Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 406

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Vision of Cheon II Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 3: Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon II Guk, 27-38

Witnessing and the creation of the environment

(27)  It is a pity that although you have listened to Divine Principle lectures dozens or hundreds of times, you have not yet grasped those teachings, nor can you translate them into action. Our environment was shaped not only at the time of God’s creation of the universe. It has continued through the course of the providence of restoration. I have made a great effort to create an environment for the coming generations. What about your parents? Have they fulfilled their responsibility? Have they created the environment that you need? As the second generation, you stand at the center of the Unification Church. You need to clearly understand your roots and create a good environment. Simply put, witnessing is the way you create the environment. You need to witness. That is the only way you can avoid accusation. No matter how much the world has honored you or how strictly you have lived for the providence, without straying even once, if you have a condition for accusation, you will not be free when you go to the spirit world. Please realize this. That has to be your constant motivation. Think about the seven billion people in the world. Our environment is still very limited.

(28)  True Father completed and accomplished the providence of restoration through indemnity. He opened Cheon Il Guk. It is up to us to create the environment for Cheon II Guk. It is not possible to turn heaven and earth upside down overnight. What is important is how much we devote ourselves to embrace our brothers and sisters, our clans, our nations, and our neighbors with love. They are the fruits of our witnessing. Think only about how you are going to offer one more life to Heaven, even to the extent of forgetting to eat and sleep. You are all blessed members, and you probably all have children, so you know how marvelous it is and how much you anticipate the birth of each new life. You can feel Heaven’s blessings in that moment. If you can give birth to one new life each day with your own effort, then you will receive a great blessing.

(29)  The Blessing you received by meeting the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind should not remain only in your family. You are the ones who can display your pride in the Blessing in front of the seven billion people on the earth. Please remember that with every blessing comes responsibility. If you fail to fulfill your responsibility, indemnity will follow. Know that for a surety. Because of this, you should completely unite with True Mother. Completely unite and move forward toward a single goal. Don’t look sideways. This is how blessing can come to you. In the spirit world, you breathe love as your air. Witnessing is about the love you sow.

(30)  In the history of the providence, the failures by a central figure or chosen person to fulfill his responsibility have been followed without exception by the need for indemnity. For sixty years following the founding of our church, True Father worked publicly and earnestly for the sake of God’s providence. It is not an overstatement to say that he spent two-thirds of that time, forty years of his life, in America. Our eternal homeland is Korea, but he invested more in America. This is because he was thinking about all of humankind. The great blessing that America has received as the eldest son nation means it has the responsibility to gather all the brothers and sisters and bring them to the parents.

(31)  As a nation, the United States of America represents Christianity. After the crucifixion of Jesus, God developed Christianity for two millennia and gave a great mission to America. This nation does not belong to the people of America alone. Its responsibility was to work hard for world peace, but it failed. True Father came to awaken America to its mission, but how did the American people treat True Father? He was innocent, but they sent him to Danbury prison. When will this nation indemnify the sins it has committed against Heaven? From an external point of view, America is standing at the edge of a cliff. From this perspective, you have to understand the great importance of your mission.

(32)  If you take responsibility and organize activities that are lively and inspiring, the spirit world will fully assist you. What is the wish of those in the spirit world? What is our wish? It is the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, Cheon II Guk. How excited, delighted and grateful we would be to realize that in our lifetime! If we have gone through life feeling that way, how can we now just sit calmly and placidly? How can we not exert ourselves? Our goal will not disappear with the passing of Foundation Day. We have to bless all of the world’s people and transform them into Cheon II Guk citizens. In order to do that, what should you do? Those in the spirit world will not help people who do only what they are told to do, who just live from one day to the next. I am asking you to become people who report to Heaven every day and who move with Heaven all the time. Therefore, you must work hard, as if having twenty-four hours in the day is not enough.

(33)  Because educating our children is an urgent and important matter, you should begin each day in hoondokhae with your family. Up until now, you had no time to spend with your children because you were carrying out church work. From now on, you should begin your day together in hoondokhae with your children. Please begin your day this way. We need to educate and nurture our second generation. No matter your position, you need to think about the generations to come.

The role of women in the Era after the Coming of Heaven

(34)  When it comes to educating and raising children, the mother has to be stronger than the father. That is why I told my daughters-in-law, “You have to follow the tradition and become stronger than your husband.” The mother’s role was great during Israel’s course of paying indemnity while living in a difficult environment. It is the same with the Unification Church. Women have the responsibility to march at the front, organize and handle everything, and help the men.

(35)  Regardless of position or office, our goal is the same: to make everyone in the world a Cheon II Guk citizen. This is the blessing and the purpose for which we were born. Don’t place too much importance on your position. The action you take is more important than the position you hold. The second generation, in particular, will not be able to move forward if they cannot overcome the difficulties that present themselves at this time. Foundation Day is not the day that heaven and earth are destroyed, but is the day on which Cheon II Guk begins. Until it is complete, we each have our own responsibility. We should not rest until every last person in the world is a citizen of Cheon II Guk. Until we have done that, we cannot say that we have accomplished everything. We are only at the beginning. How can we bear fruit if we have not even begun? We need to sow in order to reap. Thus we need to do our best and show God and the world what we can do. What we can achieve from now on will depend on the effort we make. Let’s transform our environment as much as we can.

(36)  How will you move after Foundation Day? It is the great age when heaven and earth open, an event that will occur only once in history. Who will be the true and good children, the loyal subjects, and patriots in this day and age? Heaven has given you its words and opportunities. We need to march forward with the heart of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Do not center on yourself. Be humble, not full of pride. Let us each have the attitude that we are here to learn from everyone around us. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. In front of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, all sons and daughters are equally in the middle of the process of growth. Please keep that in mind.

The seven billion children of our Heavenly Parent

(37)  How do we create a world with God as its center, one world under God? It is through the perfection of our ideal blessed families, centered on true love. We cannot stop. All we can do is to march forward continuously, with our purpose to realize the settlement of Cheon II Guk on earth. Thus, the perfection of blessed families, the creation of ideal families, depends on whether you fulfill your responsibility.

(38)  In the Old Testament Age, God was called Jehovah. In the New Testament Age, God was called Heavenly Father. Foundation Day is the day God’s dream comes true. So now He should be called by a different name. When we pray, we need to address Him as our Heavenly Parent. It sounds good in English and has a good meaning in Korean. God is the Heavenly Parent. Whenever we pray, the first word that comes out should be Heavenly Parent and then beloved True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind.

We have to do this. Also, I am changing the name of the Unification Church to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.


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