Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 389

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge
Section 2. High Noon Settlement and a Life of Resonance, 08
Section 3. Embodying God through Love and Living a Life of Attendance, 08


(8)  If you enter the realm of resonance of true love, you will be able to see heaven and earth clearly. The Buddha said, “In heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one.” He said so because when he entered the core of that realm of resonance, he found the entire world in his hands, God residing within him, and heavenly law connected to him. That is why he could say this. Once you enter the realm where true love resonates, you do not need faith. Since you live with God, you do not need a savior. You are free. Everything is finished.

(9)  When a person reaches perfection, his or her spirit self and physical self are configured for the first time to resonate with the realm of heart. In the human world, what is it that resonates with the spirit self and the physical self? It is not knowledge. It is not an ideal or joy. It is not the pleasure of satisfying worldly desires. Only love resonates with them.

(10)  When you act with the power of love, you can be a partner of great power, connected to the essence that gave God the ability to create the universe. This is possible only with love. You cannot do this with knowledge; you cannot do it with money or authority. Have you ever tried to live that way? How hard have you struggled to correct the misalignment between your mind and body, to perfect your character in harmony with the realm that resonates with Heaven’s love? To stop you from doing this, the nation is latching onto you and bending you to its angle; the world is latching onto you. The issue is how you are going to sever all those ties, correct the angle and move forward to reach the original realm of heart. Without getting to that place, you will never be free.

(11)  Love strives to bring the mind and body into perfect resonance so they can move forward together in oneness. Love does not go toward only one side. When the conscience and the physical mind move forward with a single purpose, love rushes along in the same direction, toward the same destination. This means that love can be found in the realm of resonance that binds the mind and body together, the place that is clearly oriented toward the absolute direction. Therefore, in order to be happy, your physical mind and conscience must resonate with each other. If you do not attain that resonance, love does not emerge. Thus we need to pay attention to whether the conscience and the physical mind stand within the eternal realm of resonance.

Section 3. Embodying God through Love and Living a Life of Attendance

(1)  I have agonized most of all over the issue of how God and human beings can become one body and how to explain this logically. A theory cannot be put forth unless it is clear. If the fundamental position of human love is not established, everything else will go wrong.

(2)  In seeking answers to the most fundamental questions, I constantly wondered where on earth I could find the realm of oneness between God and humanity. This is an important question. Until it is resolved, the starting point and the endpoint will not coincide. While reflecting on this, a realization came to me like a bolt of lightning: true love travels by the most direct and shortest route. This realization answered my question. If true love connects heaven and earth, it takes the straightest and shortest route between them. In other words, there is only one vertical line; at any given point on a horizontal line, there is only one line that forms a 90-degree angle to it. This marks the straightest path and shortest distance.

(3)  We marry in order to perfect love. We say that horizontally, a man and a woman are right and left, or east and west. Since their true ideal has them connecting along the straightest, shortest path, the straightest and shortest path of love intersects the level plane at only one point, the center on that plane, at 90 degrees. If it tilts to the side, it does not work because it ends up forming an oval, and the two sides will not be the same. It is only at the 90-degree angle that both can stand in an equal position with the same standard. The love that leads to the embodiment of God in human beings is found only at the 90-degree angle.

(4)  Love between God and human beings is the major question. For example, is the color of God’s love the same as the color of our love? And where does God’s love meet ours? If this does not happen, if we do not unite with God in love, neither we nor God can settle. If God is rejoicing with one standard of love, and we are rejoicing with another, a serious problem will arise.

(5)  The new age in the twenty-first century is an age of universal values. It is an age when material things do not dominate our minds and spirit. It is an age when we live in oneness with God. In the twenty-first century, people will realize that living for the sake of others is far more valuable than living for oneself. Self-centeredness will fade away, and altruism, based on interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values, will finally and triumphantly emerge.

(6)  Humanity has to find God. We have to dispel our ignorance of the incorporeal True Parent. We are blind to the great works of the Creator, even as we live within the infinite, profound, and mysterious order of the universe, in which God’s omniscience and omnipotence are revealed. We should no longer perpetuate this appalling situation. As fallen humanity, we have to free ourselves from arrogance, thinking we own our own life. In the presence of God’s true love, we need to awaken our spirituality and maintain the standard of absolute sex.

(7)  God is the True Parent. You have to discover the living God, who is committed to investing true love for all eternity. Then you will come to understand the heart of God in creating us as His object partners. His desire is to give us absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal true love, true life, and true lineage. Thus you can relate to God, the absolute True Parent, True Teacher, and True Owner; and with the True Parents as the axis of absolute values for the individual, the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. They should become the root of your life, from your daily affairs to those of your family, nation, and world. We have to start a revolution. If we determine to follow for tens of thousands of years, without change, the tradition of the Parents of Heaven and Earth—the path of true love, of living for the sake of others—there will be no problem that cannot be resolved, whether in the family or society or between races or religions.

(8)  The age will surely come when we live in the ideal world of creation, the world of oneness in heart between God and humankind. In that age, people will realize that it is eternally more valuable to live for others than for themselves. We have to build this world where self-centeredness fades away and is replaced with altruism, based on the ideals of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and civic virtue. To accomplish that purpose, we need to understand God and the spirit world correctly so that our testimony about the heavenly way will guide humankind and the world. We will form thereby one great cosmic family connected to God’s true love, true life, and true lineage, and build God’s homeland and hometown on earth and in heaven.

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