Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 390

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 3. Embodying God through Love and Living a Life of Attendance, 09
Section 4. The World of the Culture of Heart, 01 


(9)  If the family that God envisioned, in which He is embodied in human beings through love, had come about at the time of creation, we all would have entered the kingdom of heaven. The problem is that God and human beings were unable to become one as subject partners and object partners through true love. Their love diverged, resulting in two directions and two purposes. As long as this condition remains, God and humanity will not find the absolute, ideal world. God had intended that true love between these partners begin from a single point, but the Fall brought His plan to a complete halt, and, instead, false parents emerged through Satan’s love. Since we are all their descendants, who inherited false love, false life, and false lineage, we live in hell. Human beings have nothing to do with the kingdom of heaven. Nevertheless, we have been unaware that we need to find God’s true love, centered on one person who has overcome the physical body and acts with perfect freedom.

(10)  We speak of the embodiment of God in human beings through love, but where is this embodiment achieved? Until now, no one has understood logically where God’s love and human love merge. Without knowing this, calling God “Father” is meaningless. The word has nothing to do with God. Actually, Adam and Eve’s wedding ceremony should have been God’s wedding ceremony. When you go to the spirit world, you will know this for sure. You will see that these incomprehensible words are correct. Only when you capture God’s love is your ambition so fully satisfied that you can say, “Now I am content.” Action occurs only when there are a subject partner and an object partner. As human beings, attaining our highest ambition is only possible through a subject partner. That subject partner is God’s love. Since God intended us to become His embodiment through love, we are destined to long for that until it is achieved. We will be content only when we arrive at that point.

(11)  In your life of faith, you cry out “God!” in the hope that He will hear you and trust in you. Once you have His trust, you will eventually seek to achieve a state of oneness with God, as one body through love. By doing so, your love and God’s love will merge.

(12)  Instead of observing a traditional day of Sabbath, the Unification Church is entering the age of salvation through justification by attendance. Put simply, it is the age of attendance. The attendance I am referring to should not be taken lightly; it should enable God to enter your family and abide there. That is not only a realm of liberation but a realm of complete freedom in which you live together with God. Until now, we observed the Sabbath every week. Nonetheless, within the range of ten, the eighth day is most important. This is because it marks a new beginning, a day of peaceful settlement through justification by attendance. Finally, this day, called Ahn Shi II in Korean, could come about, allowing us to achieve salvation through attending God.

(13)  What does the age of justification through attendance mean? It means this is an age of living in attendance to God. Doesn’t the first of the Ten Commandments in the Bible tell us to love God? In the Era after the Coming of Heaven, however, God manifests Himself to all people in the form of the True Parents. Therefore the stature of the Unification Church, whose members attend the True Parents, will reflect Heaven’s power and authority, a power and influence without equal in the world.

(14)  Surely, fallen people have parents, but they are not true parents. God does not recognize those parents as true parents. Then what is it that we need to do today, in the Last Days? Within our lifetime, we should attend parents on the level of the universe, on the level of religion, and on the family level. This means we need to serve three sets of parents. As individuals in a family, we attend our parents. As children, in the religious sphere, we attend True Parents. As parents, on the universal level, we attend the True Parent, God. People living on earth today are not within the realm of True Parents’ love approved by God. Unfortunately, our relationship with our physical parents does not extend all the way from our birth to the eternal world. Only when we combine the love of the parents who represent the family, the religious sphere, and the universe with God’s love can we enter the realm of His love that encompasses six thousand years of history. Then we can stand in His presence and lift up our faces before Him. This is the course we are bound to take.

(15)  Because Adam and Eve fell in the garden of Eden of their own volition and lived in the fallen realm, they could never experience a life of serving God directly. Those who have not been able to serve God are not qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven. Nonetheless, although you inherited the false lineage, you are qualified to enter the kingdom of heaven on the condition that while you lived on earth in the flesh, you attended God, the True Parent, whom Adam and Eve did not attend while on the earth. By doing so, you indemnify the course of restoration and acquire citizenship in the kingdom of heaven.

(16)  When we come to attend God as the Parent of the universe, His love will reign on earth. On that day, we will receive His love, and we will be able to love our siblings. In that world, even if we were ordered to fight, we would not fight among ourselves. How terrible the Fall in the garden of Eden was! How terrible has been the course of bloodshed that began with the conflict there and has continued until now! You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven alone as an individual. At least two—you and your older brother—must unite and go on the foundation of attendance to your parents.

(17)  Therefore, proclaim peace and unity everywhere in Cheon II Guk. This phrase means that peace and unity cover everything wherever you go, without exception. I am proclaiming the era of a world of peace and equality. The phrase, “Proclamation on the Arrival of the Cheon II Guk Era with Peace and Unity Everywhere,” states that heaven and earth are one. Thus, when families who received the Blessing on earth for peace and unity in Cheon II Guk call upon their ancestors, they have to respond. That is why I am saying that we are in the era when the spirit world will be able to descend to the earth at will, and the wishes of people on earth can reach their ancestors and God. On that basis, I am proclaiming the coming of the era of peace and unity everywhere.

(18)  Our hope is to stand in the same place as God. This means we have the right to stand in an equal position with God. We also have the right to live together and the right to participate. The right to participate means the right to act together. That is, you should participate together and act together. After that comes the right to love together. We—God and each of us—live together for the purpose of love. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). He said that he is the truth, meaning the Word and the life, but he left out love. Cheon II Guk advances based on love. That is why you have the desire to remain in the same place as True Parents. You want to live with True Parents and to participate in everything they do. This means you want to live together happily and freely for eternity, in a position of freedom, based on love. In that sense, the era of peace and unity everywhere in Cheon II Guk has now come. Consequently, when you move, you are not moving alone. Your nation is surrounding you. The entire spirit world, heaven, is surrounding you. You are living as an owner amid the protection of the physical world and its people. You have to become an owner who can serve and attend in the tradition of God’s love. Your clan should uphold this teaching as the framework for a nation.

Section 4. The World of the Culture of Heart

(1)  The heart is the mind of emotion. Our deepest feelings belong to the realm of heart. God created human beings; therefore, the flow of God’s heart is internally connected to that place. The electricity of God’s love flows in the realm of the heart. Experiencing this is like feeling electricity flow through you. How powerful that is! Through this, you gain a sense of what goodness is. The realm of heart contains the substance by which we connect to everything. Because there is nothing that does not belong to this realm of heart, the electricity of God’s love can flow everywhere.

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