Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 391

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 4. The World of the Culture of Heart, 02-11

(2)  When a mother who just gave birth to her own baby sees the town beggar’s baby, or the baby of a woman in dire poverty, who has no one to breastfeed it and has the impulse to nurse it as her own, that is heart. Only when you love other children as if they were your own and practice that love beyond the world level will the world of heart emerge. If many children are born in your neighborhood, you should love them with the same heart you have for your own children, and even more. Only this will create the world of heart, the world of liberation into which God can come. You have to love them as if they were part of your own body.

(3)  Heart has substance and power that enables it to pass through everything, including the concepts we entertain in daily life. It is positioned at the very core of life. You can deny life, but you cannot deny heart. You may deny existence, but you cannot deny heart. Heart precedes existence. That is why we reach the conclusion that God is love. We cannot see heart. If someone demanded to know how long, round, or high that heart is, we would be unable to answer. But when a person we love departs, we immediately are overcome with longing for that person. We are filled with that longing to the very synapses of our nerves. We have no need of the kind of heart that can be measured within the confines of our five senses. If we experience such a longing heart in our human relationships, what would we feel if we were bound to God, the subject partner of absolute heart, and were in touch with God’s heart? God’s heart does not appear on the surface of things, but there is no doubt that it exists. The brave warriors of the Unification Movement are striving to advance toward a new world that is centered on this teaching and the ideal of heart.

(4)  The deep heart that we understand in the Unification Church is the heart of hope for which all humanity longs, the heart to which we all need to connect, and the heart that God has always sought. This heart can embrace all of heaven and earth, enveloping everything, and still take in more. To become Heaven’s brave warriors, the first step is to connect to this heart, and the next step is to connect to people. Nonetheless, as a result of the Fall, Adam and Eve could not understand God’s heart. If each had perfected their character and come close to God, He would have blessed them in marriage and bequeathed to them His heart. God’s intention was to build a family of His own lineage through Heaven’s couple, to whom He could connect His love and heart completely. Originally, Adam and Eve were to inherit this awesome heart of God and, on that basis, become the true human ancestors. Due to the Fall, that basis of heart was lost. Man and woman could not inherit God’s heart. They lost God’s heart, lost the character through which they could resemble God, and lost the Word and the purpose they were to fulfill had they perfected that character.

(5)  The Fall led to this world of barriers between nations. It also changed our roots and our cultural environment. The culture we have is one in which God cannot freely come and dwell. It is Satan’s cultural sphere, not Adam’s cultural sphere. As a result, human beings could not live in the ideal realm of love. Originally, we should have lived in the realm with one root and one lineage at its center, where we could cultivate one heart, and we could govern the three-dimensional world of north, south, east, and west. Instead, we are living in a deplorable situation outside that realm. For that reason, we today need to return to the original ideal realm.

(6)  All cultures have been developing in line with the flow of history. Today’s civilizations are making the world flourish. Nonetheless, when it comes to resolving mind-body problems, or problems of the heart, they are not helpful at all. Externally, human beings have created a complex environment and complex systems, but our hearts cannot connect with them. We are in a state where we cannot harmonize with them. Although it should, the standard of the world in which we live does not fill us with delight and make us shout with joy together with heaven and earth. Today’s era is flowing in a direction completely different from that toward which our minds are heading and for which our hearts are longing. Human beings are seeking the heart that can guide their minds and their external lifestyle. We need to set a standard of heart in our lives to which we can adjust our bodies and our relationships. Otherwise, we will never be free from this struggle, no matter what era we live in. The world that God seeks is not the culture or the civilization of today’s world. God has always desired a world governed by a civilization that upholds a true standard of mind and heart. This is the world that we, as future ancestors, want to leave to our descendants.

(7)  Today’s world may appear to be a place to which God would come, but it is not the world of the heart. It is an environment where people attend to external matters, but not one in which they connect with one another through heart. When God comes down, He will do so through the heart. If a people were capable of governing all of humanity and representing the world, it would be a people with a tradition based on God’s heart. Further, it is not the human mind and heart that will create a culture that can govern the world; only God’s heart can do so. This is the final issue to be resolved. You need to understand that you cannot lay down your burden and settle down until you realize a world where everyone connects through heart. Our ultimate objective is to achieve the world of heart.

(8)  What kind of world is God striving for? It is not this present world, with its cultures and civilizations. Heaven wants to set a standard of heart and mind that can guide civilization in the proper direction. The world is destined to meet the standard that our ancestors dreamed of establishing for their descendants. This is the central Will that Heaven desires.

(9)  Everyone yearns for a world of peace, but such a world will never come about through the type of culture we find in today's developed nations. It will only come about through the True Parents. Even if the True Parents were still sleeping on straw mats, carrying bundles of tattered clothes on their backs, dressing in faded, worn-out garments, and climbing out of deep holes appearing utterly exhausted, fallen human beings would need to learn the heart of God from them. The Unification Church is a place that teaches the way of God’s heart, and all of you need to engraft onto it.

(10)  Heartfelt longing arises only toward that which we love. However, our longing should arise not from humanistic love but from God’s love, the source of eternal settlement and eternal life. That is what inspires Christianity. More than other religions, Christianity strives to fulfill its mission as a religion of love. The purpose of religion is to foster people of good character. We can do so by applying the principles of the world of heart. Human beings have the authority to govern the things of creation and should relate to them with heart in our daily life. Though human beings have been as insensible as stones to God, He has conducted His providence for six thousand years with the same heart, always yearning to find His people. History has unfolded in cultures of all shapes and forms, but God, who is the alpha and omega, has never lost His heart of yearning for us. Hence those who diverge from the heart of God, as it has been revealed over the course of history, will lose everything.

(11)  Many people in the process of restoration have tasted the kingdom of heaven, but they did so within the sphere of Satan’s accusation. No one has truly experienced the eternal homeland of peace, the kingdom of heaven, in the realm from which Satan is completely removed. One who truly experienced the kingdom of heaven and God’s love would surely be inspired to fight Satan. One who experienced that state and that love would never leave God. People on earth have to experience God’s love. How do you draw the line that determines God’s ownership? You start from a single blade of grass, from one plot of land, from one single person, from the very beginning, all the way to the kingdom of heaven, the world of God’s heart.

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