Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 397

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 5. Living as an Owner of Cheon II Guk and the Family Pledge, 50-62


(50)  All of you should now become part of the royal family centered on true love. If we look at Adam and Eve as the children of God’s direct lineage, all humanity belongs to God’s subsequent lineage. Under God as Heavenly Parent, we are brothers and sisters of Adam and Eve and are meant to be citizens of God’s kingdom. From this perspective, you are endowed with the love of princes and princesses of the heavenly kingdom. You must embody the dignity and honor of that position with pride, and confidently preserve this dignity throughout your entire lives. Then, having lived this way, you can enter the kingdom of heaven, our original homeland.

(51)  We can finally realize the family ideal, the ideal of God’s creation, by actually attaining the four great realms of heart, the three great kingships, and the realm of the royal family. For this, we need to be part of the royal family, which unites around the King as its center. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is the place you go after having lived on earth within the realm of the royal family. After you have done that, you simply move on to the kingdom of heaven.

(52)  The people of the heavenly kingdom, its tribes and its citizens, emerge from the royal family. Therefore, unless we experience the royal family’s realm of heart, which is based on the true love of the heavenly kingdom, we cannot enter there. God has lived in bitter sorrow because this has not been accomplished because He could not have His prince and princess and love them. Moreover, God could not have royal offspring from them. Adam and Eve were that prince and princess; because they fell, they were unable to love in such a way that would give rise to the royal lineage. Also, God has lived in sorrow because, once Adam and Eve, who were still in the growing period, in the realm of indirect dominion where dominion is based on principled results, fell, they could not become the object partners with whom God could directly discuss His concerns. God, their Father, wanted to consult with them regarding the great works of creation in heaven and earth, but He could not.

(53)  Had the first human beings not fallen, they would have become God’s direct children with the right of kingship in heaven and earth, the right of the parents of heaven and earth, and the right of the first son and daughter of heaven and earth. They would have become God’s own royal palaces on earth and in heaven. Furthermore, they would have passed on this vertical, royal tradition horizontally to all brothers and sisters born of this lineage and all those who became one with this royal tradition would have entered the kingdom of heaven. Family members and relatives who practice this royal tradition founded on love will surely enter and abide in the kingdom of heaven after their earthly life. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that this royal tradition, which is based on love, should become the way of life for all families.

The fourth pledge of the Family Pledge

(54)  The fourth pledge of the Family Pledge reads, “Our family, the owner of Cheon II Guk, pledges to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is the Heavenly Parent’s ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity, and happiness, by centering on true love.” God’s ideal is that the world becomes one family, one household. If people who have perfected the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships recite the Family Pledge, they will form one family, not two. The great universal family encompassing heaven and earth is one family under God.

(55)  God’s ideal of creation is the perfection of the four-position foundation centered on Adam and Eve. From the perspective of God’s purpose of creation, this would have been the fulfillment of the Will. The completion of the four-position foundation would have required the perfection of Adam and Eve. Had they then married and had children who also reached perfection, their family would have achieved the family level four-position foundation centered on God and become the perfect embodiment of the ideal of creation, realizing the realm of perfection. This would have fulfilled God’s ideal of creation.

(56)  Had Adam and Eve become the True Parents, their descendants would have formed one great family within the Adam’s cultural sphere. It would have been a world of peace. Accordingly, the history of restoration is the path to recover that family; the true family centered on True Parents and true love. Everything God intended unfolds from there. The true family is the center; it is the hope of humanity and the hope of God. The true family will serve as the source of true love and true life and be the starting point of humanity’s peace and happiness.

(57)  All the people of the world are brothers and sisters. We are of one lineage. We have to protect our lineage as God would protect it. Hence, even when we are sitting in God’s royal palace, we have to be thinking of our mission to build one great family encompassing heaven and earth. We need to build that universal family and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity, and happiness. I am an advocate of the universal family. I am here to plant freedom, peace, unity, and happiness. Those ideals are the core of my lifelong work.

(58)  We seek to establish the family that meets the standard of heaven and earth, the family that God is striving for. Therefore, we need models for the grandfather and grandmother, the father and mother, the couple, and the children. Traditionally, Korea followed the extended family system. In that historical tradition, seven families would live in the same house. We should establish a family system that builds on that. It is amazing how well it fits with the goal of tribal messiahship in the Unification Church.

(59)  The people of the fallen world are in the position of the younger brother, and you are in the position of their older brother. You need to educate them properly in the heavenly tradition. This is the only way to restore people on Satan’s side to the realm of God’s royal family. In order to save them, we must restore the right of the first son that was lost. When we establish them as second-born princes, we can enter the heavenly kingdom with the right of the crown prince. They enter the kingdom with us, and thus the realm of the royal family is restored. Otherwise, neither the right of the first son nor God’s royal family is restored.

(60)  When we pledge “to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is the Heavenly Parent’s ideal of creation, “we are pledging to create one great family conforming to God’s Will. How can you proclaim your own kingship as long as the kingship of Adam’s family is not yet secured? We must secure that kingship, untainted by the Fall. We must bring everyone back from Satan’s world as an extended family that dwells in the place of freedom, peace, unity, and happiness. Our ideal is peace and unity.

(61)  There can be no peace without unity. Without this oneness, ideals such as peace, happiness, and even freedom are just empty words. Can there be peace when husband and wife are fighting? Peace comes where there is oneness. The same is true of freedom. Where a man and a woman clash, do they have freedom? Where there is conflict, we experience neither peace nor freedom. Without the foundation of unity, we cannot find freedom.

(62)  Where there is oneness, there is freedom. Even your eyes feel good when they are focused on one point. You feel uncomfortable when your nose is congested, but when the congestion clears, you feel free. The same applies to the freedom of your ears, your hands, and other parts of your body. So without oneness, there is no freedom, there is no peace, and there is no happiness. The perfection of all creation lies in balance, on a level plane. Perfection does not reside on a sharp point.

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