Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 399

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 5. Living as an Owner of Cheon II Guk and the Family Pledge, 75-91


(75)  Families that embody God and True Parents are those that mobilize heavenly fortune. For this reason, after receiving blessings, you should not remain self-satisfied and just enjoy your life. You should eventually become part of God’s royal family and make all humankind into God’s people.

(76)  You have to know how heavenly fortune comes to you. Heavenly fortune is something that is always circulating. The path along which it travels is eternal, revolving in a circular motion in accordance with the unchanging, eternal law. It goes around and around, moving attuned to destiny through the ups and downs of history. The question is how we, standing here, align with it.

(77)  The fortune of natural law does not move randomly. It moves in a lawful and orderly fashion, following its orbit. Every being that is aligned with heavenly fortune exists to live for the sake of others.

(78)  Heavenly fortune never perishes. We are sometimes sidetracked by circumstances, but heavenly fortune never changes its course. Because it follows God’s orbit, it is eternal. Just as the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter succeed each other in their immutable cycle, heavenly fortune leads individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the world as it moves along its unchanging orbit. Yet human beings are oblivious to this.

(79)  Heavenly fortune supplies everything that a good person needs. So don’t be greedy with desire; don’t seek to hoard everything for yourself. You have to choose one of two ways, either to reach the top and then go down or to go to the bottom and then come up. If you go to a humble place, heavenly fortune will naturally supply you with everything.

(80)  If you wish to ride heavenly fortune, first you had better know the path that it follows. Its path is not one that everyone likes; it is not the path of pleasure, eating, and drinking. In fact, it is a path that everyone loathes to go. It is the path where you have to always be grateful, always fulfill your responsibility and always return glory to God. Those who walk this path can ride heavenly fortune.

(81)  You did not receive blessings so that you alone would be successful in life. Actually, since you were called first, before others, you have to strive to transform the families of your brothers and sisters around the world so that they resemble your family. You blessed families need to propagate heavenly fortune by transforming other families to become like yours. Heavenly fortune has no place for selfish motivation. To ride it, you should bring peace and harmony within your family and then unite all other families by bringing peace and harmony to them.

(82)  Your family must embody True Parents; then you can mobilize heavenly fortune. Wherever you go, everyone will follow you to realize the ideal of creation. Accordingly, you need to convey Heaven's blessing to your community. When you do this, you will be able to launch the world of the culture of heart. The question is how you can leave behind in history a lineage that will not be defiled in later generations that span the millennia. This matter will determine whether you become a meritorious citizen of the heavenly kingdom, the kingdom blessed by God in the spirit world. This is the formula.

(83)  Your ancestors in the spirit world will make you pay indemnity if you do not spread God’s blessing to your communities now. They will resist you. They will keep blocking your way and interfering with you. They will say, “How is it that your actions do not conform to the content in the Family Pledge?” This is why I am telling you to share the blessing with everyone. If you do not, you will be in trouble in the spirit world. The Family Pledge is an important covenant in writing.

The seventh pledge of the Family Pledge

(84)  The seventh pledge of the Family Pledge reads, “Our family, the owner of Cheon II Guk, pledges, through living for the sake of others, to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage, by centering on true love.” The most important thing in keeping to the path of the Unification faith is that no matter what happens, you must not stain the original lineage.

(85)  The seventh pledge of the Family Pledge is important. We have to root our families in the original lineage that is based on true love. If we are to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, we must inherit the original lineage, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Our world is based on the culture of heart. It is one united extended family centered upon the one love of God. As such, the five races will live as one great family, in which no one is above or below anyone else. Such a time is coming.

(86)  Once we inherit the original God-centered lineage, the original culture of God’s heart begins to unfold. As long as the original lineage remains lost, the culture of God’s heart cannot emerge. Culture continues through history. Furthermore, culture is based on the family, and from there, it propagates to the society, nation, and world. Therefore, to propagate the culture of heart requires that we leave behind a pure lineage. Without that, we will be cut off from the world of the culture of heart. Keeping a pure lineage is the way we must center our life on the realm of the culture of heart.

(87)  The original lineage is not fallen. To return our lineage to its original state, we need to sever ourselves from Satan’s lineage and restore our lineage through indemnity. For this, we need to be engrafted. When our fallen root is pulled out, and we are engrafted, the seeds of the original lineage will emerge after three generations. These seeds, from the fruit of the engrafted tree, should be planted and grow into original true olive trees. This takes three generations to complete. Only after the third generation has passed will the seeds that are collected and then planted become true olive trees. It is like passing through three ages.

(88)  The original lineage is the God-centered lineage. When we are rooted in that original lineage, we want to live for the sake of others, and then we can build the world based on the culture of heart. Our calling is to pass on a pure lineage that will last for thousands of generations. The Fall, which a man and woman committed in one careless moment, created a world that no one desired in both the spiritual and physical realms.

(89)  You should be able to exercise dominion over love. You should not act carelessly. Our task is to build a world based on the culture of heart, where people live for the sake of others. The culture of heart is based on God’s love. We are pursuing the world of original culture. In this world, nothing is disconnected from true love.

(90)  People who live for the sake of others will not perish. Moreover, people who live for the sake of others are continually coached from the spirit world. The spirit world constantly connects them to new things. Since they connect to new things, they inevitably gain fame and become known throughout the world.

(91)  What is the way to unite and become the starting point of peace? It is by living for the sake of others. God established this principle not only for Himself but also for true people. By living for the sake of others, true love can emerge; by living for the sake of others, the true ideal, true peace, and true happiness can also emerge. They cannot be found apart from that. This principle is the root of the creation of heaven and earth, but people have been unaware of this.

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