Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 387

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk
Section 5: The Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN, 21
Chapter 3: The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge|
Section 1: Purity and a Life of One Heart, One Body, One Mindset and One Harmony, 07

(21) The inheritance of Satan’s lineage from the false parents on earth established false love, false life, and a false lineage. Based on this, Satan imprisoned God, took over God’s position, and used the people and the children who were meant for the heavenly kingdom at his will and pleasure. Now for the first time, True Parents have brought God and human beings back to their original position. This return to their original position brings us to the omega point. The Abel UN is designed for peace, while the Cain UN functions in a way that inevitably results in conflict. Currently, there is friction between them, so we must unite them as the Peace UN. In fact, in some nations, there have been confrontations between the Abel UN and the Cain UN. I am inaugurating the Peace UN by bringing the Abel UN and the Cain UN together. On that foundation, we should establish the peaceful kingdom of heaven, the UN peace kingdom. When that happens, all nations will disappear. Religions will fade away. When all nations and religions disappear, we will enter the era of one great family, the era of the kingdom of heaven.

(22) Because Jesus’ body was lost in Asia after we restore it, we have to liberate Israel, Islam, and all religious realms. We need to create a realm of freedom that transcends religion and a realm of peace that no longer has conflict and war. As we do, we will establish the original ideal base of God, where True Parents can stand within the family, nation, world, and cosmos. Thereby, the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will become manifest. In order to begin this task, I completed the formation of a realm of unity between the heavenly world and the earthly world, and in the midst of it, I proclaimed, “True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.”


CHAPTER 3 The Path of Cheon II Guk Citizens and the Family Pledge

Section 1. Purity and a Life of One Heart, One Body, One Mindset and One Harmony

(1) The providence of salvation is the providence of re-creation; that is, the process of creation to purify all things and all people, their lineage, and their love, according to the Principle of God’s creation. The establishment of pure things, pure people, and pure love in a pure land is the ideal and purpose of creation. In order to achieve this, you need self-mastery. To recover the purity of your body, which until now has served as the foundation for Satan, you must drive Satan out by striking your body. By doing so, you will free yourself from Satan’s world by uniting your pure mind and body, as spirit and substance. After that, you will pass through a three-year engagement period. Then you can form a blessed family in the realm of perfection. From the viewpoint of the Principle, this process elevates you to the position where you can complete the human portion of responsibility. You need to understand this course of restoration through indemnity; this is the only for you to rise.

(2) Maintaining the undefiled pure lineage is an absolute necessity. God banished fallen, Adam and Eve. So if you defile your lineage, you have to deny yourself completely. To do so, you have to go to the back of the line of fallen humanity, turn around and come back to God. In the future, only those who have safeguarded their purity can become leaders. Such people should take responsibility to inherit and carry forward the mainline tradition and teaching. Those who fall after the Blessing should not expect to be forgiven again.

(3) In Korea, upon returning home, the tradition is to greet your parents first. The practice of filial piety is emphasized, particularly for women. Why do we have the folktale, Shim Chung? It is because, at the outset of history, it was a woman who proved unfilial. To indemnify world history, one woman must become the world’s most devoted daughter. This is the very first provision in the law of indemnity by which to build the restored kingdom of heaven. For this reason, women should take pride in becoming daughters who establish the tradition of filial piety, practice chastity and maintain purity.

(4) Each of you has to become a filial son or daughter and then a devout saint. On the foundation of a family from a pure lineage that embodies pure love, you should begin by becoming a devoted child in front of God. This does not pertain to you alone; your whole family must embody filial piety. Yours should be the family of loyal, filial children, the family of saints, and the family of divine sons and daughters. From that position, you become an exemplary representative, owner, and prince or princess who can inherit the sovereignty of the heavenly kingdom from the level of the individual to that of the cosmos. We always have to be going through this training. This is the meaning of being an owner of Cheon II Guk.

(5) Before you can call God our Father, you blessed families of pure lineage and pure love should become devoted children on every level: the family, nation, world, and cosmos. Everything inside and outside of you—your mind, your body, and even your cells—should resemble God and unite and harmonize with Him in one heart, one body, and one mindset. Yet, He has had no partner who could do so. In a state of unity and harmony, you have to invest love. By investing love, you continually rise, starting from the level of all things. Thus you eventually reach God. When God is happy, heaven and earth will also rejoice. From that point begins the perfect and complete liberation of the original ideal of creation. That is the level you have to reach.

(6) Had Adam and Eve fulfilled their responsibility before God, He would have held a Blessing ceremony for them. This Blessing would have been the starting point of goodness. Unity with the truth, the substance, and the heart would have been attained. Unity with the truth means that when God says, “Do this!” we answer “Yes,” and follow through to fulfill what He commands. From the perspective of God’s Will, Adam and Eve, in essence, were not two separate beings. Lured by Eve, Adam broke Heaven’s law. Thus they became separated, but originally they were one. After attaining unity with God’s truth and with God’s substance, they would have attained unity with God’s heart. When this happened, they would have become totally one with God. God has come this far, hoping for that day.

(7) You and I are in the same position when it comes to oneness in heart between husband and wife, and parents and children. We cannot achieve oneness of heart and mind if one insists on standing above and putting the other below. If parents are always above and their children are always below, they are not of one heart. Only when they are in an equal position on the horizontal plane can they be of one heart. In other words, only when they relate internally and externally on a line on the horizontal plane can they be of one heart. This holds true for a couple as well. They can be of one heart in their horizontal relationship only where they can relate internally and externally, front and back. This can never happen in a relationship where one is above and one below.

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