Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 404

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Vision of Cheon II Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 3: Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon II Guk, 03-14

(3)  True Father proclaimed that Foundation Day is the most important day for us. From the time of the Enthronement Ceremony for God’s Kingship twelve years ago, Father set countless providential conditions to prepare for it. This is not a day that comes by casual happenstance. As He carried out the providence of restoration, God prepared the Israelites as the chosen people. They were yearning for the Savior. They believed everything would be solved when the Savior came to them and that he would come in a glorious way. It seems they didn’t understand indemnity. The providential history of restoration depends upon human responsibility. When one’s responsibility is not fulfilled, indemnity follows without fail. Nothing about this has changed in this age.

(4)  According to heavenly law, True Father will now make the spirit world his base and, while freely traveling between the spirit world and the physical world, will carry out the providence to expand Cheon II Guk. True Father and I shall preside over the providence in a state of oneness in heart, essence, harmony, and thought. Through the victory of Foundation Day, we will be with you in building the original garden of Eden on earth. There is no stopping the providential work of Heaven.

(5)  The suffering that True Father and I experienced in the providential course of restoration through indemnity, a course with which not even Heaven could interfere, is beyond imagination. We even lost four children of the True Family as sacrificial offerings for the providence. Who dares to say that they can comprehend this painful course of restoration through indemnity? I have dedicated my entire being, sharing the joys and sorrows of life with True Father as his companion, overcoming innumerable trials and difficulties. On that victorious foundation, Heaven bestowed upon True Father and me the right of equality, the right to live together, and the right to hold the same position in the providence.

(6)  True Father accomplished many things before his passing. It remains for us to inherit and develop his work. I intend to take responsibility for this, standing in the forefront. This truly is difficult. It is not easy to maintain both the internal and external levels. From wherever you are, each of you will have to help me.

(7)  At this new transitional point in providential history, I want to make clear that I shall inherit True Father’s victorious foundation and stand at the forefront to lead the providence on earth. While doing so, there are several things I would like to convey to everyone.

The way we need to go from now

(8)  First, we must absolutely value the tradition True Parents established as much as we value our own life and pass it down to our descendants, the future generations. True Parents established the tradition of love and heart, the tradition of the Word and the rules and regulations, and the tradition of the culture of heart. The hoondokhae tradition of reading the Word, which is the crystallization of True Parents’ course in the providence of restoration through indemnity, should become the central practice in each family, as well as in the church and at any gathering centered on Heaven. At the same time, we need to go forward in creating a new order on earth. Please never forget True Parents’ tradition, based upon which our organization will be developed and united as one body. It will have perfect order, based on the True Family, with True Parents as its center and Abel figure.

(9)  Second, we need to complete the ideal of the blessed family with which Heaven has blessed us. The family is the cradle of true love, true life, and true lineage and the base upon which God’s purpose of creation is realized. Based on the eight verses of the Family Pledge, you should uphold the tradition of the absolute good lineage with absolute faith. Our vision for peace evokes pure love, happy families, and a peaceful world. Blessed couples should raise their children through love and the Word in a tradition of attending Heaven with absolute love and attaining complete oneness. Through hoondokhae in your families, you should foster the firm establishment of the Cheon II Guk order and fulfill the ideal of the Blessing. That is how the tradition of heart can take root both vertically and horizontally according to the standard of vertical, high noon alignment.

(10)  Third, you have all received the blessing of being tribal messiahs, which is your mission and responsibility until the time we complete Cheon II Guk on earth. Tribal messiahship is the greatest of all blessings given by True Parents. It could not come to fallen people without the foundation of victory True Parents established in the providence of restoration through indemnity. That is why True Parents consistently emphasized the tribal messiah mission during their lifelong governance of the providence. The completion of Cheon II Guk in heaven and on earth becomes possible when tribal messiahs fulfill their responsibility to share the Word and the Blessing with their tribes and live for the sake of others. This will establish a realm of goodness, a peaceful world, and the ideal of humanity living as one global family.

(11)  Fourth, we will create a community based on the culture of heart, in harmony and unity, with True Parents and true families. Each of you, without exception, found the path of God’s Will because Heaven chose you. It was based on the merits of your ancestors and because of the character you personally acquired. In order to follow True Parents and enter this realm of victory that we have now, you have faced immeasurable persecution. That makes us all a part of a single family, a community of heart centered on one Parent. Division and conflict continue to afflict the world, but the Unification family can become brothers and sisters who can easily transcend race, nation, and any barrier. If you can display an exemplary life of giving and living for the sake of others, this dream will surely come true. Especially in this time of great transition in the providence, I ask that you unite with True Parents in your heart.

(12)  Although True Father is in the spirit world, he is always with us. He exists without corporeal form, but he never leaves our side, even for a moment. What do you think he desires from us at this time? He desires that we march forward without pausing. God’s providence has to continue throughout the world until, with True Parents as the center, love and peace overflow, a culture of heart settles, and a new order is established. Moreover, from the victory of Foundation Day, we should advance further to offer great glory to Heaven and to True Parents and to instill great hope as we stand before the world and before all of history.

Indemnity for the sake of the future

(13)  In the history of God’s providence, no advancement comes without indemnity. Indemnity does not only mean something bad. Through it arises a promise for the future. The providence of restoration through indemnity is not achieved easily. Progress requires indemnity on a large scale at every stage of the providence. Since the onset of history, no one has been able to say, “I have accomplished everything. I have liberated God and completed, perfected, and concluded everything so the history of the providence can begin anew.” Has there ever been a person who could say this, who could claim this, and who lived like this, fulfilling Heaven’s commands? You are now standing in a blessed position, at the center of the providence.

(14)  True Father worked day and night without rest throughout his entire life. I also have not slept more than three hours a day since I began attending him. As a result, we were tired all throughout the day. Now, True Father has gone to the spirit world. He transcends time and space and will be working tirelessly. I imagine he does not have time to rest. If you have been unable to fulfill your responsibility, you need to resolve to invest yourself to the utmost with a life-or-death commitment. The life you have been leading up until now will not suffice. We must create a new beginning. This is our last chance.

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