Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 37

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 2: True Parents
Chapter 2: True Parents and the Messiah
Section 1: The Hope of Humankind, 8-20

(8) No one in history was able to call out the name "True Parents." They never even conceived of it. But today you are in the glorious position of being able to call their name, know them and attend them. So you are in a happier and nobler position than anyone in history. Many people throughout history toiled and made tremendous sacrifices to lay the foundation for the victory of the True Parents at their coming, and to this day they are still toiling. Considering this, you should know that the words "True Parents" that we speak today signify the greatest blessing for humanity. It is because the True Parents are the ones who bring healing to the chaos of history; they are the starting point of our advancement toward a new world; they are laying the internal conditions that can subjugate Satan; and by conquering Satan, the being that has ruled the external world, they are establishing the center that will liberate God. Therefore you should first be thankful for this amazing grace by which you can live together with the True Parents, receiving and carrying out their instructions.

(9) The True Parents represent the greatest hope and the greatest foundation of victory in history. As they are the central point of hope in history, all people must seek them. The place of historical hope is neither a nation nor the world. Outwardly it may appear to be a nation or the world, but you cannot solve the external world's problems by working through the external world alone. The purpose of God's providence is to save the world, and in order to do so, He must send good parents to the earth to create a perfect foundation. Without that foundation, there is no way to create a perfect nation or to save the world. Therefore, the overall hope of history is neither a nation nor the world; it is the True Parents. In this context, people can have neither their own ethnic views nor their own worldviews. Ethnic views should emerge only after the True Parents' lineage has been bequeathed to humankind.  Tribes and peoples should be organized after inheriting their lineage, and then the world can be restored to God. Without True Parents, none of these is possible. Without receiving the True Parents, nothing can work.

(10) What has history been searching for? What have all ages been searching for? What should the future search for? It is True Parents. Unless everything is connected to them, we cannot find the standard for real happiness in the course of history or in the universe. As for love, originally its vertical and horizontal foundations, centering on God and human beings, both have to be the same. Ever since these foundations were separated, fallen humankind has yearned to make them one again. Therefore, Christianity seeks the relationship of the bridegroom and the bride centering on Jesus.

(11) We are seeking our purpose now, not a thousand years in the future. The purpose we have found now is one that even our future descendants will look back to. That purpose is the True Parents. The True Parents belong to the past, and also to the present and the future. They are eternal. Based on this understanding, you should not only welcome True Parents in the coming world; you should yearn to attend True Parents in the present. Although you are living in the present era, you should also become the fruit of the past and the origin of the future. The three eras—past, present and future—must become one. Living in the present era, you should become a person who can unite the past that is behind you and the future that is to unfold. By what means will they be united? It is by True Parents' love. With whom should they be united? It is with their sons and daughters. Who are these sons and daughters? They are those who make True Parents' love their center, like the sons and daughters who would have been born of Adam and Eve had they not fallen. They would have come forth from Adam and Eve as the sons and daughters of Heaven. Hence, when you become a son or daughter of the True Parents, you will be connected to the love of the three ages. Even though you are fallen people, you must retrace the course of history and regain that position.

(12) If we understood that our original parents, the parents of original nature, were dead, and found a way to bring those parents back to life, we would have to offer indescribable devotions without words to pioneer that path. Even if we felt wronged and humiliated, with our heartstrings rent and broken by the sorrows of Heaven, we would want to offer unchanging loyalty for their sake. We must prepare the way so that our parents can revive. It is our duty as filial sons and daughters. It is our responsibility. We must pioneer this way without caring whether we live or die. We shouldn't care about the good things in the world or be dismayed by the bad things, even if the world persecutes us and we have to go the path of death. We must cleave to the way of loyalty and filial piety in order to pioneer this way.

Becoming a son or daughter of the True Parents

(13) Today we are attending True Parents in this world where we live. However, this earth is inhabited not only by True Parents' sons and daughters but also by the children of fallen parents. Originally, all people were to have been God's beloved children, descended from the flesh and blood of True Parents, but due to the Fall, they became fallen sons and daughters instead. So the Savior must come again as the Lord of the Second Advent in order to rectify and clear away all the wrongdoing stemming from our first ancestors.

