Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 407

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Vision of Cheon II Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 3: Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon II Guk, 39-43

(39)  The hope we share with our Heavenly Parent is that there will not be a single person on the earth who does not know about our Heavenly Parent. It is our responsibility to make this happen. We have to merit the titles of filial child and patriot by making a life-and-death determination and marching forward with utmost effort.

(40)  We are sinners in the eyes of Heaven. In light of the grace we have received from Heaven, we have not been able to fulfill our responsibility. Is there anyone who can stand up and proudly say he or she has completed everything? Now, for the first time in history, we are ushering in Foundation Day, a day of blessing that has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Do you intend to receive this blessing without having done anything for it, or will you receive it based on your qualification as a son or daughter? Once again, we need to think about True Father, who has departed this earth before us, and we need to repent. We need to forgive one another. We need to give greater honor to our Heavenly Parent, who has been suffering behind the scenes throughout the providence of restoration. We are unworthy to stand before True Parents, who have given everything unsparingly, and who desire that each of us become a proud citizen of Cheon II Guk. We are woefully unprepared. What do you have to do? You need to take the lowest position and receive the coming Foundation Day with a repentant heart, as you ask Heaven to take pity on you.

(41)  As blessed families in all parts of the world prepare to welcome Foundation Day, they should ensure in this period of time that they have nothing to be ashamed of before Heaven. I have opened all the doors through Foundation Day. I have opened the doors wide for anyone who resolves to be filial, loyal and faithful, and to put his or her beliefs into action. We must practice absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience until our last moment on earth, centered on True Parents. If we make such a resolution and carry it out, we will not need to pay indemnity in the future. We need to prepare for the era of Cheon II Guk that is free from indemnity. That will come when we fulfill our responsibility.

(42)  I sincerely ask everyone here to remain loyal, devoted, and enthusiastic. On this foundation, we will give birth to the citizens of Cheon II Guk and nurture them as we expand throughout our nation. But it is not only for this nation. Until we give rebirth to the seven billion people of the world, we will move forward, devoting ourselves completely with life-or-death commitment. We have to offer this nation to Heaven. Before anything else happens, North and South Korea should reunite. In this context, are you aware of the important role of women? We need to go beyond the work of a daughter and take on the mother’s mission. We should give birth to and raise children. True Father built a big house and gave it to us. We should organize it, arrange it carefully and furnish it well. That is our responsibility.

(43)  I hope and pray that your heartfelt devotion will bring glory to heaven and joy to the earth and that you will all become recognized and beloved citizens of Cheon II Guk in the eternal era of Cheon II Guk. Let us once again resolve to do our best to accelerate our work, the work of guiding the seven billion people of the world to become citizens under our Heavenly Parent. Only if you have achieved this will you be free when you pass on into the next world, and will you live in a world that is free from accusation. If you are unable to fulfill your responsibility on earth, accusation will follow you to the eternal world. In that event, you will have trouble breathing in the spirit world, where breathing takes place through your heart of love. You need to fulfill your responsibility while you still have your physical body on the earth so that you can stand free before True Parents in the eternal world and be authentically proud of yourself.

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