Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 402

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Vision of Cheon II Guk and Our Responsibility
Section 1: The Background and Proclamation of Foundation Day, 03-12


The background of the proclamation of Foundation Day

(3)  The number thirteen! January 13, 2001, is the day that I brought liberation and complete freedom to God. In 2013, we have to offer the nation before God. Because God took His position as King through the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God, God needs a nation. We must establish a people. If we want to offer God His kingdom, at least twelve years, twelve seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter must pass. We have to prepare the royal territory and then attend God as the King representing heaven and earth.

(4)  I held the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001, which marked the beginning of the third millennium. In 2013, after going over the peaks of twelve years beginning from that day, our families, people, nation, and the world have to bid a final farewell to the enemy land. No matter what pitiful circumstances beset us, we must not look back. We will carry aloft the torch of independence for the nation of our desire and shake heaven and earth with a resounding shout of victory. Let us not forget: we are advancing toward the day we will plant the flag of heaven's glory through the lightning of love. We have to shout of the new love that unites heaven and earth. After enduring tremendous hardships on this earth, where the history of sorrow has extended until now, True Parents achieved oneness with God and held the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. Yet the True Parents of heaven, earth, and humankind still have a responsibility remaining. Once we have gone beyond 2012 to the thirteenth day in 2013, we have to raise high a torch, a beacon of the founding of the nation and the nationwide victory and offer everything to Heaven.

(5)  I have to bind, on the world level, everything that Jesus left for us to accomplish. By the thirteenth day of the first month in 2013, within twelve years, I will resolve everything beginning here on earth and proceeding up to heaven. Adam and Eve turned everything upside down in one generation; therefore, in one generation, the returning Lord has to recover Adam's lost family foundation, Jesus’ lost national foundation, and the returning Lord’s forty years of hardship. Then the returning Lord has to unite God’s family with Cain and Abel in Adam’s family and go beyond the ideal of the family UN to the ideal of the cosmic kingdom of heaven, the era of liberation and complete freedom.

(6)  On the thirteenth of January, 2001, I offered the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God. However, this was not just about gaining royal authority. The Lord of Heaven and Earth must also be proclaimed. In 2013, because the recovery of the nation and the family will have returned everything to its original position, we will go beyond that to one united world with God at the center. There will be no boundary between heaven and earth. Previously, the individual, the family, and everything was in a state of conflict. This will be the era of unity, in which all can unite into one. We must end the fight between Cain and Abel, as well as the way rulers of nations have caused people of faith to shed blood. Then the younger brother has to ascend to the position of the elder brother. We must restore the murder of the younger brother by the elder brother, as well as the sacrifices Abel religious people have endured because of Cain. By recovering everything—the eight stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God—for the first time, starting from Abel on the individual level to the entire Cain world, we will create a new heaven and earth.

(7)  Unless the religions become one, we cannot realize the world of peace. Who can do that? Only Rev. Moon. By establishing a new model family, we can form a model nation and, on that basis, a model world. The model world in heaven and earth will frame the ideal world. It will be a world God can lead. We connect to the lineage of the un-fallen True Parents only when a mother stands in an equal position to a true father and embraces and unites Cain and Abel, God’s children, who were driven from the garden of Eden. When Cain and Abel become one centered on their mother, and the rulers and religious leaders of Israel unite, the parents will stand in the same position as the ones who were to become True Parents yet were chased from the garden of Eden. Then the parents who are the standard for blessed families at the world level will emerge, according to the laws of the Principle. Satan then will not be able to stand at the front but will have to retreat immediately. God, who had been relegated to the back, will return to His rightful position. In the garden of Eden, once Cain and Abel unite with God-centered Adam and Eve, all will be able to enter the realm of ownership. We have to offer this to God on the thirteenth day of the first month in 2013. In one generation, True Parents have to recover everything stolen by the false parent, Satan, through the false lineage.

(8)  On February 14, 2010, I proclaimed to the world the start of the heavenly calendar. The existing solar and lunar calendars now stand respectively in the positions of Cain and Abel and have the role of supporting the heavenly calendar, which will record and elucidate the new providence.

(9)  This is the era in which Heaven has proclaimed the heavenly calendar. It is a serious time. The time has come when the only way to live is by following the teachings of the True Parents of humankind, who have the seal of Heaven and will take responsibility for the eternal life of all humanity. Now is the time to reveal, be proud of, and praise the name of True Parents.

(10)  From now, let God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World come to the fore. The association’s name is composed of the Chinese characters for spirit, connect, and world (靈聯世). After the spiritual and earthly worlds become one, they should form God’s family, nation, world, and cosmos. God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World is more an association than an alliance. The Chinese character for “associate” (協) is a combination of two characters, a cross (十) and power (力). Power, however, is written three times. It is astonishing that this character could predict so well what was to come. Why is it that in the Chinese character for associate, we find the character for the cross and the character for power written small two times underneath it written large? It is because this character signifies the world of the cross where God, Cain, and Abel unite. This is the meaning of “association.” As the spirit world and earthly world connect through this association, anyone alive who participates in this, from the individual to the family, tribe, nation, world, and cosmos, is God’s beloved and will ascend to a position of value greater than the level of goodness that existed before the Fall. So, the association is named God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World.

(11)  Now is the era of God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World. That is to say, it is the era of the Association of God and Human Beings United in Love and the era of the Association of the Cosmic Parents. In other words, humankind has now entered the era of Heaven’s extraordinary grace. It is the era where people can regain God’s nation and original homeland, realize the liberated kingdom of heaven, and enjoy eternal blessings and pleasure.

(12)  Once the era of the substantial Cheon II Guk unfolds, God’s Association Connecting the Spirit World and the Earthly World will stand as the central axis and rule humanity. This means that substantial unity occurs between the spirit world and the physical world. The laws of nature and the way of Heaven will conduct the providence. There will no longer be secular elections on earth and, through the Blessing ceremony conducted internationally, one family of humankind will arise. We will enjoy tranquility and happiness while delighting in the reign of peace.

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