(14) Jesus was to be the True Parent who had nothing to do with the Fall. He came with the mission of the True Parent. Since Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, fell and created a fallen lineage, they could not become one with God in the original ideal world of His desire, the world that had never experienced the Fall. They could not become the True Parents who give birth to sons and daughters of God's direct lineage. Instead, they had a relationship with Satan and became his minions, giving birth to children who are spiritually dead. All humankind today is descended from those false parents. You must therefore deny the lineage of the false parents and receive the True Parents.

(15) The Fall sowed the false love, false life and false lineage of the devil. People have the love, the life, and the lineage they received from their ancestors. Each is a fruit of the love, life and lineage inherited from his or her ancestors through history. Because we received Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's blood, each of us stands as an enemy of God. Peace on earth cannot come about until we disengage from, disown and discard our connection to Satan. That is why I have brought the ideal of the True Parents. The True Parents are fighting to completely eliminate this false love and completely clean away the evil elements that obstruct the work for peace, so that individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations can be separated from Satan.

(16) You do not know the innumerable sacrifices Christianity has made in order to build its current worldwide foundation. The miserable screams of those who were sacrificed and offered on the altar of martyrdom permeate Christian history; they have been heard in every corner of the world. We should know that these bloody altars still exist. That historical sorrow is right in front of our eyes, and it is our solemn task to resolve it. We must liberate God. What a wretched history Christianity has suffered, from its inception until now! We must liberate it. America and Christianity have been caring for all humanity as the subject-partner nation and the subject-partner religion representing the cosmos. But now they must not only do that but also receive the right of the victorious prince—the right of the eldest son—for generations and generations to come.

(17) What is the desire of all people? What are their ideals, their hopes? Which of them is their culmination? Which of them do you think comes first? The greatest hope a person can have is to become a son or daughter of God, and next is to be a son or daughter who receives God's love. After that, it is to inherit all that belongs to God. There is nothing greater than these. The hope of each person is to become a child of God, to become a son or daughter who receives God's love, and to inherit all that belongs to God.

(18) What is happiness? We human beings lost our parents, and have been orphans for six thousand years; hence happiness is to find our parents for the first time.  What could be more joyful than this? We follow a religion in order to find such parents. The parents we believed to be lost for eternity can actually come back to life. If our parents can be brought back to life, we would do whatever it takes to bring them back. Would money be an obstacle on the way of finding our parents?Would our relatives be a problem? Would our nation or the world pose a problem?Nothing would stand in the way. We should put everything aside and offer all our devotion and effort toward finding our Parents.

(19) God lost His beloved true son and daughter, whom He wanted to love to the fullest. From the viewpoint of the man-woman relationship, the God-centered husband and wife were lost. From the viewpoint of the child, the true parents were lost. By a single fallen act, God lost these three. How can these three types of love be recovered simultaneously through the principle of restoration through indemnity?How can a standard that God can approve of be established? These are the issues. First, the standard of a true son and daughter who can be loved by God must be restored. When the son and daughter who have gone through that process come of age, they should unite as husband and wife with God's love at their center. Then they must give birth to good children in order to form the four-position foundation that God desires and that can bring Him joy.

(20) The hope of all humankind is to meet the True Parents. This encounter with the True Parents is the fruit of history, the center of this age and the foundation for the future. You who are engrafted to them will become their branches. Up to this point, all the hopes of the ages in history have focused on the future, but the opportunity to connect with True Parents during your lifetime happens only once in eternity. This is a precious chance that comes only once. Your ancestors did not have it; nor will your descendants. Your hopes do not lie anywhere else. You are to become the devoted sons and daughters of the True Parents. In the future, the True Parents will hold the position of the King of kings on earth. That is why the place where you meet True Parents is the center where all hopes come to fruition, be it the hope of humanity, the hope of history or the hope of the present era. Your hopes do not lie elsewhere.



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