Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 39

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah
Section 2: The Second Coming of Jesus and the True Parents, 11-19
Section 3: The Messiah Becomes the True Parents, 1-3

(11) The idea of the Second Coming is the idea of True Parents. It refers to our bond with the True Parents and the change of our lineage through the True Parents. However, one man or woman alone cannot accomplish this change of lineage. Not only must we make a vertical relationship with them; we also must replace our existing horizontal bonds. This means things must be turned upside down. This is because we must make connections based on the True Parents' heart.

(12) Unification Church members may think they have no relationship with Christianity, but that is absolutely wrong. The Old Testament Age was supposed to be the time for the restoration of Adam and Eve as the True Parents. The New Testament Age was also a time for the restoration of the True Parents, as is the Completed Testament Age. God's purpose to restore the True Parents has always been the same. The Messiah is the True Parents. Therefore the essence or purpose of Christianity, Judaism, and the Unification Church is the same. Then what is different? Judaism was to receive the Messiah, the True Parents, on the national level, and then expand to the world. What about Christianity? Christianity was to receive the Messiah, the True Parents, on a global foundation after Jesus departed this world. What is the Completed Testament Age? It is on the cosmic level. Its goal is to have even the spirit world receive the True Parents. It is on a different dimension. We have to make this distinction clear.

(13) Before the heavenly kingdom emerges, a heavenly people must come forth. What must be done for this heavenly people to arise? A people does not come into being all of a sudden. A special clan must first emerge, and this clan must arouse its people. This clan must arise from an extended family of close relatives. For these close relatives to come forth, one family must emerge as their center. For this family to appear there must be children, and for children to appear there must be parents. For the parents to appear there must be one man who can represent everything in heaven. He is the Messiah. If he is to become a parent, he must find a partner and unite with her. This is the teaching of Christianity about what will happen in the Last Days. Centered on Jesus, over the past two thousand years what had been turned upside-down has been spiritually restored on the global foundation of Christianity. This is spiritual Christianity. Now at this time, when Christianity receives the Messiah, its mission will be fulfilled.

The mission of the Messiah

(14) The greatest of all religions will be the one that establishes the logic of love and insists on the complete rejection of the fallen world. That accomplished, this religion must infuse its churches with positive love to bring about a greater world. An ideal world can then emerge. What kind of church is the Unification Church? It is the church where God can taste a love He never experienced before with human beings. It is the church with the mission to implant the root of God's love in people and in our world, something that has never been accomplished before.

(15) The lord of goodness and the lord of evil are fighting each other. They are waging a battle of good and evil over human beings. Who will end this battle?Neither God nor Satan can end it. Who can bring to an end the fight between the evil god and the good God? Neither God nor Satan can. Only a true person can end the battle. That person must be the lord of love—the one who begins from true love, possesses true love and can be followed by all people. Otherwise he would not be a true person, nor could he end the fight between God and Satan. Then who can resolve this fight? For this task, God has sent a representative entrusted with His mainstream teaching. This is the Messiah's teaching.

(16) What will the Messiah do when he comes? In all of history, God never had a nation. The Messiah comes as the commander-in-chief in the fight to restore one nation to God, a nation with sovereignty, territory, and people. Then, on that foundation, the Messiah will fight to restore the entire world—all the realms that expanded horizontally from the fallen ancestors—to God. This is the mission of the Messiah. To subjugate Satan, it is not enough just to recover one nation. Since Satan has global sovereignty, he must be stripped of his sovereignty throughout the world. Only then will the realm of liberation unfold on the earth. God created the garden of Eden as a garden of freedom and peace. If any shadow of Satan's opposition remains anywhere on earth, the ideal of that garden will not be realized. The kingdom of heaven on earth will be completed only when every shadow of Satan's antagonism has disappeared from the earth.

(17) The task of the Messiah on the individual level is to subjugate Satan and eradicate his lineage, thereby paving the way to individual victory. He then must pave the way to victory for the family, nation, and world. This is the path the Messiah must walk. First, he must pave the way for individuals; second, for families; third, for nations; and fourth, for the world. After the Messiah wins the individual victory, even if Satan mobilizes the entire world—even if the nations of the democratic world join in Satan's attack on the Messiah—he must fight against them all and win. He must win on the family level and then on the worldwide level. In other words, he must gain victory in a one-on-one fight, just as Jacob did when he prevailed over the angel. Then he leads an all-out attack against Satan's world. Now the time has come for this. To accomplish it, a representative nation is needed at the forefront. That nation is Korea.

