Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 38

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah
Section 1: The Hope of Humankind, 21-23
Section 2: The Second Coming of Jesus and the True Parents, 1-10

(21) What is the desire of all people today? It is to meet the True Parents, and after that to welcome one global nation. From whom would your future descendants want to be descended? Your sons and daughters would want to be born through the lineage of True Parents. I am saying that the True Parents will become the starting point of a new future. Those who can fully love True Parents can rightly claim that they completely love history. They are the ones who truly love the world and who are worthy to love their descendants in the future. Therefore you should be grateful to receive love from True Parents, even if you have to sacrifice your life. Then you will be worthy to inherit True Parents' love.

(22) Though we human beings were created by God, we are unable to act as His sons and daughters. The first reason for this is that God is prevented from freely loving us as His own sons and daughters. Since God cannot love us in that way, we cannot receive love as God's sons and daughters. The second reason is that we are unable to marry as God's beloved sons and daughters. The third reason is that we are unable to form heavenly families with God's love at the center. If human beings had been able to fulfill these three, they would not have become as miserable as they are today. Therefore people must seek the place where in the end all will be reunited and where all will abide. The nations of the world must find the original homeland, the numerous peoples of the world must find their original hometowns, and the numerous tribes must find their original parents. This has been the objective of God's providence to the present day.

(23) Salvation means returning to one's original state. Then, there should be some standard that determines what it means to be restored to one's original state. What is that standard? The human race is made up of both men and women. Therefore, the first standard of restoration is not only to become a son or daughter of God. After going through the role of a child, we should form a husband-wife relationship and become true parents so that we can establish a new lineage. This is the purpose for which God created us and the standard from which our history can begin anew. Therefore the problem is not one particular nation, people or tribe. The problem is also not a specific son or daughter. The problem is that we absolutely need True Parents. The greatest problem for God is to find and establish the True Parents, who are the manifestation of God in the flesh. The greatest problem and purpose for humanity is how to meet the True Parents whom God establishes.

Section 2: The Second Coming of Jesus and the True Parents

(1) Your ancestors were born of false parents, but they can find salvation by helping their descendants in this age when the perfected True Parents are on the earth. You must resemble the True Parents. The position of your ancestors in the spirit world changes as you live for the sake of others and dedicate your lives to the True Parents. The Messiah comes in the Last Days and educates the entire fallen generation of his time. The perfected True Parents come to rebuild all that was built before on this earth and in the spirit world by descendants of the false parents. They can rebuild it when you unite with them in accordance with God's original idea. To do this, Cain must follow Abel, the second son. The spirit world, in the position of the first son, must follow the earthly world—the next generation—in the position of the second son. Thus Christianity came forth from Jesus, the second Son.

(2) The Bible says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the Last, the beginning and the end" (Rev. 22:13). It means that due to the Fall God was unable to fulfill his purpose, as expressed in the Book of Genesis, but He will complete His purpose, as is written in the Book of Revelation. Jesus came to earth as what kind of person? Because Adam fell, Jesus had to come as the perfected Adam, one with God's love and untouched by the Fall. That is why 1 Corinthians 15:45 teaches, "The first man, Adam, became a living being; the Last Adam became a life-giving spirit." The Bible indicates Jesus is a second Adam. The family as planned by God cannot come about without the positions of the true son and daughter, true husband and wife, and true parents. Therefore this family must appear on earth.

(3) Where can fallen people seek out the basis of original true love? It begins with the True God and the True Parents. From there, people will create harmony with one another, with the True God as their center. What does the Bible teach? The essence of what is needed to fulfill God's Will is taught in the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments. The core of God's hope and humankind's hope is the ideal world of love, the kingdom of heaven. The Bible teaches the direct path to the kingdom of heaven. The key point is that although God already existed, there were no True Parents. So the True Parents had to be recovered. The decisive providential fact is that Jesus came as the bridegroom to find his bride. They are what all the world's religions have been seeking. The conclusion of the Bible is the bridegroom and the bride. Once they are restored, they will recover the original garden of love.

