Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 41

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah
Section 4: True Parents and Family Salvation, 5-13
Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth
Section 1: The Path of Rebirth and Restoration, 1-2

(5) God's work of re-creation is to recover the lost family of Adam in the realm of Satan's world. It is to create a victorious family that will never perish, but will withstand Satan's strongest opposition. God is trying to create a family that will live in His palace, with His true life and true love at its center. That is the highest goal of the providence of salvation. The purpose of the history of the providence of salvation until today has been to find that perfect family. Jesus could not do this at his coming. Originally, Jesus was supposed to create a perfect family and govern the nation. Then he was to enter Rome and bring it to God. Had he done that, he would have united the world. Then he could have returned to his hometown.

(6) What has God been looking for? He does not seek a subject partner; rather He seeks ideal object partners. He looks for those who resemble Him and reflect the inner and outer aspects of the world He created. The result of this search, and the new starting point, is the family. Nothing can represent the universe better than the family. Unity with one's parents is the meeting point of past and present. In our families, with each of us at the center, we can love the past by loving our parents, love the present by loving our spouse and love the future by loving our children. To deeply experience the love of three generations is to connect the past, the present, and the future. The family is the core body where these three kinds of love are concentrated.

(7) Throughout history up to the present day, individuals have modeled themselves on other individuals. Societies change, modeling themselves on more developed societies. Many people, and many nations, have tried to do this. However, there has not been a family that people have tried to emulate. In the history of the world, there has been no such family to this day. Nor has there been a teaching that guides people to emulate a certain family. There have been many assertions about emulating certain nations or individuals, but no such assertions about families. Then what is the problem that still remains? It is not that we need an individual or a nation to worship, but that we need a family that everyone can revere. It is only that kind of family that can found a new world and bring eternal happiness to the universe. If we settle down with such a family, it will become the basis for our happiness as well.

The age of family salvation

(8) What has God sought to establish through His providence of restoration over six thousand years? It is the family. Before establishing a nation, a tribe or a church, God sought to establish the family. More specifically, He sought to find partners through whom to establish His family. That family is indispensable for forming a nation. It is the basis of everything. Jesus, who came on the foundation of four thousand years of history, also needed to form a family. But he could not find his Eve, who would have been the basis of their family. In other words, he was unable to find his bride. And although he did find three disciples as his spiritual sons, they, in the position of Cain, had no opportunity to serve the sons and daughters of his direct lineage. Instead, these Cain-type disciples opposed him on the family level, and Jesus as the resurrected Lord could not reach the standard to restore that. Jesus' family was to have represented the three stages of formation, growth, and completion. To restore that requires the three eras of Adam, Jesus, and the Second Coming. This lack of a family foundation was a major reason that Jesus had to die on the cross.

(9) Jesus came to recover the family. The work of salvation is the work of restoration. Humankind is sick, and those who are sick need to be healed. Jesus came to save fallen people. Since the family was lost, salvation means to restore the lost family. It is not possible to find that which is lost without returning to the original place. To repeat, why must we restore the family? It is because the original family was lost. Humanity is sick and in need of healing. People are fallen and must be restored.

(10) Today's religions uphold individual salvation as their standard, but the religion that the whole world can appreciate and that God will establish in the new age must be a religion that can save families. Even if only the husband is saved, if his wife follows him, she will automatically enter the kingdom of heaven with him. Likewise, if the wife pays all the necessary indemnity for her family, then her husband will go wherever she goes. In other words, a man who believes his wife's words to the point that he would put his life on the line to follow her will go to the kingdom of heaven. Also, a woman who absolutely obeys her husband's words will go to the kingdom of heaven.

(11) Unless we recover the family centered on God, we cannot recover a nation or the world. When Jesus came to the earth, he was meant to establish a family that God could love unreservedly. In other words, that one man came as the bridegroom. Had he found his bride, then from that point true parents, true husbands and wives and true brothers and sisters would have emerged. Because Jesus could not fulfill this during his time on earth, he prophesied that he would come again to fulfill it. This was the prophecy of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the wedding of the bridegroom and his bride. Only when we have a God-centered family can we restore a tribe, restore a people and restore the world. That is why the family is the issue. This means that the bridegroom and the bride must meet.

(12) How will history unfold? The Lord, the bridegroom, will come and meet his bride. This will bring forth the era of the religious realm of the bridegroom and the bride. This can be viewed as the religion of the True Parents, but it is not really a religion. When this happens, what we know as religion will disappear. We will receive salvation by attending the True Parents. This means that the age of salvation through attendance is coming. Therefore True Parents' words should become the root of our words. All True Parents' feelings, physical and emotional, should become our feelings. True Parents' lifestyle should become the basis for the tradition of our own families; that is, it should become our family culture.

(13) We have already entered the era of the True Parents, so we do not need to focus on witnessing to others. We have to witness to ourselves. We have to save ourselves; we have to save our families. Our married couples must be saved and our sons and daughters must be saved. You are the fruits of the entire providence of history. You are its fruits. Until today, human beings have been unable to gather such fruit. There are lots of trees—many denominations—but none of them has been able to gather such fruit. It is in the Unification Church that such fruit is harvested for the first time.

Chapter 3: True Parents and Rebirth

Section 1: The Path of Rebirth and Restoration

(1) When we look into the origin of the Fall, we discover that it began with misdirected love. The Fall occurred when human beings, who were intended to embody God and receive His love, instead came to embody Satan. Had Adam and Eve become temples of God by becoming one with Him, and become husband and wife as originally intended, since they would have been united with God both spiritually and physically, they would have given birth to God-centered sons and daughters. Yet in John 8:44 Jesus indicated that Satan is the father and ancestor of the human race. The fact that our ancestors fell means that human beings ultimately became Satan's temples. This means they came to embody Satan and gave birth to Satan's sons and daughters. This was the Fall. The Fall was that Adam and Eve, going against God's desire, paired with Satan and engaged in love relations that were corrupt and immoral.

Human beings need rebirth and restoration

(2) What is God's plan for achieving His desire to save humankind? No matter how much God wants to save us from the realm of the Fall, He cannot do it by Himself. God must send another Adam and Eve to this earth as the True Parents. They must have nothing to do with the Fall and reach a higher level than the first Adam and Eve. Then God must have these True Parents go through the course of labor to give rebirth to all humankind. In this way, God will bring human beings to exist without any relationship with Satan and be eternally free from his accusation, so that God alone can have dominion over them. Human beings have original sin. Unless they are born again, they cannot be freed from that state and brought to a state of sinlessness.



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