Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 40

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah
Section 3: The Messiah Becomes the True Parents, 4-14
Section 4: True Parents and Family Salvation, 1-4

(4) What kind of person is the coming Messiah? He stands as the substantiation of faith, hope, and love for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. Only when he stands in this position can the unfulfilled faith, hope and love in human history finally bear fruit. Otherwise, neither faith nor hope nor love can bear fruit. His words are not just those of one individual. It is the same for you too when you speak with conviction: your words will influence world history.

Understanding the Messiah and the process of engrafting

(5) God established religions in order to save the fallen world. The world had become Satan's territory. The Bible refers to wild olive trees, which are the olive trees under Satan's husbandry. Religions try to cultivate olive orchards that God can manage as He likes. Wild olive orchards are cultivated by Satan according to his desire, so God has no control over them. Through religion; however, God tries to bring Satan's orchards under His management. God expands the orchards under His control until He has a foundation that surpasses the global realm of Satan, the realm of evil olive trees. To do this, God created the various cultural spheres based on religion.

(6) Satan's realm already exists in the form of nations; hence, God needs a nation that He can lead for His providence. He also needs a man to come in the position of the Parent of this nation. This was the vision in Jesus' mind when he came as the Messiah to the people of Israel. If the first human beings had not fallen but become True Parents, then centered on them all humankind would have simply entered the kingdom of heaven. All people would have gone straight to heaven and become citizens of the kingdom, living in the heavenly palace. However, because of the Fall, all this was lost and instead the human race was plunged into hell. To correct this, God will send the true olive tree to the orchard of wild olive trees. But first, as the Owner preparing for the time when the True Parents will come, He established the realm of religion. This realm of religion is not yet composed of true olive trees. Still, among the orchards of wild olive trees on this planet Earth, there is a realm of wild olive trees that is, at least, within God's jurisdiction. Hence, when the true olive tree appears, they can be cut and the work of engrafting can begin.

(7) God created the world, but Satan stole it from him; that has been God's situation to this day. However, God ultimately cannot lose; thus His plan is to send one true olive tree to the earth to serve as a model. However, the true olive tree, the Messiah, should not come alone. Because Satan's world formed societies and nations centering on couples, the Messiah cannot bear fruit as the true olive tree if he comes alone. The Messiah needs his bride and they must become one; then he can bear fruit as the true olive tree. To fulfill this, Jesus came to the earth as the bridegroom to find his bride and then cultivate an orchard of true olive trees. He was supposed to lead the movement to cut all the wild olive trees of Satan's world and engraft them. God created the environment for this engrafting to be done all at once through Judaism, the chosen people of Israel; they were the sphere of tribes under His management.

(8) Six thousand years ago, centered on the vertical and horizontal love of both sets of parents—God, the vertical Parent and the first human beings, the horizontal parents—humankind was supposed to make a joyful beginning. But Satan invaded that original starting point. What was lost then should now be taken back; hence, you must become the sons and daughters of True Parents. Since you are wild olive trees, you need to receive a branch of the true olive tree and receive the engrafting. God intends that religions do the work of engrafting. That is why engrafting is a teaching of Christianity. The marriage feast of the bride and bridegroom must occur on earth.

(9) Satan tries to drag all human beings off to hell. But from among them, God separates people out one by one. These people were all wild olive trees in Satan's world, but God cultivates some to become wild olive trees on Heaven's side. God made them olive trees on His side and raised them to lead the world. This is the democratic world, which is based on Christianity. When the world on Satan's side weakens and the Christian cultural sphere is well established, the Lord will return, cut the wild olive trees all at once, engraft to them completely, make them one, and turn them around.

(10) The True Parents are the Lords who correct the lineage. They know the secret of how to do that. When the first parents fell they became the false parents, but the True Parents know how to deal with this problem and revive them by giving them an injection of life—that is, by establishing the standard of true love, true life and true lineage, and then connecting that standard to them, replacing the false love, life and lineage. Thus they turn from false back into true. In reversing the situation; however, True Parents cannot give rebirth to all families at once. They will engraft themselves to those families branch by branch. In order to engraft to a wild olive tree family, there needs to be a model true olive tree family. When a shoot from the model olive tree family is engrafted and three years have passed, each wild olive tree family can bear the fruits of a true family. I am saying that I will engraft a shoot of the True Parents to the mothers and fathers from false, wild olive tree families and transform them into families of True Parents' sons and daughters.

