Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 380

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 3: The Constitution and Teaching Materials of Cheon II Guk, 25-35


(25)  Second, you should have more interest in the welfare of others than in your own welfare. How can you carry this out in daily life? If you do not want to stain yourself and go to the wrong place, you should love your siblings and children more than yourself. That is, you should devote your main attention to others and treat others better than you treat yourself. In the family, siblings tend to fight to get the best things, right? It is better for younger siblings to wait for their older siblings to arrive. Younger siblings should give the best portion to their older siblings and then choose their own portion. The youngest among the siblings should wait and take the Last. From the time you carry your baby on your back singing lullabies, teach him or her lessons from the textbook about this order. Both father and mother have to teach their children to relate to one another in this manner.

(26)  Third, you should cherish your children as most precious. This is because the experience of ideal love starts with the children, not the parents. What you seek as love does not necessarily start with your spouse. A couple is one man and one woman born from different parents and brought together. Then where does the experience of ideal love begin? It begins with your children. God created Adam and Eve as the object partners of love. Thus, in front of God, they were supposed to manifest the love of the object partner for each other and then give back to Him the fruit born of that love—children. Thus, the experience of ideal love does not start from the parents but from their children. To repeat, ideal love starts with your children. It is parental love that makes parents love their children. The motivation initiating that love is not for themselves, but for their children. That is why anyone who has love should love all people just as they love their children. We arrive at this conclusion. A person who loves all people like that loves in the same manner as God. This means that he or she stands in a position representing the Heavenly Parent.

Heaven’s textbook for siblings

(27)  First, siblings should live for the sake of each other because they represent the horizontal world. True love starts from living for the sake of others. When two meet, a circular movement commences when one side gives to the other side, and the other side reciprocates. When circular movement occurs, an ideal realm is formed. Why should siblings cherish one another? The dynamics among siblings expand to the world, while the dynamics between parents and children are vertical. Sibling relationships expand love horizontally, so loving siblings is the same as loving the world. The idea that all people are equal arises out of the ideal of love for all one’s siblings. This is to take a global perspective. Sibling love starts from one axis and expands.

(28)  The second point concerns the interconnection between my parents, my siblings, and I. When you call out, “older brother!” you presuppose that your parents’ love and your other siblings’ love are included in his love. Originally, older and younger siblings were meant to be undivided in love, and that love was meant to expand horizontally from older to younger. In other words, my older siblings stand in the position of pioneers for me. The path a man follows for the purpose of expanding his horizons is in order to unite with a woman in the future. The path a woman follows, which leads her to become one with a man through love, expands his horizons further. This applies to both. Their paths on the left and the right serve to expand each other’s scope of activity. When your siblings expand the scope of activities of their love, it is to your benefit. Although what your older brother possesses may have nothing to do with you, if his scope expands, so will yours. That is why those who love their siblings will come to expand the scope of their activities. It is an old saying that a person’s horizons widen if he or she has numerous siblings. In this way, sibling love can expand to the world. This does not happen with children’s love, but it does with sibling love. With sibling love, you can pioneer to the world level. You should treat your older siblings, who pioneer a path for you, as people who combine love for the future with the love of your parents and their sibling love. Sibling love is the path to pioneer love of ever-greater scope for the future.

(29)  Third, when you live for the sake of others with siblings’ love, you can engage in love on the world level. A reason to love your siblings is to expand the scope of your activities to the world level and recover the world. In addition, by expanding your horizontal foundation, you become a central person. Upon this expansive horizontal foundation, in time, you are to become a husband or wife. Then you and your spouse can unite with the vertical standard, God, and eventually embody that Central Being. By oneness with the Central Being, the two of you enter a place where you can exist forever. In other words, by direct vertical oneness with God’s world, you can advance to the realm of substantial oneness.

Heaven’s textbook for couples

(30)  First, in order to have conjugal love, you need to inherit the love of your parents and then go through the stages of filial love and sibling love. To become a true couple, the husband and wife have to first experience these three stages of love. A person who does not pass through the stages of filial love and sibling love cannot succeed in loving as a couple. Only after passing through these three stages of love, that is, only by inheriting your parents’ love and then growing in filial love and sibling love can you achieve conjugal love as a true couple. Only after a man and woman have each fulfilled the duties of children and siblings can they join as a true couple. Then they reach the stage to love each other as husband and wife. After learning filial love and sibling love, they should become one in heart and body as husband and wife. This is marriage. The purpose of marriage is for the woman to occupy the world of men, the man to occupy the world of women, and both to occupy the world of God. Why must we occupy God? It is so we can stand in the position of creators in the Creator’s stead. If we are to multiply God’s children, there is no alternative but to occupy God. This teaching is based on the Principle of Creation.

(31)  Second, through conjugal love, you can bring about the virtuous union of heaven and earth by uniting the east and west, above and below, and front and back. A couple manifests the union of east and west. It represents the union of above and below, front and back, and heaven and earth. In other words, a couple establishes the virtuous union that harmonizes heaven and earth. From God’s perspective, this is the foundation for realizing His wishes.

(32)  Third, God, Adam, and Eve have to attain a virtuous union. God is vertical, while Adam and Eve are relating horizontally. A settlement can be established only when the vertical God and horizontal Adam and Eve become one. That is, God can fully settle only when, centering on His original internal character, Adam and Eve, as His horizontal embodiments can come into union to manifest His original external form. That is when His settlement takes place. Yet, as a result of the Fall, that did not happen. The universe has no center today because they did not become one in accord with Heaven’s textbook and did not settle in the ideal realm of perfect love. Hence, the new settlement of true love is needed. It will begin only after God, who is vertical, attains a virtuous union with Adam and Eve, who are horizontal.

(33)  Fourth, after a husband and wife settle in a virtuous union, they qualify to move to the position of parents, representing God. Through this settlement, they are no longer settlers but can emerge in the universe with the qualification of owners.

Heaven’s textbook for parents

(34)  First, by combining the love of parents, children, siblings, and husband and wife, parents advance to the position of second creators, multiply children, and inherit the kingship on earth, representing God. The Fall disassociated the four kinds of love. Hence, once you as parents stand in the position of combining these four kinds of love, you can advance to God’s position, that of second creators, who multiply children and inherit kingship on earth representing God. You can establish the kingdom of God on earth, inheriting everything on earth based on the kingship of the heavenly kingdom.

(35)  Second, as ideal families expand on earth, each becomes the ancestor of a tribe. By inheriting kingship and representing God on earth, the ideal family expands. Your family alone does not suffice; it has to expand. Through expansion, you can become the ancestor of your tribe, in other words, a tribal messiah.


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