(18)  What kind of person is the coming Lord? He is a man who must bring Satan to surrender, and then win over myriads of spiritual beings, the numerous spiritual leaders of the different religions, and the leaders of every walk of life who abide in the realms of the spirit world. One by one he must win them over. As he guides them with his godly character and true love, they will come to understand the true reality of religion and the universe, and they will surrender. This will happen because all beings in this universe desire to be absorbed into the realm of the Lord of love on earth, who is higher than they are. Once he wins them over through true love, he should inherit all their authority. He should receive the inheritance of a unifying authority. This is the responsibility the Messiah must fulfill on earth.

(19) There are spiritually oriented people today who brag as if they are something special in this world.  However, they do not understand how to resolve the fundamental problems in the fallen realm.  They are just offering devotions and biding their time. That is not enough. Victory must be gained first over Satan's realm, then over all the realms of the spirit world. That is not a visible world; it is invisible. Without fighting and defeating Satan in the invisible world, there is no way for us to go forward in the spirit world. In fact, we would not even be able to properly enter the spirit world, due to his incessant interruptions; and even if we could, we would not be able to win the battle. So we need to gain victory over Satan's realm. Then, in the spirit world, we need to win over all faiths, from the least up to the highest of the mainstream religions, including Christianity. This means we must inherit everything from these religions. When we have fought all these battles at every level we will receive God's official recognition of our victory in heaven and on earth. He will say to us, "You are the victors over Satan and over the evil spirit world." Then, with His words written on our banner, we can begin to take action here on earth. That work remains to be done.

Section 3: The Messiah Becomes the True Parents

(1) Today, fallen people are wandering about, searching for a philosophy of hope and for the one point through which they can return to God. Their ultimate purpose is to find the one person who can rejoice, communicate and harmonize with heaven and earth and manifest the glory of Heaven. This one person is the one who will substantiate the purpose of our faith, hope, and love. I believe that you have already learned through the Principle of Restoration that everything—including the indemnity conditions needed to build the foundation of faith and to rid oneself of fallen nature—is based on faith. In order to rid us of our fallen nature, however, we need the Messiah, who is the substantiation of hope. The time of hope we have been waiting for is when the Messiah comes. The Messiah is the very being for whom our faith and our hope is purposed. When this purpose is realized through the Messiah, what is the only thing that will remain to be fulfilled? Love. This love comes through becoming perfect embodiments of faith and hope. The Messiah is the one who comes as the representative of that love.

The Messiah comes as the fruit of faith, hope, and love

(2) People are yearning for the time when the impossible can become possible. Facing the impossible in their lives, fallen people wander in search of the right person—the person who can realize the purpose of their faith, hope, and love. Therefore, in order to proclaim our faith, we need a person who is the substantiation of faith. To proclaim our hope, we need a person who is the substantiation of hope. To proclaim our love, we need a person who is the substantiation of love. The one who is the substantiation of faith, hope, and love is a true person who was born without any ties to the Fall, the one who has no relationship to the world of the Fall. It is through him that heaven and earth will be set straight, through him that Heaven's glory will begin for the first time, and through him that the love between the Father and His son will truly commence. Also, through him, based on substantiating the father-son relationship, there will come a husband-wife relationship, and from that husband and wife, a family will emerge. In this way, a new heaven and earth will begin.

(3) The coming Messiah is the substantiation of faith, hope, and love. To qualify as the substantiation of faith, he must achieve victory in a global-level struggle based on faith. The title of Messiah cannot be attained without that result. In order to become the substantiation of hope, he must achieve victory in a global struggle based on hope. The same sort of victory is needed to become the substantiation of love. What is the purpose of seeking to fulfill faith, hope, and love in our lives of faith? Some might have faith to save themselves as individuals. Others might have faith to save their own families. Going one step further, some might seek to be the substantiation of faith for the sake of their tribe, nation, the world or heaven and earth. It is harder to save a family than an individual, harder to save a tribe than a family and harder to save a people than a tribe. The larger the level, the more difficult salvation becomes.


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