Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 392

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 4. The World of the Culture of Heart, 12
Section 5. Living as an Owner of Cheon II Guk and the Family Pledge, 03

(12)  The original hometown we long for is different from the place that each of you normally regards as your hometown. The original hometown is the resting place of the heart, the place in which the mind delights. It is the home of the heart. If God looks for me, I will tell Him, “Please come to see me because of the condition of my heart, not because of my circumstances.” My circumstances can greatly change, but the condition of my heart never changes.

(13)  There are no restrictions whatsoever in the world of heart. Relative conditions restrict the world of the mind, but no one can restrict the world of the heart. What can restrain the love of parents for their children; a wall as high as a mountain may block the way, but it will not be able to stop a parent's love. The mind submits to constraints because it is in the position of the object partner, but the heart is in the subject partner position. The mind is multidirectional, so it calculates and considers many things. The heart, however, is different; it desires only one thing.

(14)  Who do you think is the ancestor of the heart that beats within God’s Will? The Unification Church members know of the sorrow that lies deep within the heart of God. We know of the injustice and pain God has endured, and we know He has the capacity to bring down instantaneous judgment on the world of the enemy. From this standpoint, the Unification Church members can be considered the ancestors of heart.

(15)  The world of the heart is not isolated. The standard of love is the ideal of heart. The importance of this is that the heart serves as the common denominator in this great universe. Heart is the bridge that connects our daily life to the victorious realm of love. For the sake of all the people in the world, heart builds a bridge of love that begins from the earthly world, passes through hell, and goes all the way to heaven.

(16)  In order to reach the world of the heart, you have to have the mind to follow the path God has taken, walking in my footsteps. Only on that path can you experience the world of the heart; there is no other. You cannot imagine how many tears I have shed to come this far. You should truly understand how painful and sorrowful it has been for me to follow this path.

(17)  When you love someone, no matter how much you give that person, you still want to give more and more. True love wants to give and give and give continuously. Even after you give endlessly, you are still not satisfied that you have given enough. Such is the way of true love, the way of the world of the heart. Since God, the original Lord and the root, is like that, as His ideal object partners, we have the ability to go to a position many times better than His. No one has ever realized that human beings have such value.

(18)  The world trends that many religions today are advocating will pass away. In the Last Days, the era of a new cultural sphere will come through the bridegroom, the Lord at his Second Advent, who meets his bride. This world will transition into an era where languages, life, actions, hopes, and even hearts will be united. Knowing this destiny, the Unification Church has embarked on the task of setting the standard for this one world culture.

(19)  In order to establish the world of the culture of heart, we need to foster good character through true love, educate with True Parents’ teaching, and work to spread the movement that creates families of true love through God’s Blessing. On the foundation of our life of faith, we attain the character of true love by living for the sake of others, investing in others consistently. Only by doing so can we realize ideal couples and ideal families. This path alone can free us from our habits of egoism, individualism, and materialism and give us hope for a bright future for humanity.

(20)  Heart is the original source and fundamental element of mainstream culture in the ideal world of the future. Everyone needs the culture of heart. This culture cannot come about if parents do not have children and children do not have parents. It cannot come unless we have our siblings, our people, and our nation. Naturally, it cannot come unless we have our world and our heaven and earth. This is the culture of heart. When we speak of a bright culture dawning in the East, we refer to the culture of heart. Hence we are to create a culture based on heart.

(21)  The future world will be the world of a new culture of heart that brings harmony between God, humanity, and creation, and a culture of love based on true families. It will be a world of true love where everyone lives for the sake of others, and all people live together in harmony and cooperation. It will be a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values. In the future, we have to live the dream of one global family in which we are all brothers and sisters. It will be based on the ideal of true family centered on True Parents and realized by true love that transcends race.

Section 5. Living as an Owner of Cheon II Guk and the Family Pledge

(1)  The Family Pledge is the greatest blessing of all the blessings that Heaven has bestowed on humanity. We received it on the occasion of the inauguration of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification on May 1, 1994. This was possible based on the declaration of the Completed Testament Age, the age that concludes and completes the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. Once that beacon pierced the darkness of the Era before the Coming of Heaven, the Family Pledge was given. It is a guidepost for us amid the great changes in heaven and earth that have been occurring in this new era, as we open the new heaven and new earth, the Kingdom of Cosmic Peace and Unity.

(2)  True Parents personally fought and gained victory during the forty-year course of indemnity that began with the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity in 1954. On this foundation, we no longer recite My Pledge on the individual level but recite the Family Pledge instead. The Family Pledge is the pledge that a true family, the basic unit that enters the kingdom of heaven, should proclaim and practice together. It is the pledge imbued with the bitter sorrow of Heaven and True Parents, and hence it cannot be recited without tears. It sets forth the standard for liberated people and will prevail forever. It will be recited long after traditional religions, which arose as a consequence of the Fall, have been discarded. Families who recite this pledge will be the basic unit that enters the kingdom of heaven.

The background of the Family Pledge

(3)  From God’s point of view, the era of the providence of restoration has come to an end. With the end of that era, we are moving toward the original ideal of creation. This means that the fallen world under Satan’s authority has ended, and we are moving into the age when God directly governs both the physical and the heavenly worlds. Because this time has come, I proclaimed the Family Pledge of the Unification Church. Not just anyone is ready to recite the Family Pledge. Each of the eight verses in the Family Pledge contains the phrase, “Our family, the owner of Cheon II Guk, pledges... by centering on true love.” People who make this pledge stand on the foundation that transcends Satan’s world. Due to the Fall, people have been connected to false life and false lineage through false love. In order to overcome this, we have to abide in true love, true life, and true lineage. Otherwise, we cannot overcome their false counterparts. Why do we make true love a premise of the Family Pledge? It is so we can proclaim that we are entering the original world as if the Fall in the garden of Eden had never occurred.
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