Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 388

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge|
Section 1: Purity and a Life of One Heart, One Body, One Mindset and One Harmony, 08
Section 2. High Noon Settlement and a Life of Resonance, 07

(8)  What is the primary condition we uphold in the Unification Church? It is mind and body unity. When God created heaven and earth, He did so with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Thus, if you speak, the substance of what you believe will emerge. If it does not, you need greater investment to actualize your words. No matter how great your command, it will be fulfilled if your investment is greater even than the intensity of your wish.

(9)  When we speak of one heart, one body, and one mindset, we are referring to mind and body unity centered on God. Attaining mind-body unity is to love Heaven. What I am saying is that you should love Heaven. Having one body corresponds to loving humanity, and having one mindset corresponds to loving your nation. The nation is an extension of the family. Thus I am telling you to love the family. The core desire of all men and women should be to achieve the teaching of one heart, one body, and one mindset. When we speak of the cosmos, we are referring to God’s house, which contains all things of creation in heaven and on earth. This is the core teaching of the people of heaven and earth. One mind, one body, and one mindset is the core teaching of God and of a cosmic person.

(10)  The term il hwa (一和) consists of the Chinese characters for il (一), meaning one, and hwa (和), meaning harmony. It is not the other Chinese character for hwa (化), which means “to become.” As it stands, the character hwa, meaning to harmonize, contains the meaning that people of different personalities should become one even though their characters differ and, similarly, peoples and nations with different characteristics should join together as one.

Section 2. High Noon Settlement and a Life of Resonance

(1)  High noon settlement is possible when there is no shadow. When the mind and body become one, the shadow disappears. When a couple becomes one, the shadow disappears. When the sun is in the east, the shadow is cast toward the west. When the sun is in the west, the shadow is cast toward the east. Likewise, when the sun is to the south, a shadow will be cast toward the north and vice versa. A shadow can be cast in any of the four directions. However, at high noon, when you stand at the very center, there is no shadow. You should have such relationships with your parents, spouse, children, and siblings. Only then can God be positioned as the owner of the eight stages of love. If you are unable to establish a high noon position, the amount of devotion you offer does not matter. Without establishing this high noon position free of shadows, you are not able to be with or go to God, who has no sliver of a shadow, because you are not in a perpendicular position. You should establish such a position in which you cast no shadow for all eternity.

(2)  High noon settlement! For this, there should not be any shadow in the four-position foundation. If we can achieve such a state, God will descend, and everyone will rejoice. No matter how vast the area, everyone in it will be happy. Thus, you should each become a mother or father, husband or wife, and son or daughter who can find high noon settlement. If you cast a shadow in any of those positions, you will bring all the misfortunes of heaven and earth to take root in your family. These are terrifying words. This is the one formula and model to which we all have to conform. Everything exists in pairs, as part of a four-position foundation. For example, even when you see things with your eyes, you consciously grasp them only when they come into focus through your optic nerves. This is the structure of a four-position foundation. The same can be said of your mouth and your hearing. You can hear sounds only when sound waves resonate through the three semicircular canals in your ears. If there is a gap there that blocks the resonance, you will not hear what is being said. Thus we need to uphold the life philosophy of high noon settlement as we go forward.

(3)  God’s throne is currently situated in the middle of hell on earth, and it must rise like the sun. When it does, all creation will enter the era of high noon settlement, where there is no shadow. The phrase “high noon settlement” means there is no shadow for all eternity. When you go to the spirit world, you will see the sun high up at the center of the sky all the time. You will not see any shadows. If a shadow were to appear, all the good spirits would immediately come and blow it away. It would vanish. In the same way, good spirits will come to the earth and punish this world of shadows.

(4)  When do your body and mind resonate? When you reach maturity centered on God’s love, the mind naturally attunes itself to the wavelength of God’s love. With the mind tuned to that wavelength, the body completely unites with God’s love. This can be likened to the union of particles with plus and minus electrical charges. If that were to happen, our body, mind, and ideals would be completely engrafted to God. But we lost the position where that can take place. Hence we need to discover the standard that enables the body and mind to engraft to God, centered on His love. If you skip that step, you cannot discover it in your family. You cannot bring the matter to the national level and discover it in the nation. Then where should you look for it? You should look for it within yourself as an individual. That is why religion has sought the perfection of the individual. Yet, people have been ignorant of the fact that you can be perfected only when you attain this realm of resonance.

(5)  When a person is perfected as the Absolute Being’s object partner, what kind of state will he or she have reached? The Absolute Being is the subject partner of love and perfect harmony. Therefore, the condition that an object partner must satisfy in His presence is the perfect harmony and oneness of his or her own internal subject and object parts. When a person achieves complete oneness of mind and body, by maturing his or her character centered on the Absolute Being, he or she can establish the foundation of absolute love. At that time, he or she resonates in love with the Absolute Being. That is, when your mind and body harmonize completely, without the slightest conflict, a responsive realm of love comes to life and, like a tuning fork, automatically begins to resonate with the Absolute Being. This is the minimum standard required of you, within the relative world, to connect with the absolute state.

(6)  Where did human beings begin? We originated from love. Then what is our purpose? Since our beginning point was love, our purpose is to attain and connect to the endpoint of love. Since we began in love, our purpose surely is attained through love. To achieve that purpose, we need to create a framework of love with people all around us—front, back, left, right, top and bottom. Once you are completely fused together at the core in love, you enter a realm of resonance. This is because you will have completely harmonized your mind and body, your whole body, your five spiritual senses, and your five physical senses. When you attain this maturity of mind and body and enter this realm of resonance, you are like an original, unfallen human being, and you can embark on the path toward individual perfection.

(7)  Once you enter a state of love, you will find that each and every being exists as the only, unique being. When the Buddha said, “In heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one,” he was not speaking casually. In a state of unity between his mind and body, he was saying, “As it is now and was in the past, heaven and earth are in harmony. Gazing into myself and at everything in motion, having entered the realm of resonance of true love, I can see that God resides within me, all things of creation are within me, and all things are my friends and brothers and sisters. Since I am the subject partner, I am like their owner. Since I am the subject partner, in the whole cosmos, I alone am the honored one.”

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