Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 410

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 13: Peace Messages
Chapter 1: The Ideal Family in Cheon II Guk
Section 1: The Essence of the Universe and the True Lineage, 22
Section 2: God’s Model Ideal Family, 08

Heaven’s special envoys

(22)  I believe you have learned many things through this message from God. You who represent Heaven and humanity, which has lost its way and drifts aimlessly, needs your help now more than ever. Please take this opportunity to make a new determination to become Heaven’s envoys, prepared to uphold Heaven’s commands.

(23)  What did I say we lost by the Fall of Adam and Eve, who were created as God’s children? First, we lost the lineage given to us by God. Lineage is the most special among all the honors parents bequeath to their children. Through the Fall, Adam and Eve inherited the false lineage of Satan and descended to the status of his children. We must understand with certainty that we today, without exception, are descendants of the Fall and have inherited the lineage of Satan. When God created Adam and Eve, He invested His entire being, one hundred percent. He created them based on the standard of absolute love, absolute faith, and absolute obedience. He gave them His lineage as the seed for their love and life. Likewise, from this moment on, God is recreating you as new people. You stand in a position different from before. The path is open wide for you to change your lineage through the Holy Wine Ceremony that the True Parents have instituted.

(24)  Second, we lost siblings’ love when, in the family of Adam, the older brother, Cain, killed his younger brother, Abel. God’s original family structure was full of blessings, including love and harmony among siblings. The Fall degraded the sibling relationship to a rivalry filled with envy and resentment. To solve this problem in the lineage, I am leading humanity worldwide to join in cross-cultural marriages. These marriages restore the original family structure, when those who are Abel, relatively closer to Heaven’s side, take on an initiating role in the position of the elder brother.

(25)  Please know that the ideal, peaceful world, which God envisioned at the time of the Creation and desired when He created humankind, is now being built right before your eyes. If this is not a miracle, then what is? All over the world, the couples blessed in cross-cultural marriages are putting down roots of the true love of Heaven. The new heavenly lineage is bearing fruit. The day draws near when this beautiful earth will become the original garden of Eden, where we will enjoy everlasting peace and happiness and where, for countless generations, our descendants will shout “Hallelujah for Cheon II Guk!

Section 2. God’s Model Ideal Family

(1)  God created Adam and Eve as the first ancestors of humankind. He invested His whole being in raising them as His son and daughter, and they were connected to Him through love, life, and lineage. The parent-child relationship is the highest and most important of all relationships; it is the only way through which His lineage can be bequeathed to last forever. However, this parent-child relationship, more precious than life itself, was severed through the Fall of Adam and Eve. As God’s own flesh and blood, and as His eternal, only begotten Son and daughter, Adam and Eve, formed a blood relationship with His enemy, Satan, and became Satan’s children instead. Thus God’s heart has been crushed and wounded with grief throughout history. This still remains the most mortifying and harrowing anguish, which no one in history could know, much less resolve.

(2)  Adam and Eve frustrated God’s ideal of creation to establish a true family through them in that first generation, a family through which He could pass on His lineage eternally. The only way to relieve God’s sorrow is to restore and establish a true family unrelated to the lineage of Satan. Herein lay the reason we all need to establish true families, which are the essence of His ideal of creation.

God’s purpose in creating Adam and Eve

(3)  Genesis 1:27 of the Old Testament tells us, “So God created man in His own image; male and female He created them.” From observing God’s creation as expressed in this passage, we can conclude that God is a being who comprises the essence of both man and woman. God could not enjoy a solitary life; therefore, He created the universe as His object partner. That is, He created all things in the universe in the position of object partners in image, and in the midst of this environment, He created human beings as His object partners in substance. Adam and Eve were the beings that represented God’s male and female aspects, respectively. There was a reason God created human beings as one man and one woman.

(4)  First, God, though He is the subject being with dual characteristics in harmony, is incorporeal and needs to assume a physical form through which He can relate with the world of substance. It cannot be only the form of a man or of a woman. Embodied within both Adam and Eve, He intended to communicate and work freely in relation to the entire universe, the world of substance. This is all because the incorporeal God, without a physical body, meets certain limits in dealing with the corporeal world of substance. Therefore, Adam and Eve should have attended God in their hearts, perfected themselves, and become one with Him. Had they then married, had children, and created a family, they would have become the external and horizontal True Parents in substance, while God would have been the internal and vertical True Parent in substance. If only this had come to pass, Adam and Eve would have resembled God, both in their inner nature and outer form. If Adam and Eve, as a perfect resemblance of God, had become the True Parents of humankind, all people would have perceived the true reality of God expressed through them in daily life.

(5)  Second, God created Adam and Eve for the perfection of love. He intended that they reach perfection and become the embodiments of love by uniting in the flesh. On that basis, He would have come, dwelt with them, and become the Parent of true love for all humanity. Adam and Eve, standing in the position of the parents of substance in the image of God, would have had their own children, establishing an ideal family and an ideal world. If this had come to pass, human beings would have linked the spirit world and the earthly world. We can conclude that God created us with the intent that we would bring these two worlds together.

(6)  By coming to dwell in Adam and Eve through true love, God could become the True Parent, humanity’s Parent in substance. Moreover, when the time came for them to end their lives on earth and pass into the spirit world, even in that world, He could take on the spirit bodies of Adam and Eve and manifest as the True Parent through their forms. However, due to the Fall, God has not seen that ideal fulfilled.

(7)  God does not need money, knowledge, or power. Since He is the absolute, almighty being, He does not need such things. Modern science is accomplishing spectacular advances, but these are merely part of the process of discovering new facts and truths about God’s creation. Human thought and science represent our effort to fathom how the vast expanse of this universe operates in accordance with laws expressing an underlying order. We find that God is the absolute scientist.

God’s ideal of creation

(8)  What would have been the ideal that God hoped to achieve through the creation of human beings? It was to fulfill the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation signifies Adam and Eve in a state of complete union with God, such that it is impossible for them to separate from God’s love. In other words, it refers to the foundation of a family with God as its center, in which the husband and wife have achieved complete oneness not only with each other but also with God and when they have given birth to ideal children. When the family four-position foundation is completed, that family fulfills the ideal of creation desired by God.

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