Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 405

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Vision of Cheon II Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 3: Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon II Guk, 15-26


(15)  This day, the day of the worship service celebrating the fortieth day after True Father’s Seonghwa, marks a new starting point for the providence. During the last forty days, Father has visited many places in the spirit world. He has met figures from providential history and has experienced directly the circumstances of God’s creation of heaven and earth. I have been conversing with True Father in my heart over the past forty days. I have been preparing. Father’s thoughts have become my thoughts, and my thoughts have become his thoughts. Now with oneness of mind and will, centering on the Principle, let us move forward with determination.

(16)  For us, there is no stopping. We simply have to go forward. I hope and pray that you, true families throughout the world, will carry out your mission as new tribal messiahs with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience and become the victors who inherit Heaven’s great blessings and heavenly fortune. Heaven has poured great blessings upon us. All of us, including the second generation, need to fulfill that responsibility.

(17)  When I met True Father for the first time, I set two goals for myself: to conclude the providential history of restoration through indemnity and to realize God’s ideal world of creation. Nobody, not even True Father, told me what to do. But I realized that my failure to do this would make it more difficult for later generations. Therefore, my position today is the result of my constant effort to complete my mission.

Divine spirit, truth, and a church of love

(18)  The Unification Church originated from divine spirit and truth. The years have passed, our church has grown, and our members have matured, based upon a truly loving heart. In the beginning, when Father was ministering, whenever members came to the church, they never wanted to leave. They wanted to stay with True Parents, even if it meant staying up all night. If there was anything True Father wanted done, members wanted to do it for him spontaneously, without being asked. That was the life of faith our members led back then. Though ours was a small church, it was overflowing with love. Everyone was united, and we overcame the most difficult of times. We need to give Divine Principle lectures in our churches without ceasing in order to give people rebirth through the Word. Where individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations practice true love, that is Cheon II Guk. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth.

(19)  Sunday sermons should not last more than thirty minutes. A long sermon bores the members and makes them want to return home quickly. At the same time, the sermon's impact has to last for a week. When the sermon is finished, it is good for the church leader to listen to members’ witnessing reports, welcome new members, and do something to lift the members’ spirits. With such programs, the church will become truly vibrant. It will be filled with the energy of life. Both current and new members will hardly be able to wait another week before going back to church. The church has to be a place where members feel enriched both physically and spiritually. If a minister feeds his members with the nectar of the Word and creates a place where the members feel embraced with love, I am sure that the church will experience incredible growth.

(20)  All of True Father’s words and actions are like uncut jewels. I want to create something of the greatest value out of those jewels and keep it close to me where I can love it freely. You may feel the same way. As the first step, I will polish the words of Cheon Seong Gyeong, creating a jewel without which you cannot live. On the last day of your life, you will want to take this jewel with you to the spirit world. That is why I am working on this.

(21)  Christianity spread through the world with one book, the Bible. Father’s words should perform the same role. If the words are not put in order, there will be confusion in the future. I feel an urgent need to organize the volumes that contain the Word. I plan to engage a committee of elder members to review and edit in order to make all things clear for the sake of the future. We need to leave one root, one stem, and one fruit, that being the eternal Word of Father. Father’s words are the standard, signpost, and compass that people can use as a guide every day throughout their life. I am full of regret that Father’s words have not been organized.

(22)  When we publish True Father’s teachings, many committees need to examine the content before a book comes out. This is to benefit you and your descendants. I do it so that you can hold this book in your arms at the end of your earthly life when you go to the spirit world. Be proud in front of True Father. Report to him: “I received True Mother’s training during my life on earth and came to love Father’s teachings. And so I have come to you with this book in my arms.”

(23)  You have the True Parents with you. You have the Principle and the Word. Now we have to make True Fathers life known throughout the world. Our future will be bright. I will work to vitalize our church. Our church should be alive and breathing. Through our actions and practices, blessed families need to set an example and bring neighbors and clans to follow us.

(24)  From which year did True Father tell you to study Korean? The nearby nation of Japan must take on the mission of Eve. Must translators always follow you around to help you? You must now put into practice what Father said and learn Korean.

A life of gratitude

(25)  Our ultimate goal is to create Cheon II Guk in attendance to God. The first thing we have to do for this goal is to examine ourselves. According to Father, Cheon II Guk is established when two people become one. Therefore, in our life of faith, the most important thing is to live in a place of one hundred percent unity between mind and body. What do we have to do to live in such a place? Begin with what I have said: “Before you criticize things that are wrong, you should say these words with a pure and sincere heart: ‘I offer thanks to Heaven.'" If you can stand on a foundation of oneness on the individual and familial levels, at church, in your tribe, in your country, and the world, then the unified world centered on God will be realized naturally. If you live with this mindset, Heaven will always be with you in everything you do, and blessings will pour down upon you.

(26)  Each of you needs to empty your heart and repent, truly repent. Those in high positions need to come down to low positions with an earnest heart. Thank Heaven for awakening your heart to be able to repent for everything and for the ability to look at yourself and make a new beginning. At the end of each day, think back on the things you did and pray to God. Ask Him to help you complete the things you were not able to do that day by investing everything you have the next day. If you live with a heart of gratitude, everything around you begins to look beautiful. You become happy. Then you cannot keep your happiness to yourself, so you will start witnessing to others. You will not be able to help to witness to others.

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