(4) In Genesis it is written that there were two trees in the garden of Eden; one was the tree of life and the other the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What do those trees symbolize? They symbolize the true man and the true woman whom God must recover. Because those who were to become the True Father and the True Mother were lost, they came to be symbolized by those trees. The Bible teaches many things in such a symbolic way. When God led the Israelites out of Egypt, a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud appeared before them, with the pillar of cloud leading them by day and the pillar of fire by night. What did those pillars symbolize? They symbolized a man and a woman, symbolically showing that in the Last Days the True Parents would come and that the people of Israel would follow them faithfully. Those who did not follow the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud perished.

(5) When the Israelites returned to Canaan after the course of forty years, it was in order to attend the Messiah. Their course returning to Canaan was to guide them in serving the Messiah, who would come as the True Parents in order to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth and the world of God's ideal. However, since God foresaw that the Israelites might all fall away in the wilderness, He gave them the two tablets of stone, which symbolically represented the Messiah. They were placed in the Ark of the Covenant. If the Israelites could uphold the tablets with absolute faith, this would be a condition for them to serve the Messiah absolutely when he came. In this way, God showed them that they could begin the founding of the kingdom of heaven. Thus, God set up a symbolic messiah for their training. This was the idea behind the Tabernacle. It was symbolic preparation for the coming of the Messiah.

(6) What happens in the Last Days? Heaven and earth are turned upside down. This means that the natural order is changed. To say that the natural order is changed does not mean that the sky is split in two or that the round Earth is made flat. It means that the person arriving later becomes the ancestor and the person arriving first becomes the descendant from the standpoint of God's Will. In the Last Days, the true ancestors of humankind emerge for the first time in six thousand years. All people must receive the flesh and blood of the True Parents in order for the proper relationships to be established. That is why Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, I am!" (John 8:58). What did Jesus mean when he said he existed before Abraham? Jesus was supposed to establish the True Parents, and there cannot be more than one set of True Parents. There cannot be more than one original ancestor of humankind. Since Jesus came as the original ancestor to inaugurate the True Parents of humankind, from the viewpoint of God's Will he was "before Abraham."

The Second Coming and the True Parents

(7) God's purpose in creating human beings was not to fulfill some fanciful idea of a spiritual nation. It was so that during their lives on earth, people would shed their sweat working on the land, form families and tribes, then a people and a nation. That nation would have been the kingdom of heaven that God hoped to see and that could receive God's love. The original purpose of creation was for people to set up this kind of nation and receive God's love. It was not God's wish to have a spiritual nation without any foundation on earth. Nor was it God's intention that the Lord who returns should descend to the earth on a cloud and build a fantasy nation. The purpose of the Lord's coming is to use the earth as his foothold. He will find his bride who can fully receive God's love, and carry out the work of recovering all that was lost six thousand years ago through the Fall—through which our first forbears were unable to become the true ancestors and instead became false ones.

(8) God sent Jesus as the True Father of humankind. He was a true man and the fruit of four thousand years of His effort to establish relationships of love. If one true woman had emerged among the people of Israel, and had she loved Jesus, the True Father, from the position of the True Mother, the people of Israel would not have remained a pitiable people; they would not have become like orphans. Having begun as a people, from then on they would have risen to the world level. But instead they expelled Jesus, and thus they lost the one man who had come as the Son of God, who embodied God's love and whose purpose was to bond all people to God in love. Because this one man departed this earth without completing his purpose, he must return to complete it.

(9) There is one issue remaining that we must surely resolve. What is this one issue? It is God's love. His love does not come from the false parents but manifests on earth through the True Parents. In order for there to be True Patents, first there must be a True Father. The person who comes to the earth with the character of that father, representing God's love, is the central person in whom religious people today place their faith. That is, he is the Lord of the Second Advent.

(10) What is the concept of the Second Coming? It refers to the concept that the Messiah is the True Father through whom everyone must inherit a new lineage. In order to create a new lineage, the Messiah must come as the True Father and win over Satan's world. Then, together with Eve, the True Mother, the Messiah must establish a worldwide foundation that Satan cannot invade. Further, he and the True Mother must engraft sons and daughters horizontally to the True Parents by uniting them as husbands and wives to make families. This is the meaning of the marriage Blessing given by the Unification Church. The lineage of Unification Church members originates from God. That is why if Satan's world opposes us, it will have to pay reparations for the damage they cause.


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