Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 403

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Vision of Cheon II Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 1: The Background and Proclamation of Foundation Day, 13
Section 3: Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon II Guk, 02


(13)  God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World can also be called the Association of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. It is not just an association in which the Parents of Heaven and Earth become the ancestors or in which the Parents of Heaven and Earth become the origin of history. This association includes everything. The realm of Sabbath rest, based on the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, is the era in which peaceful settlement is secured. This process is realized through the eight stages, or eras, of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. The eras of the individual, family, tribe, people, and nation are five stages. When we go through the stages of the world, cosmos, and finally the stage of God, we fulfill eight stages. We each have to go through these eight stages. However, without restoration through indemnity, we cannot go through these stages. To complete these stages, your possessions must become God’s. Your blessings have to become those of the Parents, of Adam and Eve. When God becomes the Owner and the Parent, an association of the Parents of Heaven and Earth is realized, centered on True Parents.

Section 2. True Parents, who Have Fully Achieved the Will

(1)  As Saviors of the world, True Parents are the True Teachers and True King and Queen. They fulfill these three roles also in the religious realm and the realm of the chosen people. Jesus came to connect heaven and earth and establish sovereignty over the nation of Israel, the realm of the chosen people. The three roles are one. After recreating the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, establishing it in its originally intended position, the True Parents must affix their seal, showing that they have finished everything. This concludes with God giving the blessing, “For the eternal and infinite expansion, march forward into the age of eternal peace and sovereignty of love, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.”

(2)  How painful it must have been for God to sacrifice His sons and daughters, His whole family and His country, to save Satan’s sons and daughters. He did so because it was essential as a foundation for the eternal establishment of peace. Otherwise, peace would have been eternally impossible. God is the King of wisdom. Our current level of knowledge needs to be elevated to a higher dimension in order to grasp all of reality. Behind reality is something profoundly complex, high, deep, and wide. To achieve complete enlightenment, we must cross a vast ocean of hidden secrets. The greatness of the Unification Church is that it has proclaimed the Age of the Realm of Life of the Unity and Completed Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. That means that all has been accomplished.

(3)  Freedom, equality, peace, and happiness! There will be a world of abundant love, an age of ever-expanding true love, centered on God’s ideal of creation. The reign of love that liberates all nations will lead to the kingdom of heaven on earth and the age of eternal peace. We will reach the age of God’s full transcendence, full immanence, and omnipotence. That means everything will have been accomplished. Jesus achieved spiritual salvation through death on the cross, and I can then declare I have achieved everything in the completely unified world of heaven and earth. Therefore, when I go to visit God and say, “Rev. Moon has come,” as soon as He hears that, He will come down from His heavenly throne, where He has been lamenting as a prisoner, embrace me and weep. He will start weeping before I do, and He will shed more tears than I. When God cast His son out of Eden, the son shed tears of sorrow; but when he returns, God sheds tears of joy. Since the age of liberation, complete freedom and settlement of all God’s nations have dawned, no one and nothing in heaven and earth can deny this.

(4)  Eve’s wrongdoing turned heaven and earth upside down. Having discovered this and having attained the name of True Parents, I offered this to God, saying, “I have completed everything.” We can say, “Your hope and my hope have come true. Now that the two sets of parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, have become one, all creation, all of the parents of heaven, earth, and humankind, will live forever in the midst of God’s eternal love, Heaven on earth and Heaven in heaven.” You will see no beggars, and certainly no criminals, in your neighborhood.

(5)  When we look at the providence of restoration, everything has been resolved because the level we have reached is that of God’s absolute victory. It means that the conditions necessary to establish victory in the providence of restoration are in place. It is finished. Therefore, it is the absolute victory in the providential history. It is an absolute victory from all perspectives: the providential history, the providence of salvation, the ages of the family, tribe, people, nation, and the world, and the providence to restore the kingdom of heaven on earth. When we use the word “absolute,”  ‘it means it is done. It means that the age of the providence of indemnity has been completely fulfilled. Even when I die, in the age of God’s sovereignty, God can appear directly and teach directly without going through the Messiah.

(6)  A liberated nation represents the whole. What is a nation of complete freedom? Not everything is completed. We still have to turn the ownership over to God, and He has to say, “It is accomplished. What was once lost has been completely restored.” He will also say, “Everything is completely accomplished centered on God’s Will. Since all the blessings are accomplished, you will inherit everything I did in the name of the Blessing and the Will.”

(7)  All people can establish a nation where everything—whether in a relationship as inside and outside, right and left, or Cain and Abel—centers on our eternal God. Through the restoration of the whole through indemnity and the flowering of liberation and complete freedom, anyone can pick the fruit that these flowers bear. The world of sovereignty and the authority of victory, in which the kingdom of heaven itself begins, can spread everywhere. In that world, a myriad of descendants will revere the newborn that has Heaven’s royal authority. The age of complete liberation, complete freedom, perfection, and completion of all things, and the age of the eternal reign of peace will begin. Only when it reaches a level that God can recognize can there be liberation, complete freedom, restoration, and the realm of eternal life. That is my eternal hometown and my homeland. That is the world where perfect subject and object partners have become one. That is the ideal world under True Parents’ sovereignty, centered on God.

Section 3. Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon II Guk

True Mother’s Words

(1)  Today, we come to an exceedingly important turning point in God’s governance of His providence. It is unprecedented, historic, and revolutionary. The returning Lord, Messiah, Savior, and True Father, who came as the root of the lineage of original goodness, has departed to the spirit world. Consequently, we now stand at a providential starting point. From here, we have to inherit True Parents’ realm of victory and build the ideal kingdom of peace

A new beginning in the providence

(2)  Having been together with True Father my whole life, his Seonghwa brings me unfathomable pain and sorrow. What’s more, we cannot begin to fathom the sorrowful heart of God, who is the original substance of eternal love and the True Parent of humanity. From another perspective, however, this time is also one of hope to initiate a new dimension of God’s providence. We have this hope on the basis of True Father’s work in accordance with the heavenly laws that God established at the time of the creation of heaven and earth. He concluded, completed, and perfected the providential tasks on earth that had been unfulfilled by anyone in history. He has now transitioned to the spirit world, where he will exercise dominion over both the spiritual and physical worlds. There is no language, spoken or written, by which we can possibly express how we feel today. We stand at this juncture in the providence overwhelmed with emotion.
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