Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 383

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 4: Registration and Settlement in Cheon II Guk, 22-35


(22) Blessed families have to be serious about everything pertaining to their life from now on. Husband and wife should write a diary. Then you should obtain an official stamp of approval from your sons and daughters and be registered. You should clear up everything to go to the next step. When this is done, Satan will not follow you. A time this serious is coming. So all blessed families should write diaries from now on. Do not try to find some clever way around it.

(23) Even if you are so old and weak that you stare out the door mouthing the words, "Alas, I am old," you still should go out witnessing. If you have not yet added your mother and father to your heavenly register before you go to the spirit world, you will encounter a serious problem. The blessed families of the Unification Church have entered an age when their work can shape history through their mothers and fathers, their ancestors, brothers and sisters, relatives and kin.

(24) Until now, so that you maintain your dignity, I have been encouraging you to go out and bear witness. I am trying to make you tribal leaders so that in the future when the new era of registration arrives, you will be part of that registration. If you have no accomplishments, how can you register? It is the same in the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Not just anyone can go there. Your results will decide whether you can enter.

(25) In the future, all people throughout the world will have to register, centering on the twelve tribes. When you register, you will have to record in detail everything about your life, in particular, what you have done since you joined the Unification Church. If you have taken even one small thing from the church, even, say, a piece of cloth, you will have to report that. If your report does not match the record in the computer in the spirit world, you will not be allowed to enter.

(26) What do you think will be your assets in the kingdom of heaven? Because there are as of yet no people in the kingdom of heaven, your assets will be the people you bring with you. To bring people, there is no way better than by resurrecting them through witnessing. Your assets in the spirit world will be the people you bring to the kingdom of heaven; there are no other assets to be had. You cannot just assume your children are your assets. You have to find a way to make all of the 120 million people of Japan into God's people. If you only bring your natural sons and daughters, how can you get this enormous number registered as people of the kingdom of heaven? Keep in mind that it is your spiritual children who will be the cornerstone of your settlement in the spirit world. Without them, everything you did, even serving as a president of the Unification Church for several decades, will be in vain. Witnessing on this scale has been impossible until now because the Unification Church has been persecuted, but now it is possible because I am respected worldwide.

(27) When you unite with the True Parents, you inherit their tradition. When your family has the tradition and character of a subject partner and thus establishes the foundation for governing all nations, you can register into the realm of the royal family in the heavenly kingdom. Then you will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Not everyone enters the kingdom of heaven. Three generations need to follow this path. Grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, husband and wife, and children together make up four stages, but the nucleus consists of three generations of couples.

(28) Now, the path you are walking will no longer lead to persecution. I have prepared everything for you. I blocked that which could harm you and tore down everything that could be a barrier for you. That being so, how much should you honor me? Unless you bequeath to your descendants a family tradition that leads them to honor me hundreds of times more than you have during the time of persecution, it will be difficult for them to register at the registrar's office in the heavenly kingdom. If you do not lay a foundation upon which your sons and daughters can attend me several times better than you have, they will fall away or be crowded out.

(29) In the future, the era of registration for God's kingdom will come. People hope to be part of the 144,000, don't they? Do you know who the 144,000 are? To be entitled to advance toward the era of registration and then be registered in that era, your tribal realm should be like the homeland in the heavenly kingdom. The era of individual salvation will pass. If the president of a nation joins the Unification Church and pledges him or herself before God, the people of that president's nation will also become the citizens of the heavenly kingdom. Simply by the president participating in a ceremony officiated by the church, all the people of his nation will be freed from Satan's realm.

(30) When the era of registration comes, just being a citizen of Korea will not be enough. We have to win all peoples with love. In order to do this, you first need to deny your attachment to your family, tribe, society, nation, world, and even hell in the spirit world and the devil. All of these relationships are registered under the Fall. To reverse the process by which we plummeted down, we need to climb back up.

(31) Blessed people stand in a position more fortunate than that of Jesus, who was unmarried. Thus, the time has come for tribes not to oppose me but rather to welcome me. On this foundation, nothing should be easier for you than bringing together 160 families as their tribal messiah. It will be a piece of cake; no problem whatsoever. So you need to quickly get this work done. If you fail to accomplish this task, you will have to do it elsewhere. When so many people in the world line up to register, what will happen to you? Once the number of people waiting to register in Korea overflows its forty million capacity, if you want to fulfill your tribal messiah mission, you will have to pack up and move to a place where you can fulfill it, such as Africa or South America, where conditions may be difficult, but many are open to the Blessing. The time is coming when you will end up moving. A time of great migration is coming.

(32) Once we have a nation, we can register. Then births, marriages, and deaths can be certified. Though numerous Unification Church members have received the Blessing, they cannot go through the procedures of certification at present. It is because God's nation is not yet here. So please understand that registration will have to be done anew, and then a great migration will follow. People from the North will move to the South, and vice versa. In the future, I may have you participate in a process by which your nationality and tribal affiliation will change. I am predicting that a great migration will take place.

(33) Once Heaven's nation is built on earth, we will have to bring in the whole world. Then the unification of the world will be inevitable. Yet nothing and no one can force you to participate. It will be on a voluntary basis. This will lead up to the day of registration. When it is your tribe's turn to register, if you register first, you will become their first ancestor. Then they will bow their heads before you.

(34) Now is the time to inaugurate the realm of the tribe. However, it is not God who will take the lead for this; the era has arrived when you will guide and lead your tribe into the kingdom of heaven. Through the works of their ancestors, people will come to the Unification Church without knowing why. Nothing compels the leaves to emerge when spring comes; it happens naturally. Likewise, a world is arriving before our eyes, rising like the morning sun. Do not forget that your duty and mission is to go forth boldly and in high spirits as the great owners of heaven and earth and God's liberated children.

(35) Up to the present, we did not have a nation, and so you received the Blessing on the level of the church. But from now on, you will have to register with God's nation. You can do so only when you fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs. After registering with God's nation or even with God's world, True Parents as the subject partner and blessed families as the object partners have to become one. Then you need to dedicate your family so that they also will be people who attend God. Only then can the cosmic ideal of blessed families be formed. This is the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. 

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