Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 382

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk
Section 4: Registration and Settlement in Cheon II Guk, 09-21

(9)  You were not born because you wanted to be. If you do not know God, you will end up in hell no matter how wonderful your spouse may be and how comfortable your life may be. You have to register as God’s people. The president of Harvard University may be famous, but he or she will be in hell unless he or she is registered and lives as a citizen of God’s kingdom. But to enter the kingdom of heaven, there must be the condition that your family, society, nation, world, and humanity welcome you.

(10)  For a woman, the happiest and most precious thing is to gain her husband. For a couple, the greatest joy is to have children. The children do not belong to their father or mother, but to the world, to the heavenly kingdom. Their genealogy is in God’s kingdom. Your children are your children externally, but they also have their own nationality; this means that they are citizens of the kingdom. Likewise, their sons and daughters are also sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom. Within a couple, the husband represents the heavenly kingdom, and the wife represents the heavenly kingdom. When you register, you should have such a heart; only then can you adjust to the rhythm of the heavenly kingdom’s standard.

(11)  Once we have resolved all the failures of the past, from the age of Adam through the age of Jesus, and established our family, we can realize the realm of God’s blood kin. That is why registration has to take place. By registering, we become households in the same tribe, where each family member is born centering on True Parents. You cannot register unless you have the foundation of a family. Since True Parents established the world-level family foundation based on the families who received the Blessing, you need to form a realm of partnership with them by receiving the Blessing; then, you can register and record the births in your family.

(12)  You are not yet registered in Heaven’s nation. Since you do not have a nation, your birth cannot be certified, your marriage cannot be registered, and your death certificate cannot be issued. This is why the path of religious believers has been one of lamentation. If someone pushed them, they had no recourse but to fall down. If someone wanted to kill them, they had no one to whom to appeal. My course has been a clear example of this.

(13)  Since the heavenly kingdom has not yet been formed, registration into the heavenly kingdom had to be on hold, even for those who were born as God’s sons and daughters. Thus, you should have a heart that yearns to be a husband, receive a wife, form a family, and have children who are citizens registered in that heavenly kingdom. But for this, you need to be urgent to gain victory in every fight against evil—every day, every hour, every second, asleep or awake. Never forget, this is how you should live all the time.

(14)  Certifying your birth is registration. For example, if you are Japanese, you are registered as a citizen of Japan born in a certain place. Until now, God’s kingdom did not exist. No families centered on True Parents have appeared, neither are there tribes or nations centered on True Parents. We needed to indemnify all this and thereby recover the family, tribe, people, nation, and the world from Satan’s nations and world. Based on the religious realm, we have to unite the entire non-religious world and return to God’s side everything that has belonged to Satan. If we do not achieve this, we cannot live comfortably in the spirit world after we have passed away. To develop relationships in the physical world is much more difficult when one is in the spirit world than when one is in the physical world.

(15)  If you were to die without having restored God’s nation, you would be able to return to the earth only to support individuals and families but would not be able to work with authority and dignity. This means that you would not be qualified to fight for the subjugation of Satan’s world. Accordingly, you can register only after this nation emerges. You have registered with the Unification Church, but not with God’s unified nation. Can you be citizens if there is no nation? No.

(16)  Once we have recovered God’s nation, all of you have to register. Do you know what registration is about? It is to draw up a genealogy. In the future, when people register into God’s nation, they will need to draw up their genealogy centering on the Unification Church. When you draw up your genealogy, you are to return everything you own to God, giving everything from your life, whether a modest amount or a large one. As it represents the life you have led, offering it all means that you dedicate your life to God’s kingdom.

(17)  In the future, there will be a new task: registering in the kingdom of heaven by entering your name into the family registry. But before you do that, the nation has to emerge. If there is no nation, there is no place for registration. This helps us understand how important it is to establish God’s nation. When God has a nation, it will be a nation in which God can work freely. Also, it will be a foundation upon which we can pass beyond the realm of persecution that is Satan’s world. Therefore, no matter what you are engaged in, no matter what you are doing, you always need to be thinking about establishing God’s nation.

What we should do in the era of registration

(18)  You need to revise your family register to make it anew. The family registers of Satan’s world are going to ruin. They belong to the realm of hell. For that reason, you need to register anew in the family registry of the heavenly kingdom. You need to clearly understand that today, and from this day forth, you need to get yourself together and work hard to spread this truth to those around you.

(19)  The day in which we can live in a God-centered sovereign state will be most precious. It is our hope to see that day. We would not exchange it for anything. Not one person who has passed on to the spirit world has lived in a God-centered nation. I know this. As Unification Church members, do not just think about the hardships I have put you through. Instead, consider your value as people who possess the original image of God, living in dignity as people in the presence of the Sovereign Lord in the realm of the providential nation after we recover it. This is the standard by which I have lived my entire life. Though I called many people to a path of hardships, I did so as part of my fight for that day of glory. On that day, I will offer up everything in which I invested my whole heart throughout my life of attendance to God, the Sovereign who lives for the citizens of that nation.

(20)  You need to organize your life. Repent for your rash, unrighteous behavior. If you do not repent, you will face the judgment of public righteousness. There is no one who can really stand before the governing law of love. At that time, I will serve as your defense attorney. My family and clan members will serve as your attorneys, and all who guide you in the Unification Church will serve as your attorneys. We will defend you. Even God would want to stand as your attorney and defend you. If the scope of your defense exceeds that of the accusation against you, you will be welcomed to register as a citizen of the heavenly kingdom.

(21)  You members of the Unification Church must not live casually, doing whatever you want to do. Can you deceive your mind? As much as you cannot deceive your mind, you cannot deceive the family register in heaven. Everything is recorded. Every action you take, even the raising of your hand, is recorded on video. It is possible to record everything in this world, so don’t you think it is possible in the heavenly kingdom? In fact, if we want to find out how a particular blessed family is doing, it requires nothing more than the press of a button. We will be able to see not just their childhood, but also their ancestors. It will be instantaneous. It will not take any time at all. Time is a constraint on earth, but in the spirit world, it will be said and done in the blink of an eye.


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