Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 413

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 1: The Ideal Family in Cheon II Guk
Section 3: Absolute Sex and the Cross-Cultural Marriage Blessing, 12-04

(12)  Now you are in a different position. The path is now open wide for you to change your lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony with the permission of the True Parents of humankind. The cross-cultural marriage Blessing is the best way to restore people to the position of children of God through the conversion of lineage. It is the revolutionary work of creating the heavenly lineage on a whole new level, transcending barriers of race, culture, nationality, and religion. It is an act that severs all relationships of enmity. It is the sacred rite of the change of lineage, through which all can be re-created through the True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace, the substantial manifestations of God, who enable Him to exercise His providence in the present world.

(13)  Ladies and gentlemen, lineage is more important than life and more precious than love. Life and love come together to create lineage. Lineage cannot be established if either is missing. Therefore, among the three—love, life, and lineage—lineage is the fruit. God’s lineage contains the seed of true love and the body of true life.

(14)  Ladies and gentlemen, please place your hand over your heart and quietly ponder this question. Is there any other way to deliver this world from the war and conflict we see around us? Is there a way that would be more certain than by cross-cultural marriage among enemy clans or, going even a step further, among enemy nations, to create a global family in which there is no hatred? Therefore, you will need to teach clearly that the cross-cultural marriage Blessing is the ultimate means to establish a peaceful, ideal world here on earth so that your families and clans can all join the holy ranks of those blessed through the cross-cultural marriage.

A life of true love

(15)  To resemble God, the original Being of true love, we have to become people of true love, owners of true love who practice true love. This is the way each of us can become true parents.

(16)  Ladies and gentlemen, you should now devote yourselves to pursuing only one thing: a life of true love. In your life, you have to love God more than Adam and Eve did and more than Jesus did. By putting true love into practice, you bring your mind and body into perfect harmony and establish the realm of true love. In other words, you have to perfect a true family consisting of three generations: grandparents, parents, and children living together in true love. Only those who live such a life of true love are in heaven.

(17)  What kind of love is true love? The essence of the absolute God’s true love is not found in having others serve you. Rather, it is when you serve and live for the sake of others. It is love that you give, forget that you have given, and continue to give endlessly. It is love that you find pleasure in giving. It is the love of a mother nursing her baby at her breast. It is the love expressed when a child happily serves his or her parents out of filial piety. It is the love God expressed in creating humankind, an absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal love, given unconditionally.

(18)  True love is the source of peace and happiness, and it sustains a spiritual order based on the aim of serving the common good. True love is the source and the center of this universe. It has the power to make the one who wields it the master of the universe. True love is the root and symbol of God’s Will and power. If you are bound together in true love, you will never grow tired of your partner. True love is the love that not only the entire universe but even God desires to follow. The value of true love is in its power, which is strong enough to eradicate national, racial, and religious boundaries created by the descendants of the Fall. That is why the absolute condition to enter the kingdom of heaven is a life that has been lived for the sake of others, that is, a life of true love.

(19)  God’s true love is absolute, unique, immutable, and eternal. Whoever practices true love will live with God, share His happiness, and enjoy the right to participate as an equal in His work and the right to inherit from Him. As such, a life lived for the sake of others, which brings forth a new peaceful family based on God’s ideal model of peace, is the absolute prerequisite for entering the kingdom of heaven.

CHAPTER 2   True Owners of the Founding of Cheon II Guk

Section 1. The Spirit World and the Heavenly Kingdom

(1)  God, the Creator of all things in the universe, is the True Parent of all humanity. He is not a parent in the parochial sense, existing only for a certain religion or race or the population of a certain region. You may call Him by any name, be it Jehovah, Allah, or any other. What is important is that He certainly exists, lives as the True Parent of all people, and sustains the great work of creation. In accordance with the heavenly Principle that He set up at the beginning of time, He governs everything in the universe and has carried out His providence throughout history.

The spirit world exists in actuality

(2)  Each person has a mind and body and a spirit self that is more elevated than the mind. God resides in the world in which we live with our physical body and also in the spirit world, where our spirits are destined to go. We go there as a complete person if we are one with God in true love. Such a perfected person might be a small individual, but he or she would represent all of history and all potential future relationships. So this person can be said to possess infinite value.

(3)  Once you are aware that you have such universal value, you realize that your original mind should guide your life. This is because your conscience knows and perceives not only every action you have performed but also every thought you have entertained. Before your own teachers, parents, or even God are aware of these things, your conscience knows. Hence, if you were to live in absolute obedience to the commands of your conscience, which is your eternal teacher, you would be absolutely guaranteed to have eternal life. Such is the way of God’s creation.

(4)  Looking at the structure of a human being, we can see that God created us with dual characteristics. He created our physical body as a microcosm of the corporeal, tangible world and our spirit body as a microcosm of the incorporeal world. Accordingly, a human being is intended to live for one hundred years or so in the physical world and, once the physical body ceases functioning, to pass on naturally and automatically into the incorporeal spirit world. In this way, though the eyes in our physical body cannot perceive the spirit world, life there is the automatic and inevitable extension of life on earth. God created the spirit world as humanity’s original, eternal homeland.


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