Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 386

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 5: The Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN, 10-20 


(10)  From this time on, the realms of Abel and Cain have to become one beyond the dimension of the physical world. To put this into effect, the Cain realm should unite with the Universal Peace Federation, which was launched in the position of the Abel UN. This is the formula. In order to establish the peace kingdom, the ideal world, we will have to break down all barriers and obstacles by working on the supra-religious and supranational level. By doing this, all humanity will fulfill their destined responsibility, whereby they will enter the original world according to God’s ideal of creation. Then they will recover the original right of ownership that was lost due to the Fall of Adam and Eve.

(11)  The Universal Peace Federation should carry the name of our nation, Cheon II Guk. That name, Cheon II Guk, points to the coming era of Heavenly Parentism and the kingship of peace, the era when all humankind becomes one nation. We must become one in mind and body based on God’s one lineage. In a blessed family, husband and wife must never be disunited, and siblings must never be disunited. That is why the Marriage Blessing is something fearful. Free sex and homosexuality cannot exist there. Unless we enter the era when we can unite as blessed families, we cannot be among the families in the heavenly kingdom. When the Abel UN is inaugurated, and the people unite with it, the new heaven and earth that the Savior, the returning Lord, and True Parents, has proclaimed will be established. In order to make this happen, we need to realize the ideal of one nation, one UN, one people, and one global family. We have to bring an end to all conflicts. A great revolution will emerge even in heaven. When that time comes, even religions and their denominations will disappear.

(12)  For the establishment of Cheon II Guk, I inaugurated the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) in the position of the vertical Abel. And I brought the people with the Mongolian birthmark together through the Marriage Blessing to establish the horizontal Cain realm. Their population spread throughout the world, constitutes more than 70 percent of the human race. Thus, the time has come for blessed families to fulfill their providential responsibility to bring the billions of people into one family. We have to break down completely the racial, religious, and national barriers.

The role and responsibility of the Abel UN

(13)  Unless we now form the actual Abel UN based on the Interreligious and International Peace Council (IIPC), we will not be able to bring about the Peace UN. The Peace UN includes Cain and Abel, and through it, God can freely work on the supranational and supra-religious levels. I have to fulfill this task by all means because I am responsible to usher in the era of prosperity and peace. This era of liberation and complete freedom will center on God’s kingship, which has been established based on the foundation of restoration through indemnity.

(14)  Working with the world and the United States, we have to reform the UN. This newly reformed UN will be a combined UN. We are not trying to close the Cain UN, but rather to assist and guide it as if it were our younger sibling UN and transform it to be a good younger brother UN. Then and only then will it be embraced in God’s bosom with the same value as the Abel UN, just as Cain and Abel would have had the same value had there been no Fall. When the elder brother can love the younger brother, God cannot help but love the younger brother whom, the older brother loves. Therefore, the history of bitter sorrow will be overturned naturally, and the world of peace will come.

(15)  The political system of the democratic world is a framework to process conflict, but when we reach the position of parents, we can bring an end to conflicts. When parents are at the center, the siblings will become one. We can intervene in conflicts only as parents. No one will be against us if we are in the parents’ position, whether we intervene or not. This is the only conceivable way out of the present impasse. Therefore, we must first find the True Parents. Only from that point can we recover everything for peace, including true children and the true nation. There is no alternative; we have to assimilate all situations through Heavenly Parentism. Only through Heavenly Parentism is it possible.

(16)  I have been working with the Abel UN to bring unity to the religious realm and then to create unity between it and the Cain UN. Cain striking Abel typifies the present state of the Cain UN and Abel UN. I have charged the Universal Peace Federation with solving this problem. For the True Parents to realize the unity of the religious realm—the Abel realm—together with the unity of nations—the Cain realm, the Abel UN needs to bring the Cain UN to voluntarily surrender. By doing so, the older brother will finally take the position of the younger brother and vice versa.

(17)  Today the task of the Unification Church is to turn things around by working with the UN. To do so, we have to expand Adam’s family into the UN arena. In this era of restoration, the UN has to serve as the territory where external Cain and Abel struggles, such as the struggle between the communist world and the democratic world, are resolved. We also have to resolve internal Cain and Abel struggles, such as among delegates at the UN. We need to lift delegates up to Abel’s standard so that as Abel, they can reconcile with Cain and become as one family. Our task now is to set the family conditions of indemnity on the level of the UN organization. It should fulfill this condition both internally and externally.

(18)  Politics dominate today’s UN. The UN mainly focuses on political issues. It does not consider the views of the religious realm, the world of women, young adults, or students. The UN holds an impressive name, but without linking to these areas, it has no hands or feet. It is time to establish the Abel UN. We also need a UN of religions, a women’s UN, a youth UN, a people’s UN, and a students’ UN. Let us form, in this world, the UN of Religions, which represents God, the Women’s UN, which represents Eve, the Youth UN, which represents Cain, and the Students UN, which represents Abel.

(19)  Let the world of politics drift aimlessly. Our focus should be to gather religious leaders to form a UN of religions. For this, we need to build solidarity among religious people around the world. We also need to create solidarity among women throughout the world and solidarity among young people throughout the world. In fact, I have already set up the foundation for all of these. Korea should have strong bonds with these organizations: the UN of Religions, the Women’s UN, the Youth UN, and the Students UN. Then, after these organizations become part of the UN, Korea will be able to take a leading role in working at the UN. By educating it from a supra-religious perspective, we should enable the UN to achieve the ideal of a peaceful global family.

(20)  We have to create a landing site at the UN for a religious council, on the foundation of the Interreligious Federation for World Peace. For that purpose, I am encouraging exemplary religious leaders around the world to rally and take the lead. At the UN of Religions, organizations sustained by religious groups should have missions, the same as nations have at the UN. For example, the Buddhist sphere should establish a Buddhist mission, and the Muslim sphere should establish a Muslim mission. In this manner, all religious spheres should set up missions to the UN of Religions, complete with ambassadors, and leave conflict behind. Currently, the UN has no owner. However, by integrating the Interreligious Federation for World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace, and the Family Federation for World Peace, the UN will equip itself with the internal and external characteristics of a world-level nation.


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