Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 385

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 4: Registration and Settlement in Cheon II Guk, 47
Section 5: The Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN, 09 


(47)  Welcoming Ssang Hab Shib Seung II, the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves, signifies that God now owns the days, the months, and the four seasons. He is the Owner and the King of love; He is the Owner and the King of true parents. On the basis of His kingship on this earth and the unity of heaven and earth, God is the owner of all. With God as your owner, you can be a king of love; with God as your owner; you can be a king of true parents; with God as your owner, you can be a king of true teachers. We are ushering in the era of the King of true kings. Hence, we need to completely forget about what ethnic group we came from and the background tradition by which we lived. Please understand that we are standing at the apocalyptic turning point, based on a totally revolutionary foundation. On this foundation, we can achieve God’s perfection, True Parents’ perfection, and the perfection of the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, and these can settle on earth. We have to proceed toward the world of love’s eternal sovereignty. Such is the new heaven and new earth in the new era, the Era after the Coming of Heaven.

Section 5. The Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN

(1)  The word “cosmos,” cheonju (天宙)refers to heaven and earth as one union. The character for cheon (天), meaning heaven, is a combination of two characters: dul (二)meaning two and in (人) meaning a person. Following this, the character ju (宙)means a house, which is a safe haven. A part of that character, yu (由)relates to freedom and peace. Put together, cosmos refers to a house where two people represent heaven and earth and live for eternity in freedom and peace. It is God’s house. It is the house of God for the individual, the house of God for the tribe, the house of God for a people, the house of God for a nation, and the house of God for the cosmos.

The establishment of the Universal Peace Federation and the Abel UN

(2)  Peace! The Chinese character for peace, pyeong (平)signifies the connection of two worlds, represented by its two horizontal lines. As a couple connects two worlds, they take horizontal positions relative to each other. The vertical line at the center represents true love, true life, and true lineage, which are eternal. Anything horizontal lasts for one generation, but that which is vertical lasts forever. Lineage is eternal. In addition, the Chinese character for harmony, hwa (和), starts with the character for rice, hwa (禾). Then the character for mouth (), signifying the Word, is added to the character for rice. It means that we eat the Word physically and spiritually. It has to be through the Word that we realize the world of peace.

(3)  Before we began our UN assemblies, I proclaimed, “The renewal movement for true love, peace, and unity of the First Israel is for the ideal of establishing God’s homeland.” Based on this vision, I proclaimed the First Declaration in Jerusalem, the Second Declaration in Washington, D.C., and the Third Declaration in Seoul. On this foundation, we could finally depart for the realm of the Fourth Israel, which had not yet emerged. The first, second, and third Israels fell short, and that is why I made these proclamations for the establishment of the nation of the Fourth Israel.

(4)  We have to build Cheon II Guk and establish a world-level Abel UN that represents the kingship of peace. The Abel UN is the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), and the Cain UN is the United Nations. I named UPF using the word “universal” (lit: cosmic) instead of “international” because the Abel UN represents heaven and earth. Once it becomes the elder brother, it must be able to cover the roles of the Cain UN.

(5)  The returning Lord will encompass what Adam by his Fall turned upside down and put it right side up. We have entered the era for doing this, and it can be done by the Universal Peace Federation in its relationship to the Cain UN. The Abel UN embodies the original ideal of the UN. It is advancing toward the peaceful kingdom of heaven that has nothing to do with Satan’s world.

(6)  Once the Abel UN is completed, everything will change based on its laws. In the morning, everything in nature faces the sunlight. We will go through a similar process as we settle at the place that has nothing to do with hell. It is the only way we can enter the kingdom of heaven. My expression, “high noon settlement,” indicates that we will purify ourselves. It alludes to the division between night and day, in that no one knows exactly when that moment passes because it happens in the blink of an eye. The divide between spring and summer also takes but an instant to cross, and no one perceives that moment with exactness. It also turns noon in the blink of an eye. These changes occur in but an instant. The division of day and night resulted in two sides fighting each other. Just as morning turns to noon, the world is transitioning into a world that is only day. This is what I mean by high noon settlement.

(7)  If you commit to doing more work than I do, the world will continue moving toward the realm of victory. If you do not, then you will be filled with regret after I pass away. Three generations of your descendants will have to set some indemnity conditions. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, this Abel UN, which is the Universal Peace Federation, must be established. For this, we need to have one unified land. For the Universal Peace Federation, the land should not be two, but one. It is a land where evil people cannot kill or violate good people. The land of the Universal Peace Federation should be such a land. Anyone who opposes this or anyone who seeks their personal pleasure using money for personal desires rather than supporting this cause will come to ruin. The kingpins of individualism employ the concept of conflict to destroy the world of goodness. Because they endeavor to suppress the world of goodness, they will perish. Individuals should be willing to sacrifice to save their country, countries should be willing to sacrifice to save the world and the world should be willing to sacrifice to save God. This will lead to advancement because it builds the foundation by which all people can serve the world. When we do so, the world will inevitably realize the reign of peace and prosperity, with liberation and complete freedom.

(8)  Once we form the Universal Peace Federation, which represents the new kingship of goodness, it will emerge as the Abel UN and become the sovereignty of peace. With that, goodness will flourish and evil will recede. It will become the standard upon which the planet Earth can enjoy the governance of good kingship in God’s sovereignty. This era will surpass the standard of Adam, who fell at the age of sixteen. We are entering an era that connects us to the standard that Adam would have reached at the completion stage, at age twenty-one, when he could have received the Blessing. This is my expectation for the Abel UN. I inaugurated the Abel UN and the peace kingdom-kingship and kingdom. Nothing that belongs to Satan, neither property nor people, can be brought to the city of the Peace King. No one will be able to transport weapons or arms on the national highways of God’s country, Cheon II Guk. Hence, it will naturally enjoy peace. As was prophesied in Isaiah 2:4, “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks,” and level the royal ground for the Peace King.

(9)  This proclamation of the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation is like the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence. It contains the core declaration: the teaching that the parent-child relationship must be settled in the family. Lineage, the right of inheritance, and the great work of creation based on that right—all are included in the relationship between God and His children. It affirms that everyone can have an equal position, representing God, and reach the standard by which they can perfect heavenly fortune. This heavenly fortune enables us to relate to God and to complete the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Once we reach this level, we will never be able to fall away from our relationship with God.


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