Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 384

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk
Section 4: Registration and Settlement in Cheon II Guk, 36-46


The settlement and flourishing of Cheon II Guk

(36)  Cheon II Guk is God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom is unchanging and absolute. God is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. God has these four attributes. No one can ever change that. Once these elements are secured on earth, they will remain for eternity. Today, the fallen world is moving in various directions, but God’s ideal of creation is that human history will have one tradition. That is God’s original ideal.

(37)  The Parents of Heaven and Earth flourishing in unity! In this proclamation, flourishing means that after you settle, you establish your livelihood. After this comes the realm of Sabbath, in which everything can rest, enraptured in the ideals of the heavenly kingdom. It is a realm without conflict or unrequited desires. Everyone is attuned to the harmonious environment of the heavenly world and enjoys eternal life. This will be the realm of the Sabbath. Please understand where you stand. You are in the era of liberation, the victorious realm, the subject partner nation, Cheon II Guk.

(38)  The heavenly kingdom does not yet exist. Nonetheless, I was able to conduct the inauguration of God’s kingship and the Rally for the Settlement of God’s Homeland. Then I proclaimed Cheon II Guk, the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. We are now entering the era of settlement, and not just the era of settlement but of flourishing. “Settlement” means that we have been on the way and are arriving at our destination, fulfilling the purpose of our venture; “flourishing” means that we already have safely arrived at our destination and now we can rest. In order to bring such prosperity to God’s kingship, God’s homeland, and God’s Cheon II Guk, body and mind must not fight. They have to be one.

(39)  Your body and mind are like two people. If these two people cannot become one, you cannot become a citizen of Cheon II Guk. The kingdom of heaven has been something vague until now because the individual’s body and mind were in conflict, and so no individual could serve as a foundation for the nation of Cheon II Guk. Cheon II Guk refers to the settlement of a family on the basis of unity—unity of an individual’s body and mind, unity of husband and wife, unity of parents and children, and unity among brothers and sisters. If there is no unity, there will be no settlement.

(40)  Happiness, peace, and freedom in Cheon II Guk does not imply only settlement; it implies flourishing. By settlement, I mean moving towards a destination and arriving and staying there. However, flourishing implies that upon completing settlement, we establish our livelihood. Settlement requires unity between the individual’s mind and body, unity within the couple, unity between parents and children, and unity among siblings. Neither father nor mother, neither son nor daughter, can exempt themselves. They need to establish a parent-child relationship such that their children receive the Blessing, begin married life, have children, and settle. It requires three generations for a family to settle.

(41)  As Cheon II Guk unfolds, in time, it will be an independent nation. We can also call it Ju-che Guk, the subject partner nation. We are in the era of liberation that is based upon the foundation of the self-governing nation’s victory. Therefore, I am proclaiming that this is the era of the kingdom of heaven and the time to build the subject partner nation. While Cheon II Guk is the era for the liberation of the subject partner nation, the era following it will be the era of unity and spherical oneness. The era of unity and spherical oneness signifies a return to the origin. Again, we are the ones who should put all this together ourselves. We should bring about unity; God is not going to deliver it to us.

(42)  We are now in the Last Days. We are in the era of Cheon II Guk, the victorious realm in which we will form a self-governing nation called the subject partner nation. The victorious realm of the subject partner nation is the victorious realm of a self-governing nation with God at its center; it is also the victorious realm of a self-governing nation that centers around the returning Lord. God is the original center of the era of liberation and the center of the victorious realm of the subject partner nation. Now that this era of liberation has come, we are to return to spherical oneness, which is the original world of unity. This is the omega.

(43)  I proclaimed Cheon II Guk, the reign of peace and prosperity, on the foundation of God’s kingship. Cheon II Guk will flourish on this foundation. Following this, we will welcome the era of liberation and the victorious realm of a self-governing nation. Then, since everything will have been liberated, the unified world of spherical oneness will emerge. The unified world will be a world adjusted to God’s fundamental and original ideal of creation. Who will make that adjustment for unity? It is not God, but we who should do it. To adjust the world, we have to attain the standard of perfecting the family. This will usher in the era of unity and spherical oneness. Then we can confidently put on our name tags and gain Admittance to the garden of Eden, the kingdom of heaven in the era of liberation.

(44)  Cheon II Guk will lead to the world of liberation, the victorious realm of a self-governing nation. This, in turn, will usher in the unified world of spherical oneness. It is at this point that we will attain unity. The realm of liberation arrives when everyone in the world is on an equal footing and can be liberated together. Then east and west, south and north, front and back, and left and right will reach the original spherical oneness. For that original spherical oneness, God set up His original laws of creation. They include the plan, the design, and the implementation in practice. Everything should fit together. But God will not perform that fitting together. That is something we have to do. Only after doing it can we go to the kingdom of heaven. That is the formula.

(45)  We are in the era of liberation and the victorious realm of the self-governing nation of Cheon II Guk. It is the era of liberation when all created beings return to their original position prior to the Fall and praise the victorious realm where they have autonomy as individual embodiments of truth. Now that the era of liberation has come, we are returning to the world of spherical oneness. We are going back to the original world on earth where Satan does not exist. Instead of a multiplicity of nations, there is only one nation. In other words, there is only Adam's tribe, Adam's people, Adam’s nation, Adam’s world, and Adam’s cosmos, rooted in Adam’s household. It is a nation of the human race as one, based on the absolute lineage, unique lineage, and eternal and unchanging lineage, as well as the absolute life, unique life, and eternal and unchanging life, which come from God’s absolute love, unique love, unchanging and eternal love. It is like one single tree.

(46)  Cheon II Guk is the nation where two people become one. When there are three generations, they will form the nation of spherical oneness, Won Il Guk (圓一國). This will be one nation, il guk (一國), that takes the round form of a circle, won (圓)Next comes the world of unity, Tongll Guk, which takes the form of a single nation. We need to advance in the following order: Cheon II Guk, Won II Guk, and Tong II Guk, the nation of unity. To establish the nation of spherical oneness, we are required to perfect the four-position foundation and the three object-partner purpose, where above and below, front and back, and right and left are completely one.

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