The foundation to receive the Messiah

(11) As a result of the Fall, this world became Satan's. Hence, in this world there are any number of individuals, families, tribes, and nations on Satan's side. But that is not so for Heaven's side. There are individuals on Heaven's side, but no families, tribes, peoples or nations that have reached Heaven's standard. Hence, it is crucial that the Messiah as an individual has a foundation upon which to win over families, tribes, and nations. Without it, there will be no way for ordinary people to rise to that standard. God prepared a realm within which individuals and families could rise together with the Messiah when he came to the earth. The people of Israel constituted that realm. They believed they were the chosen people. But the nation of Israel did not rise to that standard. It could not achieve that level. It is as if the chosen people are straddling the line; yet it is their hope to cross that line. If they do not, it is a serious problem. And yet, no matter how they try, they cannot succeed in it by themselves.

(12) When the Messiah comes to the people of Israel, if they unite with him with the determination to die for him and together with him, then Satan cannot pull them away no matter how hard he may try. Then individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations will engraft and will be raised up at the same time. So there must be the principle of a chosen people in this world. Based on this people whom God chooses, He needs to form a nation. The existence of the term "chosen people" is itself evidence of God's existence. From the perspective of this principle, a prophecy that the Messiah will be sent is evidence of God's existence.

(13) Why do we need the Messiah? First, because of the Fall we have false parents. Our first parents, who were supposed to unite with God, were lost. The Messiah is the one who brings the position of Parents who are able to become one with God to us. Second, we need the Messiah to give us a second birth. We have Satan's blood in our veins, so the Messiah must extract that blood from us, removing us from the position of Satan's sons and daughters. He gives us this second birth by engrafting to us. Third, the Messiah makes Satan surrender, by means of us. In other words, the Messiah comes in order to qualify us to judge him and return him to the position of servant.

(14) What will happen in the Last Days? The cosmos-centered way of thinking will appear. It teaches us how to relate to God. People are ignorant of God and His existence, and hence they do not know how to deal with their situation in the Last Days. Also, they do not know what will happen at that time. The person Heaven sends to deal with this, when the time comes and the environment is prepared, is the Messiah, the Savior. The Savior is not just a historical, global, great teacher. Most of all, he is our Father. God is our internal Father and the coming Savior is our external Father.

Section 4: True Parents and Family Salvation

(1) Because the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell at the completion level of the growth stage, all human beings lost their original parents. In other words, although God intended to establish our first ancestors as the True Parents, that did not happen. God wanted a family that could bring Him joy, but He had no such family. The four-position foundation with God at the center never materialized. Instead, fallen descendants were born in fallen families. They all fell into a realm of evil in which they had no direct relationship with God. Therefore God has been toiling to find a family with whom He can relate both inwardly and outwardly. This is the history of the providence of restoration.

The providence to restore the family

(2) Fallen humankind must meet God's Son, who is outside the realm of Satan's accusation. The human race as a whole has no parents in the true sense. All of you have fallen parents, but you were unable to have parents who had attained perfection in accordance with Heaven's Will. Once God has His Son and daughter, He needs them to restore the Parents whom He can love, and then for those Parents to form a family. God will seek out that family. Where the Parents' family is, there is God's love. That is where we will meet with God.

(3) We on the earth today must find our brothers and sisters, our father and mother, and our own home in our original hometown. There, parents dwell centered on God's love. The love these parents give their family is well received by their sons and daughters. In that environment, everything is in harmony and everything goes well. There, people sing songs of love. This hometown will expand horizontally to form a people. But first the family must be recovered through religion, because Adam lost the family.

(4) Before Adam and Eve fell they were like the substantial bodies of God. Had they become internally one with God and externally one with each other, the family they formed would have been God's family. The sons and daughters born to that family would have been God's sons and daughters. However, Satan violated Eve and ultimately caused Adam to fall as well. At the age of sixteen, while they were still immature and knew nothing about love, Satan invaded them. Satan made an unprincipled love relationship and entered the place where God should have dwelled. Then who was the father of Adam and Eve? It was Satan. That is why the Bible records that Jesus said, "You are from your father the devil" and called people a "brood of vipers" (John 8:44; Matt. 12:34). John the Baptist called them the same thing. The serpent mentioned in the Bible is the ancestor of the human race.



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