Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 415

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Message
Chapter 2: True Owners of the Founding of Cheon II Guk
Section 1: The Spirit World and the Heavenly Kingdom, 16
Section 2: The Life of the Citizens of Cheon II Guk, 04


(16)  A man or woman alone can only be one half of the whole. That is how God created us. For that reason, He has interchanged the ownership of the reproductive organs, the love organs. The owner of the wife’s reproductive organ is the husband, and the owner of the husband’s is the wife. Only when each is rooted in true love for the sake of the other, do they merit the position of the owner of their spouse. In other words, irrespective of who they are, human beings can only become complete individuals, rather than one half, when they have exchanged the positions of ownership through marriage.

(17)  The human reproductive organ is sacred. It is the palace of life where the seed of life is sown, the palace of love where the flower of love blooms, and the palace of lineage where the lineage bears fruit. The reproductive organ is absolute. Through it, absolute lineage, absolute love, and absolute life are brought forth, along with absolute harmony, unity, liberation, and tranquility.

(18)  Why are we trying to restore the ownership of the reproductive organ? It is in order to possess God’s love. He is the subject of three great loves. As the Owner of the universe, He is the true Teacher, true Owner, and true loving Parent. These form the basis for the three great subject partners principle. All these teachings and truths are realized through the life of a true, model ideal family. Then, through its expansion, the society, nation, world, and even the universe are transformed into the peace kingdom of the model, ideal family.

(19)  Because of the Fall, the first Adam lost the original true lineage and consequently failed to form the original couple and the original family. Adam, who should have become the true teacher, true parent, and true king, inherited the lineage of Satan. He degraded himself to the position of a false teacher, false parent, and false king.

(20)  The purpose for Jesus’ coming to earth was simply and only to reverse the effects of the Fall. If Jesus, who came as the second Adam, had not lost his life on the cross, he would have restored the original unfallen lineage of God. As the Savior of humankind, he would have made up for the failure of the first Adam, established the true family, and founded the original homeland for all people on earth. This would have been the kingdom embodying the ideal of peace, the kingdom of heaven on earth. Tragically, the disciples, the religious leaders, and the leaders of the nation of Israel failed to recognize the Christ. Their disbelief led Jesus to a wretched and tragic end on the cross. Has anyone really known the grieving heart of Jesus, whose passing from the earth was so untimely and who left no descendants? Though two thousand years of Christian history have passed, has any Christian understood the reality of Jesus’ sorrowful circumstances? Jesus departed this world suddenly, leaving little other than a promise to return. His physical body has long been buried and turned to dust, but the Will that God worked to fulfill through him continues. It is finally in the process of completion at this time, at the conclusion of history, through the True Parents, who have received the seal of Heaven and appeared on earth.

Heaven begins from the family

(21)  The sinful era of restoration through indemnity, the Era before the Coming of Heaven, has passed. The era of heavenly law is upon us, the Era after the Coming of Heaven. You are now living in an era of grace in which—after receiving the marriage Blessing from True Parents, completing the conversion of lineage, and leading a life that is vertically aligned with Heaven, such that no shadow is cast—you can enter the kingdom of heaven automatically. That is to say, if you establish a true family on earth and lead a heavenly life, your life will be connected to the kingdom of God in heaven when you die, and you will enjoy eternal life. Therefore, within the framework of the family, you should serve God as your Father, revering Him in the highest position. Every one of you should become God’s child, perfecting the parent-child relationship and sharing your life with Him, connected by blood. In short, you should form a partnership of true love with God and live together with Him.

(22)  Who would be the greatest grandfather of the universe? The first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, called God “Father.” Should their children call Him Grandfather? No, they too should call Him Father. Why is this so? From the viewpoint of God, the vertical center, all object partners of love are equal. His  object partners, who are produced through the horizontal expansion and multiplication of His love, assume equal value regardless of who they are, transcending time and space. Simply put, in perfected love, everyone’s value is equal.

(23)  The kingdom of heaven has to be achieved on earth first. What this means is that the kingdom of heaven in the corporeal world comes before its establishment in the incorporeal world. Therefore, heaven is not a world found in outer space on the other side of the galaxy, nor is it the product of imagination existing only in the human brain. It refers to a substantial kingdom, heaven on earth, which can be created only when you lead a life of true love. When you leave the physical world on that foundation, you automatically enter the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world. This means that only when you have led a heavenly life on earth can you lead such a life in heaven.

(24)  Only the fruit that has ripened fully on the tree is classified as produce of the best quality. You should not be like a worm-infested fruit on a tree, and therefore bound for hell. You should not forget for a moment that, through your life on earth, you yourself determine whether you go to heaven or to hell.

Section 2. The Life of the Citizens of Cheon II Guk

(1)  If there were a dream common to all people regardless of gender, age, time, or place, what would it be? Through all ages, human beings have yearned and waited for the realization of an ideal of world peace. However, we have never achieved the everlasting peace that brings joy to Heaven. This fact remains as our historical sorrow and anguish. What went wrong? What brought about humanity’s descent into ignorance of the ideal that God had for His creation? You can try for ten thousand years, but you will never reach perfection if you remain in ignorance.

The hope of humanity

(2)  How did human beings, created as the children of the omnipotent and omnipresent God, descend into such a state of ignorance? The first ancestors, Adam and Eve, followed the false parent, Satan, along the path of the Fall. Indeed, this was the first tragedy and the most mortifying and lamentable shame of human history. God cannot forsake humankind. Within His grand ideal of creation, we were created to be His children, His absolute counterparts in true love. Thus He has endured the long years of history with a heart full of bitter pain, grief, and anguish. God is the eternal True Parent of humanity, who has had to persevere through virtual imprisonment in the shadows of history. No one has known this reality.

(3)  God’s creation is indeed profound. Everything He prepared was to create an environment for the perfection and happiness of human beings, whom He created as His children and partners in love. Consider a flower; it is one of the masterpieces of God’s creation. Hidden within a flower—even a nameless wildflower blooming in a field—we can easily discover the Creator’s Will and purpose. To see a flower alive and growing to perfection is truly to witness a miracle.

(4)  Flowers display beautiful colors and the harmony of yin and yang. Even human beings, the lords of creation, cannot fully replicate their beauty. Flowers continuously give off fragrances and display dazzling colors that captivate the bees and butterflies. Flowers can absorb the powerful, brilliant rays of the sun that people cannot bear to gaze upon. They diffuse this light into natural rays of harmony and peace and utilize it to create and preserve life. Flowers also do not neglect their duty to provide nectar to the bees and butterflies that busily fly to and fro and help them reproduce.


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