citizen of Cheon II Guk. You will make the practice of true love, which is living for the sake of others, the standard for your life. You will establish a true family and raise true children who are sinless and pure, thus protecting God’s lineage and bequeathing it intact from generation to generation.

(15)  Second, no matter what the situation, you will live with your mind and body united as one. In my case as well, from the day I first determined to follow Heaven’s path, I resolved to keep this as my motto: “Before you seek to master the universe, you must first gain mastery over yourself.” God has given you your conscience as your guide in accomplishing this objective. Your conscience knows everything about you. It has complete knowledge of every action and step you take; It even knows your thoughts. Your conscience knows everything about you before your teacher or pastor knows. It knows before your parents know. It knows them even better than God knows. So place your conscience in God’s position over your life, and go the way of absolute obedience, of “high noon settlement” whereby your life casts no shadows. Then it is certain that your mind and body will resonate and perfect a harmonious unity.

(16)  Third, citizens of Cheon II Guk, we have completed the unification of the spirit world. The issue now is the 6.5 billion people living on earth today. They struggle in agony in the midst of sin and suffering, yet they are your brothers and sisters. Your third mission is to educate them and bring them home as people of Cheon II Guk. You should educate everyone to understand that all human beings, without exception, are descended from the Fall and that they have to change their blood lineage by receiving the holy marriage Blessing from the True Parents. You have to continue engrafting people onto the true olive tree by having them participate in the grace of cross-cultural marriage until the day all humankind, numbering in the billions of souls, is restored to God’s lineage

(17)  Fourth, you are created to spend ten months in the womb, perhaps one hundred years on earth breathing air, and then all eternity in the spirit world. You should understand that, just as proper preparation in the womb is required for a healthy life after birth, you have to devote your earthly life to proper preparation for a healthy life in the spirit world. Never forget that no matter what you are doing, at all times and places, your ancestors in the spirit world are with you. Be ever mindful to live in harmony with the spirit world. Communicate in prayer with the heavenly world, with sincerity and dedication, so that you may perfect your spirit self while you are living on the earth.

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