Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 379

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 12: Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: The Structure and Settlement of Cheon II Guk

Section 3: The Constitution and Teaching Materials of Cheon II Guk, 15-24


(15)  I know how fearful Heaven’s constitution and Heaven’s laws can be. That is why I have gone on a straight path of indescribable ordeals in order to not run afoul of those laws. I did not walk that path because I am foolish or because I am not as smart as you. I chose to follow this path because I clearly understood what is at stake.

(16)  Once we can establish God’s nation on earth, everything will be governed by its constitution. Through the True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, God will present and enact the constitution of heaven and earth. It will not consist of laws rooted in life on earth but of laws rooted in the heavenly kingdom in the ideal eternal world. We will be able to train ourselves by these laws while we are on earth. In a word, we cannot live a self-centered life.

(17)  God’s nation does not yet exist on this planet Earth. However, as we continue marching on the way, once the variety of races love their enemies and thus the world becomes one, without fighting among tribes and peoples, we can complete the restoration of God’s homeland. The day that follows the restoration of God’s homeland, when Heaven’s constitution is proclaimed, will become the greatest day. It will be celebrated for eternity, and no other force will occupy us, ever.

(18)  When you bring 160 families to unite with you, the era of registration will come. It is similar to the way it is now: your birth is registered, your marriage is registered, and your death is registered. With the founding of God’s nation, we have to formulate its constitution with a system of basic laws that govern it based on family registries. One qualification for registration in that nation is to know its mother tongue. Accordingly, you have to assimilate True Parents’ culture into your language, lifestyle, and home environment and create a family of the form that represents the world of the culture of heart. Lacking this, you are not qualified to register in the kingdom of heaven.

(19)  You need to abide by the laws of the heavenly kingdom and respect the protocols of the palace. From now you need to prepare in every way for the world in which South and North Korea are unified. You still need more training, because on that day, when the era of registration arrives, not everyone will have earned the right to enter. When that day comes, registering in God’s kingdom will be more demanding than the course to become a professor by graduating from college and earning a doctorate. To succeed, you have to organize, in your generation, all members of your tribe throughout history. The spirit world and physical world will appraise the degree to which you have done so.

(20)  No existing laws will endure unless they align with Heaven’s law. That is why I am trying to make laws based on Heaven’s law. I am trying to uphold Heaven’s law, not human law. I am trying to establish Heaven’s rights, not the human rights that you think you need. You ask for human rights, but I am not referring to human rights as in, for example, French rights in France and Korean rights in Korea. I am trying to establish human rights in the context of the Fourth Israel. It is not where enemies fight, but where former enemies put their heads together and say, “Let’s marry your daughter to my son and my daughter to your son!” Their ideas make each other joyful. Only such people can protect the sovereignty of the heavenly kingdom.

Heaven’s textbook for children

(21)  What is God’s bitter grief? His first bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for children. His second bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for siblings. His third bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for couples. His fourth bitter grief is about not having created His textbook for parents. Not being able to create these textbooks, which can teach the four realms of heart in order to educate humanity, has been God’s bitter grief. If God had been able to teach us everything necessary to walk the path of life, today’s misery would not have come about. God sees all this misery and laments not being able to take charge Himself to educate humanity. God has come all the way here in order to usher in the day He when He can teach us. We can form the new nation of God and become its citizens only when we have achieved a passing grade in these educational principles. In other words, the new nation can be established only when we have become individuals and formed families, tribes, and countries that can liberate God’s bitter grief.

(22)  God could not set up His textbook for children, and this led Him to feel bitter grief. Therefore, I am now making Heaven’s textbook for children. Then, in front of the Parent, what kind of Thoughts should the children have? When Adam looks at Eve, he should not see only Eve. Eve was created because of God. If Eve had become a true parent, she could have given birth to true sons and daughters. If Adam and Eve had become true parents, their children would have become true children. True children are born of the vertical God and horizontal true parents.

(23)  You must guard well three kinds of love: your love for God, your love for true parents, and your love for your future spouse. Can you casually treat these relationships based on your whims? If you strike any of these kinds of love and cause damage, you are damaging God and your parents; moreover, you are damaging your future love partner. You have to relate to your partners with great love. This is the teaching of the textbook and the formula of love that God’s children need to keep. Resenting your brother or sister is the same as resenting God and your parents. It is also an act of denying and destroying the realm of your future partner. It is the same as detaching yourself from love. Hence, doing this is an offense against God and also against your parents and the entire creation. Anyone who does stands as an enemy to God, True Parents, and the entire creation. God could not educate Adam and Eve to live according to this way. Yet this is the standard of the principle within Heaven’s textbook for children, which can liberate God’s bitter grief. Thus, brothers and sisters ought to be good to one another. They should live this way in front of God and the creation, with the Parents at the center.

(24)  In terms of the left and right sides, let’s say we call the right side plus and the left side minus. Then the right side represents man, and the left side represents woman. We also can say that heaven represents man and earth represents woman. In the context of front and back, the front represents man, and the back represents woman.

Therefore, do not disregard the reciprocal conditions that accomplish the ideal of the sphere. If you disregard this relationship, not only God and other people will dislike you; even the creation will dislike you. Therefore, we recognize the need for extensive education because troubles arise when we disregard our relationship with our partner. God desires to teach us this content from His textbook. Eve has God the Parent with her and her love partner with her. Adam stands in a complementary position. Based upon these relationships, Adam and Eve give birth to children on behalf of God, their Parent. The sons and daughters born from them are not only their personal children; they are children who represent the entire universe and who have the qualification to be its owners. From this perspective, the first thing you as parents need to do is to thoroughly educate your children to center on the three kinds of love. 

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