Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 396

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 5. Living as an Owner of Cheon II Guk and the Family Pledge, 39-49


(39)  God wants divine sons and daughters. The world wants saints. Nations want loyal subjects and patriots, and families want filial children. Whatever the level, they are all on the straight and genuine path of truth. No true parents would tell their child, “Since you have become a filial child, do not become a patriot; do not follow that path.” Rather, they would teach their filial child by saying, “Even if you have to sacrifice our family, you should follow the path of a patriot and serve the nation; even if you have to sacrifice the nation, you should fulfill the duties of a saint; even if you have to sacrifice the world, you should go the way of a divine son or daughter as Heaven desires; and even if you have to sacrifice heaven and earth, you should seek to fulfill God’s Will.” Until this day, no one even knew that such a concept existed. We have to invest and make sacrifices. Otherwise, we can never realize the one united world, the one kingdom.

(40)  The person who lives continuously for the sake of others becomes the central person. This is a certainty. The filial son or daughter in the family is the one who lives continuously for the sake of the parents. This bestows upon that son or daughter the central position in the family and the right of inheritance. Patriots are the same. Those who live in service to the nation, who invest and sacrifice, again and again, are recognized as that nation’s leaders. They will surely become its central figures. For this reason, I am teaching you to be filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world, and to go the way of divine sons and daughters in heaven and on earth.

(41)  Filial children do not become indebted to their parents. Rather, they make their parents indebted to them. Patriots do not become indebted to their nation; rather, they make the nation indebted to them. Saints do not become indebted to the world; they make the world indebted to them. Our families should represent Heaven and work to bring peace, happiness, and freedom to the earth. Therefore, we must always be aligned to the situation and desires of heaven and earth. If we are thus attuned to God, our families should be able to bring Heaven’s fortune to our surroundings. This is how our families can represent Heavenly Parent and True Parents and establish a realm of unity with God’s heart. By doing so, today can be the beginning of the world based on the culture of heart. People in Satan’s world have upheld the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. But now, we must uphold the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters centered on the heavenly kingdom. This is what we have to establish.

The third pledge of the Family Pledge
(42)  The third pledge of the Family Pledge reads, “Our family, the owner of Cheon II Guk, pledges to perfect the four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal Family, by centering on true love.” The four great realms of heart and the three great kingships refer to the perfection of unfallen Adam and Eve. Had they not fallen, Adam and Eve would have perfected the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships to form the royal family. This pledge speaks about how blessed families should live; in speaking about establishing the royal family it also addresses the blessed families’ mission to restore fallen humanity.

(43)  The third pledge of the Family Pledge refers to the original world with no Fall. It speaks about returning to the original world, growing from infancy to the point of becoming a couple, and then reaching the position of parents. It is the path that leads to the state where we are one body with God. Each of us needs to walk that path and pursue the perfection of the four great realms of heart.

(44)  Human beings exist as children, siblings, couples, and parents. All human beings, whoever they are, are supposed to pass through these stages. Each of us is born as someone’s son or daughter, and each of us becomes someone’s brother or sister. Then we transition from a sibling to being a father or mother. Adam and Eve were siblings who were meant to become husband and wife and then parents. Each of us walks the same path. Before a woman becomes a man’s wife, she is in the position of his younger sister, just as Eve was the younger sister of Adam. Before a man becomes her husband, he is in the position of her older brother. Still, in front of God, they stand as a son and a daughter. As God’s son, the man has a path to take as a man, and as God’s daughter, the woman has a path to take as a woman. When a man fulfills his duty, and a woman fulfills her duty, they come to resemble their parents. Then, just as their parents married, they too go on to marry.

(45)  The third pledge of the Family Pledge is a textbook for the heavenly kingdom. Adam and Eve were supposed to perfect their positions as son and daughter and as brother and sister. After reaching perfection as the son and daughter of God and as brother and sister to each other, the culminating point would have been their marriage. Through their married life, they were to perfect themselves as a couple and as parents and to give birth to divine sons and daughters. They would be their fruit. For this reason, parents’ love never changes. Therefore, you couples who received the Blessing of marriage are in an awesome position. You are in the place where the hope you had when you were a brother or a sister blossoms. It is where your hope as husband and wife blossoms. Furthermore, it is where the hope of all humanity throughout the ages blossoms.

(46)  From the perspective of the four great realms of heart, each partner in a couple is the absolute life companion who perfects the other as his or her object partner. In receiving her husband, a wife receives God’s ideal son. In him, she receives her heaven-sent older brother, husband, and father. The wife stands in similar positions in relation to her husband. When that couple has given birth to children, they feel joy as they watch them grow, and they experience once again what it was like when they were growing up. It is just like God, who felt happiness when He created His children and related with them as they grew.

(47)  When are the four great realms of heart perfected? When do sons and daughters attain perfection? When do brothers and sisters attain perfection? When do husband and wife attain perfection? Perfection comes with marriage. When the marriage is consummated, three realms of love—children’s love, siblings’ love, and the love between husband and wife—bear fruit. The couple becomes parents who stand on the foundation of these three realms of love. This is why you need to have children; you must give birth to your descendants. Just as God created Adam and Eve, you become second creators when you make children. Hence, parents represent Heaven, while children, siblings, and husband and wife represent the earth. When the husband and wife become one with each other, they become one with the vertical standard. That is how the perfection of Adam and Eve would have become the perfection of God’s ideal of creation. Everything that God hoped for, pertaining to the ideal of creation, would have been completed.

(48)  Now that we have entered the era of the kingdom of heaven on earth, our family becomes part of the royal family. That being so, how exemplary should we be? Can a king live as he pleases? The king, the queen, the princes, and princesses ought to abide by the laws of their kingdom. Moreover, they have to observe the protocols of the royal court.

(49)  It is the direct children of God’s love who can enter God’s kingdom in heaven. As the royal offspring of God’s kingdom on earth, they pass through its gates as princes and princesses in the presence of God. The kingdom of heaven in heaven is the place where the children of royal lineage go and where the royal family goes. On this earth, we all should become the children of God’s direct lineage or subsequent lineage by exemplifying the standard of true brotherly love and unity. We need to build a model clan and nation; having done so, we can manifest the honor and dignity of the royal family. If we live this way during our earthly life, we will move on with that same stature to the next world after death. That will be the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

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